Chilipad Review-Why I Returned Mine

Product Overview: The ChiliPad - Fatigue Science

The ChiliPAD is a device based on accumulating more deep sleep with cooling down body temperature. I felt that while the idea was good and with the science behind it, there’s a serious product flaw. it’s just really too loud, and the fact that they have had 6 years to fix this and haven’t is really inexcusable. We know that cooler temperatures can enhance deep sleep, improving memory, cognitive repair, and human growth hormone, but what also harms sleep quality is noise, and the chiliPAD is inexcusably loud. I was waking up constantly at night due to this loud noise, and I’m not the first person to complain about this. There are numerous reviews on Amazon that complain about the same thing. 

We know there’s a lot of science behind loud noise disrupting sleep, so why would you create a device that fixes one problem but causes another? It’s just somewhat bizarre that a company which prides itself on enhancing sleep quality makes a device that will disrupt your sleep due to the large amount of noise. It’s a huge shame, and I’m pretty gutted to be honest. 

I think to study chiliPAD’s flaws, you should look at the impact of that loud noise.  Interestingly, Ben Greenfield did an interview with a South African Sports scientist who was responsible. Whilst looking after their students, they made sure they located their hotel rooms in areas where there was no sound at all coming in, e.g. not having a room next to an elevator. I think this illustrates the importance of having a silent room as well as a pitch black dark room in order for optimal sleep. Many respect light and room temperature when it comes to optimising sleep temperature but seem to forget about sound. It’s pretty odd that the makers of this product seemingly did the same. 


£499 for half a unit but there are often sales for between 15-25 percent off, so be on the lookout. 


  • Can enhance deep sleep quality—heavily endorsed by such Biohackers like Dave Asprey, The Life-stylist Podcast, and Biohacker Tim for doing so. 
  • Very easy to set up—even if you’re not heavily into tech, this is extremely simple and easy to get going. 
  • The customer service was on point—item delivered very quickly, now with UK sourcing, meaning that there are no import taxation fees anymore
  • Low EMF which is extremely important considering you’re going to be sleeping on this . 
  • 90 day sleep trial and any pads returned are donated to veterans with PTSD disorder, which was a fantastic touch and makes investing in one of these risk free—worse case scenario, you’re donating to charity. 


  • Extremely loud, I was waking up 4-5 times per night using this device even after locking it up in my cupboard and moving it around in my room. This was extremely disappointing to say the least, more so because I’d expected the company to know about the impact sound can have on deep sleep. 
  • Materials feel cheaply made, would’ve been nice if the base of the surface fibres of the chiliPAD were made out of Organic Cotton instead of non-organic flame retardants. It would’ve been a good extra step for the company to make. 


Overall, due to my sensitivity to the loud noises this machine emitted, the chiliPAD was sadly not for me, but I still recommend anyone who is keen on using it to do so as the benefits of extra deep sleep is priceless and many big names of the health sphere have said great things about this product. You have 90 days to make your mind up about it, whether it’s good for you or not. I believe this to be enough time to make judgement on this product.

Score : 4/10 

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