Carbon 60 the game changer supplement in 2020?

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C360 Health Review:

What is Carbon 60?

Carbon 60 is an atrophic form of carbon atoms. An allotrope is the form where it is based on the same atom, but is configured differently. It is a recognition of carbon atoms. Originally discovered in 1985, it has now been around for 34 years. In the past, most people were using it directly or combining it with water, but the results were not great. It had some gene toxicity that wasn’t ideal. Scientist then started binding it to fats, and it became bioavailable. From this came a famous study in which rats lived 90 percent longer when they took c60. To ensure adequate absorption of C60, you must examine the quality of the oil: ideally, you are looking for 1 part fullerenes to 99 parts oil. Based on the type of oil you take it in, it will be compatible with different aspects of your body. Different oils work for different individuals. C360 is the brand that uses only olive oil, but other brands in the US and UK have used oils varying from MCT to avocado, and even high omega-6 oils like pumpkin seed or sunflower oil. 

C360 is a patent of cellular enhancement in the biological system through the use of lipfolades . The improvement of mitochondrial and ATP Production helps to increase energy, reduce food cravings, and achieve an overall better sense of well-being. It is a nanomolecule that contains an assortment of ingredients that exhibit antioxidant properties 270 times stronger than Vitamin C, eliminate scar tissue, and rehabilitate injured tissues. The result is an increase in energy, alertness, and overall well-being. 

Carbon 60 was discovered in the 1980s when scientists realised that they could form strange structures of sixty carbon atoms. These structures were incredibly stable, and resembled the geodesic dome shape containing the linked pentagons and hexagons originally designed by architect Buckminster Fuller. The three lead scientists later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this discovery. They named the shape “buck minterfullerene” in honour of Fuller, but it is more commonly known as carbon 60. Carbon 60 is a superconductor, which may be why in studies it is shown to help your mitochondria efficiently complete the chemical process it uses to produce energy. It also has a powerful antioxidant effect that can cross the lipid bilayer membranes of cells. Carbon 60 additionally causes antioxidants to scavenge for and destroy free radicals inside your cells, leading to powerful anti-aging effects. 

In a 2012 study on rats, carbon 60 led to a 90 percent life span increase. With the average human lifespan at an age of seventy-nine, carbon 60 could theoretically help the average person get to a hundred and fifty. Even if the life span increase isn’t the same, it could be pretty amazing. The researchers conducting the study concluded that the dramatic effect on life span was mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress.

Why olive oil? 

Olive oil is intriguing because it works very well with lactic acid works well in terms of how it is absorbed in the cell membrane. Cell membranes seem to work better with lactic acid compared to MCT oil. Cell membranes swap out more readily with lactic acid, which is why avocado and olive oil are the preferred choice ahead of MCT oil. 

How does C360 give me more energy? 

C360 negates oxidative stress on the mitochondria and keeps the homeostatic balance high. Because a lot of energy is normally spent negating oxidative stress, your body functions more effectually when you’re not losing that energy. This is why people usually feel more energetic when taking C60. 

What about pets? 

On Dave Asprey’s interview with Ian Mitchell, he cited the 223 percent increase in fighting off inflammation in cytokines in dogs within two hours according, to the C360 site. A test was run on mice to investigate the impact of C360. They tested it on heavily-tumoured rats, who then had a 93 percent life extension compared to the initially expected lifespan. C60 has grown rampantly in popularity as a supplement for pets, with many in the health world, including Dave Asprey, using it for their dogs and cats. Suppliers like C360 health and Purple Power also make supplements that are designed specifically for pets.

Product Range 

Carbon 60 Plus and Carbon 60 Plus Extra Strength are both lipfullerenes with highly potent antioxidants. Revive and Rejuvenate also contain these powerful antioxidants, in addition to powerful all natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Then you have the hair serum, though it is currently unavailable. You also have a selection for dogs and cats.

What Does C360 Rejuvenate have which other Carbon 60 Products don’t have? 

