Kinetic Kitchen Bristol -Keto Doughnuts and Keto Fudge Review

Good grade Keto Snacks are hard to come by here in the UK unless you have the money to order Bulletproof/Dr. Mercola/Perfect Keto bars online. Luckily, there’s a company in Bristol that’s looking to change all that with the release of their new Keto Doughnut snacks. The Kinetic Kitchen has become the first UK company to releaseContinue reading “Kinetic Kitchen Bristol -Keto Doughnuts and Keto Fudge Review”

Chilipad Review-Why I Returned Mine

The ChiliPAD is a device based on accumulating more deep sleep with cooling down body temperature. I felt that while the idea was good and with the science behind it, there’s a serious product flaw. it’s just really too loud, and the fact that they have had 6 years to fix this and haven’t is really inexcusable. WeContinue reading “Chilipad Review-Why I Returned Mine”

Brain Tap HeadSet Review

BrainTap were sponsors at last year’s virtual biohacking conference, so this company were big endorsers and have gained a lot of popularity, from not just Dave Asprey but several other leading health experts like Tim Biohacker,Luke Storey( The Life Stylist Podcast) etc. I decided to purchase both the headphones and a monthly subscription to seeContinue reading “Brain Tap HeadSet Review”

Sovereign Labs: Liposomal Colostrum Review

A lot of this information was accumulated from Dr. Alicia Galvin during her podcast    Why Liposomal? Bovine Colostrum is best absorbed in Liposomal form, so I would recommend everyone to purchase it in this format. As far as I’m aware, there’s only one website in the UK that’s not Amazon that is selling it at the moment. Continue reading “Sovereign Labs: Liposomal Colostrum Review”

The Best CBD Oils in the UK – BloomFarms, Lady A, FarmacyBliss, Kiskanu, QuickSilver Scientific, GRÖN – Review

The CBD oil industry in the UK has long been an industry famous for its corruption and poor quality products with many companies like Holland and Barrett getting a reputation for pulling out poor quality products. So, where do people in the UK go for good quality products? I spent 6 months working at a CBD store inContinue reading “The Best CBD Oils in the UK – BloomFarms, Lady A, FarmacyBliss, Kiskanu, QuickSilver Scientific, GRÖN – Review”

Dave Asprey- “Fast This Way” Book Review

Dave Asprey has been publishing books for a while now since his 2011 publishing of the Better Baby Book. He treats us to another book this time about the science of fasting and why we should incorporate it into our daily lives. Dave’s books (and I’ll be providing another comprehensive blog post about all of them) have been “Game Changers” focused on health. In fact, both the Bulletproof Diet andContinue reading “Dave Asprey- “Fast This Way” Book Review”

Tro Blue Cannatine Tx by Troscriptions- Review

Disclaimer : Always consult a doctor or a physician before taking supplements like this. Tru Blue Caratine is a combination of several nootropics designed to boost cognition and creativity. This stack itself is a blend of Nicotine, Methylene Blue, and CBD. For the best possible impact, I’d stack this with EEG neurofeedback (an hour session) and 15Continue reading “Tro Blue Cannatine Tx by Troscriptions- Review”

Boundless By Ben Greenfield Book Review

Ben Greenfield has been a hugely popular writer, blogger, podcast host and instagram influencer who seems to do it all from ultra marathons to cold showers. A former bodybuilder and 13 time Ironman triathlete, Ben has been voted America’s top personal trainer by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  He has provided us with his new bookContinue reading “Boundless By Ben Greenfield Book Review”

Dave Asprey Box Review: Is it worth the money?

What is it? Dave Asprey Box launched around 2016 and featured a variety of Dave Asprey’s favourite new biohacks priced at $100, but all the products tend to reach the $300-400 dollar value mark. The subscription box comes out every quarter, and you’ll be billed for them automatically around a week before they’re shipped to you.Continue reading “Dave Asprey Box Review: Is it worth the money?”

Life Cykel Mushrooms Review Australian Activation and Biohacker Set Review :

How did Life Cykel come about?  The inventor said on the Luke Story Life Stylist podcast that he was looking for long term sustainable food products . Life Cykel has grown massively in popularity from being mentioned in the Joe Rogan podcast to the company receiving investment from the world’s most famous biohacker Dave Asprey. TheContinue reading “Life Cykel Mushrooms Review Australian Activation and Biohacker Set Review :”