EEG Neurofeedback by Brain Trainer Review By The Rational Biohacker

What are we doing when we do EEG NeuroFeedback?  We are Exercising the brain to self regulate allowing you to sleep better, function better , by altering the waves.  excersing the brain’s ability to self regulate. Allowing you to have  better sleep , better state management etc. How should I best prep myself before using EEG?  Again as with any high end biohack if you’re going to spend the vastContinue reading “EEG Neurofeedback by Brain Trainer Review By The Rational Biohacker”

Hemoencephalography Brain Training Review by The Rational Biohacker

A short history of HEG and the inventor: This product has been around for 10-15 years but I purchased it around 5 years ago after shopping on Dave Asprey’s website the Bulletproof store. It was branded at the time by Dave as “The Focus Brian Trainer”. Since then it’s founder Johnathan Toomin has had productionContinue reading “Hemoencephalography Brain Training Review by The Rational Biohacker”

Top 10 Bio-Hacks for Traveling Developing world countries By The Rational Biohacker

It can be tough to maintain health and wellbeing when travelling but luckily for our blog readers we’ve drawn up a list of the Top 10 Bio-Hacks you can use for travelling the developing world. All of these have been tried and tested by me and have had a profound effect on my travelling experience.Continue reading “Top 10 Bio-Hacks for Traveling Developing world countries By The Rational Biohacker”

Microbe Formula 1: Anti-Parasite Support and Mimosa Pudica Review

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Anti-Parasite Support :  What’s in the box? 60 Servings per container of serving size 2. This is the latest and most recent product made by Microbe Formulas a company that specialises in parasite cleanse supplements. There are quite a few new anti-parasite supplements coming out in the US which have provenContinue reading “Microbe Formula 1: Anti-Parasite Support and Mimosa Pudica Review”

Clear Light Infrared Saunas Portable Dome Review

Clearlight infrared saunas have been functioning in Europe for a while now and I have written a review about why I believe that they are the best infrared saunas on the market having used mine for 8 months straight I have to say this was the single best bio-hack I’ve used in terms of combatingContinue reading “Clear Light Infrared Saunas Portable Dome Review”

Bulletproof Zen Mode Review

Bulletproof Zen Mode Review  A revolutionary supplement for mind and peace or daylight robbery for Dave’s most loyal customers?  Dave added a bunch of new supplements this fall. The newly coveted Zen Mode being one of them which is surprising seeing as he  already does a lot to keep calm and cool during the dayContinue reading “Bulletproof Zen Mode Review”

Bulletproof TrueDark™ Glasses Review V Amazon Blue light blocking glasses

True Dark Glasses a Review: Dave Asprey’s blue light blocking Glasses after one year’s use a full usage of all three times of the true dark glasses. Early 2017 Dave Asprey patented his 100 percent blue light blocking glasses to provide users with a potent product which protected them against all spectrums of blue light.Continue reading “Bulletproof TrueDark™ Glasses Review V Amazon Blue light blocking glasses”