The conventional basic C60 product that C360 sells seems to be the same as the leading brands on the market like Purple Power, which is also a 99.9 percent olive oil, 0.01 percent Carbon60 combination. However, the men’s Rejuvenate product that I also reviewed offers some additional supplements in the mix that can enhance the effects of C60. It has the additional three following supplements used in its formula: 

Serratiopeptidase, which actually used to be a pharmaceutical in Japan, is often found in joint support compounds and was downgraded to a supplement because they couldn’t show that it was bioavailable enough. In the patent, however, they showed that it works well in the right delivery, used in conjunction with carbon 60 for more muscle recovery and increased strength. 

Carnosine is also included for repair and restorative effects.

CQ10 is added to increase cell function and is a master antioxidant providing further ATP energy for the mitochondria. C60 combined with CQ10 can improve heart function. It also complements CBD oil well without negating the effects.

What Dosage Should I Take? 

This depends on a person’s weight, but I recommend 1 teaspoon based on the bottle. Take this dose for around 5 days, then take 2 days off. A teaspoon a day for most people should be sufficient, but again, with most supplements it’s about consistency over a long period of time. 


As of now, C360 Health is only available on one online vendor in the UK, Functional Self:

The price of the standard 4 oz bottle is £29, making it significantly cheaper than Purple Power, which prices the same size bottle at £75. 

Pros and Cons of c360 Health 

Please note that not all these product benefits were experienced by me personally, as they are mainly written from testimonials from the Purple Power Podcast, the C360 website, and other blogs. I’ve personally experienced slight hair growth, improved energy and cognition levels, and better sleep scores on my Oura ring. I’ve also noticed greater libido and improved testosterone levels. 


  • There is no “lethal dose.” They did testing on rats and gave them 1 million times the legal dose and it caused no harm. There are few reports of people having difficulties absorbing the product or processing it. 
  • Provides protection from varying different types of radiation, including UV radiation.
  • Improved cognition and better sleep quality when taking this product. 
  • Restores hormone imbalances in men and women.
  • Restores oestrogen in women, which can help fight urinary tract infections. 
  • Helps with kidney infections.
  • Aids with testosterone production, according to a number of customers of the C60 brand Purple Power.
  • It is the only celebrity-endorsed C60 product at the moment. Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield both say it is good. I know they’re not the know-it-alls of the world, but they certainly give it some credit. In addition to this, Todd Shipmann was full of praise of this product in his Instagram posts. 
  • The testimonials on their website seem legit, and it appears that people have really recovered from some serious illnesses due to this product. 
  • It can be mixed with organic olive oil for maximum absorption, while other C60 oils on the market in the UK have used inflammatory oils like sunflower. 
  • The rats that used this product lived 90 percent longer. If you get even a fraction of that in your longevity, then this product seems worth the squeeze.
  • Reasonably priced compared to most high-end supplements on the market. £29 for one bottle lasting 6 weeks is completely reasonable, and far cheaper than the price of the high end c60 products in the UK that use more inflammatory oils. Better value than the competitor brand Purple Power.
  • Seems to offer anti-inflammatory effects that can protect against ionising and non-ionising radiation. This makes it one of the few products on the market today that is such a strong “all-rounder.” 
  • Can save you money in the long run by making you less reliant on other supplements and medications. I’ve found myself spending less money on other supplements like Vitamin C as a result of using this product. 
  • Helps combat Hashimoto’s.
  • Helps to combat demacular degradation.  
  • Helps improve fertility for men and women and restores hormone levels. 
  • C60 goes out through the liver and the gallbladder, and before you go drinking, you can take a shot to help with detox from alcohol.
  • Help protect against oxidized free radicals, which can include EMFs. Rats exposed to high levels of radiation were left unharmed when consuming c60 beforehand. This makes it very good to take prior to flights. 
  • Helps with PMS by reducing inflammation.
  • Can aid liver function. 
  • Enhances hair growth. The c360 hair product is unfortunately not for sale to people in the UK and EU, but there have been numerous reports of people showing regrowth in hair. The hair serum used in conjunction with red light therapy has been shown to regrow hair. Both Dave Asprey (hair on his eyebrows) and Todd Shipman (hair on the back of his head) recorded regrowth. (For more information on this, check out Biohacker Tribe) 
  • In regards to the rejuvenate product, it is the only C360 product on the market that combines Serratiopeptidase, CQ10, and Carnosine.
  • Increases the lengths of telomeres, according to the “Purple Power Podcast.” 
  • Detoxifies certain types of heavy metals because of the spherical configuration the C360 can bind onto toxins, and carries them out of your system

