Kinetic Kitchen Bristol -Keto Doughnuts and Keto Fudge Review

The delicious looking Kinetic Kitchen doughnuts are the first all Organic Keto Dessert Company in the UK

Good grade Keto Snacks are hard to come by here in the UK unless you have the money to order Bulletproof/Dr. Mercola/Perfect Keto bars online. Luckily, there’s a company in Bristol that’s looking to change all that with the release of their new Keto Doughnut snacks. The Kinetic Kitchen has become the first UK company to release an all organic Keto snack (with the exception of Planet Organic’s Keto Bar). I ordered around 24 of these and tried them out, and here’s what I have to say. Many snacks in the health field rarely get everything right. For example, they can be low sugar yet contain omega 6 oils like rapeseed oil. They can be “keto” but contain non-organic substances like glyphosate etc.  

What are Keto Doughnuts? 

Doughnut shaped snacks made out of all organic ingredients including almond flour, coconut oil, baking soda, and a range of other ingredients depending on what flavour you get. They all have 1g of sugar and won’t spike your insulin. They come in around 9 different flavours, at the time of writing this, with a few vegan varieties too, all of which are sweetened with Erythritol. They do DPD delivery from Bristol for £4 extra cost and usually have some discounts running for between 10-20 percent off. They are delivered in fully recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, which is a nice touch. 

The Fudge is made out of double cream and collagen peptides.


Depending on the flavour, prices range from £16-20 for a set of 6 with a special Keto Cake for £75, and the Keto Fudge comes in at £4. In terms of pricing compared to other Keto products considering a pack of 12 Perfect Keto bars costs around £40, it’s pretty much on par with other Keto products in the UK in terms of pricing. Planet Organic’s Keto range is priced from £2.99-7, so it’s certainly cheaper than the average Planet Organic Keto snack, which is good to see. 


  • Great example of British entrepreneurship finally releasing a health snack that meets the criteria of the modern day “biohacker”, a doughnut that’s all organic as well as Keto. In the UK, we really lack companies that make products Keto-friendly as well as all organic. So it’s nice to finally have a small business in the UK that’s hitting that criteria. We are still very behind the US in that regard. 
  • Delicious – out of the 5 flavours I tried, only 1 failed to hit the spot (the Black Charcoal), which showed that this company was capable of making extremely healthy snacks without compromising on taste. 
  • Knocks Planet Organic’s Keto products out of the park in terms of taste, making this, I believe, the tastiest UK made product. 
  • Compared to the leading Keto based products, it’s roughly the same price if not a bit cheaper. The average price of a Keto health bar online is somewhere between £2.70-7, so these are roughly on par with them. 
  • Good Longevity- Their shelf life is around 6 days upon receiving them, which is far higher than the average doughnut. 


  • Erythritol is extremely harsh on the digestive tract and may cause diarrhea if over consumed, so eat them slowly. The coconut oil in addition might be harsh on the guts of people who aren’t usually used to eating Keto products, so eat slowly. 
  • Keto Fudge and the Charcoal Doughnut lacked flavour. 
  • I’d still place Perfect Keto and Dave Asprey bars ahead of them in terms of taste. 


As someone who’s lived in the UK my whole life, it’s been hard for me to find any UK-based companies that sell organic Keto products. It’s great that there’s a small business that has set out to meet even the fussiest of biohackers needs, and I greatly appreciate that. Support small UK businesses that don’t compromise health, and buy Kinetic Kitchen’s Keto Doughnuts and Keto Fudge today!


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