Effect of C60: When one customer on the Purple Power Podcast had telomeres tested at age 54, he had the telomeres of a 53-year-old. When he was 57, he had the telomeres of a 35-year -old (this was after three years of using C60). This is due to the apoptosis zones cells, where the telomeres have become so short they are useless, thus the dead cells shut their mitochondria, the mitochondria become adaptors and c60 stimulates the stem cells to make new stem cells. Your average telomeres length then increases. This decrease in the age of your telomeres, through apoptosis your body eliminates dead cells and replaces them with new cells which have full length telomeres. As more and more senescent cells are removed and new cells are made, the average length of telomeres will increase and their age will decrease. 

Boosts ATP Energy

C60 restores your mitochondria function and increases ATP, the pregnenolone made from your hormones, to the amount your body needs. Because of all that extra pregnenolone production, your ldl cholesterol goes down. Customers on the Purple Power podcast also reported improved thyroid function as result.


  • Shipping nightmare, high import tax in the UK mean this product comes at a price for UK and EU readers. (Although this can be solved now by simply buying off the UK based business Functional Health.) 
  • Item was held long at customs. Whilst I’ve imported a lot of supplements from the US, C360 took by far the longest. 
  • The hair regrowth product is not currently available for UK customers. 
  • Cannot be taken in conjunction with molecular hydrogen. Please use these two supplements separately, or it will diminish the effectiveness of the molecular hydrogen. 
  • Little is known about how to cycle this product correctly. Even the CEO of the product was wary of how exactly to cycle the product correctly. Remember, creating too much of an anti-inflammatory response is also a bad thing. Make sure to take breaks from taking it every 4-5 days. 
  • Still no large-scale reviews of the product on human longevity.
  • Don’t use it while pregnant and breastfeeding. There is only one study from rabbits on this that showed it worked out fine, but please be cautious: 1:06 Ian Mitchell Interview/ Todd Shipmann 
  • There were a few small cases of reactions of liver flushes and a couple of reports of lower back pain on your right side caused by the building up of gall stones, although this is very unlikely to occur. 


  • Negate C60 if you combine with molecular hydrogen. Don’t take them at the same day, focus on C60 one day and then molecular hydrogen a few days apart. 41:27 
  • Cycle over the span about a week. (According to Ian Mitchell in his podcast interview with Dave Asprey)
  • Don’t stack the stuff too much; cycling them on a one-week rotation will speed up the healing process of wounds. Use caprylic acid-based c60. The hair serum uses a red light. Cells will have a lot more capacity for repair, with 4-6 times improved healing found on average according to his podcast with Dave Asprey. Synthetic vitamin C and vitamin E can blunt the hermetic response, shutting down inflammation too much. Try to regularly cycle it a bit. Selective antioxidant is one of the few antioxidants that doesn’t blunt the hermetic response. The owner of C360, Ian Mitchell, skips days of dosages, and it shouldn’t be used in conjunction with Molecular Hydrogen.  
  • Make sure you buy from a legitimate brand. Some brands like Bob Greska’s C60 claim to have C60, but are just selling bottle of sunflower oil. 
  • Before buying C60 from any company, email to see were they get their C60 from and ask for lab tests. A lot of the cheaper brands source their carbon from China.
  • Keep the dosage small when starting out, as there can be a high detox effect, particularly if you have mercury amalgams. 
  • Don’t take it before bedtime, as it can keep you up. You’re best off taking it in the morning
  • Don’t take while using blood thinners. 
  • With pets, use a much smaller dosage. Half a teaspoon is more than enough for large animals. For small dogs and cats, a pipette is better to use. 
  • C60 can cause a super increase in strength, so avoid exerting yourself with heavy lifting when taking it before a gym session, as there’s a far greater risk of injury to over exertion when taking c60.
  • For pets  MCT oil/olive oil is good for anyone, while avocado is not good for birds. 
  • Make sure you have discipline in other areas of your health and wellbeing when taking this product. Taking it in conjunction with a Keto diet is optimal, and good nutrition and exercise are vital to make it work well. Just C60 on its own won’t cut it. 

Overall, C360 seems like a promising product. I’ve been taking it for around two months and have noticed some decent gains in energy and improvement in sleep quality. Time will tell, but judging by the online testimonials off websites that sell the product, C360, seems to be a legit game-changer in the supplement world. I suggest you give it a try and choose a company that individually tests its batches to ensure the carbon concentration is maintained. There are a lot of new products on the market that aren’t great quality, so it’s best to pay a little more for something that’s reliable. C360 has been endorsed by Dave Asprey (who owns a stake in the company as far as I’m aware) and individually tests each batch. Another supplement company, Purple Power, provides proof of batch testing. Overall, I recommend you give C360 a shot—you have everything to gain and little to lose from doing so. 

In conclusion, C360 Health seems one of the most promising supplements I’ve seen to date. I’ve noticed an increase in energy and cognition since using it for 2 weeks, and I intend to use it frequently for the next few years. Compared to everything else in the UK, this product blows them out of the water with remarkable ease, and is very fairly priced considering they could’ve easily charged more with the patent they have. It is really refreshing to see a company put morals ahead of money and greed. Support them, and buy C360 today!


Mice with bigger telomeres were less likely to get cancer and live longer 

Mice who took C60 had their life spans increased by 90 percent

Further Reading: 

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Todd Shipman’s Interview with Ian Mitchell: 

To buy in the US:

Another reputable brand that batch tests and sells MCT and avocado oil:

Score 10/10

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra Review:

A plausible solution to our EMF problems: Somavedic Green Medic Ultra 

Somavedic International Green Medic Ultra Review: 

At a time when worries about the effects of EMF are at an all-time high due to the roll out of 5G, one company has been on the popular rise with its EMF harmonising devices. That company is Somavedic. Founded in 2010, the company has flourished in popularity this last year. The EMF community has long been a controversial one. The community’s contributions range from adding legitimately good value in protecting our health from electro smog, to nothing but posts of sheer negativity and paranoia that do little to help with issues. If anything, the excessive paranoia can in some cases cause more mental problems than the effects of any non-native EMF itself. After flicking through Todd Shipmann’s Instagram page, I found out about Somavedic. I was worried at first that this would be another EMF scam designed to take advantage of concern over 5G. However, Todd showed through his blog that there was extensive proof that it worked, and I sort of believed after seeing reports of deeper sleep and increased REM sleep while using the Somavedic Green Medic Ultra (based on Oura ring stats).

How does it work? 

Somavedic is a frequency therapy device that combines leveraging the principals of controlled release of minerals from eastern medicine with frequency therapy technology. A lot of research validates this harmonising of the EMF environment with the regards to eastern medicine approach with frequency therapy technology. Inside each Somavedic device, you get precious stones and minerals. The energy fields of the body resonate with these minerals. The minerals create a frequency that your body finds appealing, and that the energy fields of your body resonate with. This doesn’t block the EMF, but attunes your body to the tones it wants. In other words, the way the Somavedic works won’t shield you from EMF or Geopathic stress; rather, it creates its own stress zone where, on a cellular level, your body is not affected by them. You create another coherent field in which you won’t be affected by the negative impacts of the non-native EMF. 

The device doesn’t need electricity to work, because there are precious stones and minerals that are supporting each other inside the device. Without electricity, it works at 60 percent efficiency. While there are LEDs are inside, they are mainly a self-diagnostic tool. They are there for you to know when the Somavedic is broken more than anything else. When it is broken, a dark spot will appear at the top of the Somavedic. Inside the device, corpus hand glass made in the Czech Republic and real precious stones and minerals inside are contained in a tube. You can’t see the precious stones and minerals that are inside. They use different kind of mixtures: ruby, gold, cobalt, and Urnanium oxide, depending on the model in question. 

When using the Green Medic Ultra model, the water gets affected by the frequencies by the precious stones and minerals and gets harmonised. There were tests done in Switzerland to prove this, and the information about water harmonisation is linked at the bottom of the blog post. 

A study was done with red blood cells where they put the blood under a microscope. After it had been under the influence of the Somavedic field for 90 minutes, they took before and after pictures. In the pictures, all of the red blood cells were separated. Thus, there was an improvement in blood flow. Drinking structured water would have a similar effect on the body.  

Actual studies on the device took place in Germany, Austria and Slovenia. In Germany, where it was tested for HRV, 10 test subjects spent time with the field of Somavedic, and every week their HRV improved. In 80 percent of subjects, the HRV was better (8/10). 

From Austria, there was a study on electrosmog’s impact being mitigated, and a third study from Slovenia on the effect of cell phones when in use with a Somavedic present. All three Studies showed improvements in the health of most of subjects involved, and can be read on the Somavedic website. 

What different models are available with the Somavedic? 

The 5 models all have different strengths, and each model does different things depending on how efficient they are. Atlantic, for example, is just designed for water, then there supportive minerals for the body, and the Medic, which gives maximum EMF protection. The product I’m reviewing is the Green Medic Ultra, the second highest strength model. It contains uranium glass, which amplifies EMF protection (exclusively made in the Czech Republic—see minute 56:30 on the Mito Life podcast listed below). 

For information, please go to:


  • There might be flu-like detoxifying effects for some people. Even the others rep said he felt drunk for an hour after using it. Some may have detoxifying effects, while some might have headaches if they come from an EMF-polluted field to a non-polluted field. 

A lot of the pros listed below are one-off examples in podcast interviews or small group tests. There’s no real big data recorded on the Somavedic device as of yet. 

Pros of the product:

  • At $850 for the premium range product, it’s a pretty good price compared to other EMF protection devices on the marketm with some ranging in the thousands and others at around $150-$350 (see CMO systems) 
  • Some customers notice an increase in plants growing faster and blooming longer—see the Luke store podcast 01:29. 
  • Seems to aid with deep sleep and REM sleep quality based off IGF studies. Biohacker Todd Shipmann and Ben Greenfield also noticed similar benefits, as did I. 
  • Money back guarantee if you’re not impressed. 
  • People are assembling by hand, with no machines and no bulk production, which is nice. Everything is built by hand, and the price is the lowest they could go with EU and Worldwide shipping available. This is not a product that exclusively available to the US markets, as a lot of new age bio hacks are. 
  • Legitimate proof that it could help heartrate variability. 
  • Has a strong protective radius, will easily cover most houses and your neighbours too
  • Usually a lot of good value discounts on Black Friday, free shipping offers etc. 
  • Beautiful Design 
  • Can work without electricity at 60 percent efficiency, even not plugged in. This makes it easy to use when travelling. 
  • Water harmonisation is a bonus point 
  • 99 percent of people who purchased the product chose not to return it, which means it must be doing something for the people using it or there would be a lot more negative press and attention. 
  • Personally, it improved my Oura ring scores including more deep and REM sleep 
  • Had much more REM sleep and far less interrupted sleep when using this product. 
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, and mould from the system. 
  • Luke Store said he slept 11 hours when he first plugged in the Somavedic; Todd Shipman on his Instagram post made a similar claim.
  • Wide distribution in Europe as well as Japan. 
  • Easy installation, most EMF mitigation requires lots of effort involving having to move or cover your house in chicken wire, etc. Such things are difficult for the majority of busy people to do. With Somavedic, you simply plug the device in and you’re good to go. Even if you don’t have a plug, it will still work at 60 percent capacity 
  • One dog which had digestive issues was next to the Somavedic and those issues stopped.  See 01:28 in the Luke Story podcast, which has many more examples of positive impacts on plants and animals. 

Cons of the product:

  • Star rating makes it difficult to analyse what level of EMF production each of the products provides. You’re unable to quantify the star ratings in regards to what level of protection you will truly get. 
  • Studies that showed improvements to HRV were only done on 10 individuals. 
  • All the positive studies were done on very small groups of people. There are no big data groups yet. 
  • Blue light emitted from the product makes it impossible to sleep in the same room as the product (with the exception of the medic ultra). Would’ve made sense to have made this product with something that doesn’t emit junk light, or for it to all be Amber Red or a non-harmful light source.  Strange of a company with such an emphasis on the effects of non-native EMF to make a product that actually emits blue light EMF.
  • Doesn’t actually reduce any EMF readings as some may expect it to. 

Conclusion :

EMF and junk light are having more of an impact than ever on our bodies and lives, and I definitely saw some improvements while using the Green Medic Ultra . Of course, is it quantifiable? How much is it doing, and is it doing enough to justify the product? With any EMF protection device, it’s difficult to say. But the extra deep sleep and REM sleep I’ve gained from using this product make it worth the money. $850 to have 30-40 minutes extra deep sleep a night for the rest of your life is worth the price in my opinion, especially with 5G and ever-increasing levels of electrosmog in our environments. Somavedic is a worthwhile investment, and their hassle-free returns policy makes it a decent risk-free venture. Please note that different people will react differently to the device, and as of yet there’s been no large-scale studies. The only irritating aspect of the product was the high strength blue light it emitted, which made it impossible to sleep in the same room with. This really shouldn’t be the case for a product designed to tackle non-native EMF.

Score :9/10 

For more information please check out the following podcasts: :

MitoLife Radio:  

Further Readings: 

IGEF Results showing Improved Heart Rate Variability using the Somavedic:

To buy:

Use Discount Code: BIJAN10 For 10 percent off. 

Best Quality Mince Meat in The UK By The Rational Biohacker:Daylesford Organic V Waitrose Organic Duchy V Sainsbury’s V Tesco V Planet Organic V Ocado bought Irish beef V Whole foods


Here were the meats I was comparing from all the major supermarkets in the UK.

Why care about minced meat quality even when it’s organic?

Whilst supermarkets would claim if product X,Y,Z is “organic” “it must be ok” “it must be fine “but this is no longer the case now. The term organic has been corrupted by the supermarket world. In terms of mince meat “organic” can range from the cow eating cereals to grass which can massively impact the omega 3/6 ratio of the blood. Something which i don’t think UK farms recognise and after reviewing numerous supermarkets and their farming methods I was shocked to find that many of them had poor standards and even the most prestigious brands were deserving of some scrutiny.

  Studies have found that those with diets higher in inflammation promoting omega 6 fatty acids had 40 times as much DNA damage as those with balanced ratios. 

From The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet and Non-Toxic Bio-Individualized Therapies 2017

Surprisingly some wild plant foods can contain as much as 24 percent fat greens such as kale spinach and wild grasses contain alpha linolenic acid the building block of the omega 3 fatty acids which is why grass fed animals contain 6 times more anti inflammatory omega 3 fats than their grain fed counterparts .Animals labeled as organic often are also fed grains like corn and soy and even though these mixes are technically organic we still need to remember that grain is not the natural diet of cows!

A 2001 peer reviewed article in the journal science concluded that grain based diets are very stressful for cattle not only that but they also cause ulcers and overgrowth of coli in the rumen, cattle that are grain get very sick and therefore require more antibiotics to stay alive. Even third days of corn finishing will change the fatty acid profile to be higher in omega 6 fats than omega 3s.

So for this blog we will basing our scores off four individual methods:

  • Price and Value for money: Prices Varied from £8 per Kilo for Sainsbury’s Organic meat and a heavy £13.50 for Daylesford Organic’s meat.
  • Taste: Quite simply how I found the meat tasted.
  • Meat Quality: Based on the cow’s diets comparing whether or not they are grass fed or grain fed. Also I took into account how quickly i found the meat declined when it was held in my fridge.
  • Clarity of treatment of cows: I think it’s important supermarket’s make it clear what their cows are eating and when. Some did this better than others.
  • I graded each of these out of 5 and then made a graded score.

Daylesford Organic V Waitrose Organic Duchy  V Sainsbury’s V Tesco V Planet Organic V Ocado  bought Irish beef V Whole foods 

Image result for daylesford organic mince meat

Daylesford Organic: 

Is it grass fed or grain fed?
100 percent organic grass fed 

Price/Value for money : 1/5 £13.58 a kilo  it comes in as most expensive of all the meats 

Taste: 3/5  Taste was ok but nothing spectacular compared to the others

Meat Quality: 4/5  100 percent grass-fed but felt that the meat quality was below bar and went off quicker than the organic meats like the Irish beef and the Rhug estate

Clarity of what the treatment of cows is  5/5 : All the Daylesford organic butchers knew exactly that the meat was 100 Percent grass fed it was great to know a butcher that had good knowledge of the treatment of it’s animals. As soon as I called them up enquiring what their cows ate they were able to give me an immediate and confident answer.

Overall score: 6.5/10 

Link to buy:

Waitrose Organic Duchy 10% fat                                          

Is it grass fed or grain fed?The answer was unclear, 180 days minimum on grass pasture is a big plus. Then after that the cows are fed organic grains and maybe more pasture according to the phone call with Waitrose’s customer service/website.

Price/Value for money:4/5:  Can be bought in conjunction with other deals but still very reasonably priced comes in £10.75 a Kilo but offers will  lower this more  towards £9-10

Taste 4/5  Found the taste to be the one of the best of the bunch really flavour full.

Meat Quality 3/5 : Meat was still fresh even a few days after the sell by date but not 100 percent grass fed all year means for those who want a strict diet this wont be as good as the Irish beef option from partner Ocado.

Clarity of treatment of Cows: 3/5 Whist i liked the taste and the fact that it’s good value for money where Waitrose disappointed me the most was the clarity of the treatment of it’s cows. Even after phoning in and asking whether or not the cows were grass fed the customer support team had no clue which was disappointing to say the least and he took a whole 15 minutes to verify this.

Total Score: 7/10

Link to buy:

Sainsbury’s “So Organic” Mince 12% Fat: 

Grass fed or Grain fed? :  Unfortunately a mixture of both according to it’s website and customer service team.

Grass or grain fed? Fed grass when available if not then organic non GMO cereals. So we don’t know how much green pasture they have access too. Organic Cereals are not ideal for good meat quality for reasons discussed and it looks like there is no minimum day of pasture allowance for the cow which most of the other supermarkets had.

Price/Value for money: 5/5 £7.50 A Kilo its one of the cheapest organic mince meats on the the market

Meat Quality:2/5 It’s ok that they are fed non GMO cereals but the fact that the cows are fed cereals in the first place makes this once a low rank for me. 

Clarity of treatment of cows: 3\5 We know the cows are getting grass but we have no clue what degree that is.

Tate: 2/5 Below par taste wise for me. Wasn’t as good as the other brands.

Overall Score: 6/10

Link to buy:

Tesco Organic Mince meat 15% Fat

Tesco Organic Beef Steak Mince 15% Fat 500G

Organic mince meat 15 % fat

Price 4/5 £9 a kilo is great value

Grass or grain fed: According to the website they are fed organic grains which doesn’t suffice as good enough for me and my high standards. 

Meat quality: 1/5 Disappointing to know that they are fed cereals not what we want in organic meat. 

Taste 2/5: Came out as mediocre for me similar to the Sainsbury’s

Clarity of treatment of cows:5/5 We know exactly what they are getting and its not good. 

Total Score: 4/10

Link to buy:

Planet Organic’s Rhug Estate Mince meat

Grass or Grain fed? 100 percent grass fed although finished off with cereals before slaughter which was extremely disappointing as this can still impact meat quality as discussed prior even 30 days of grain feeding can impact on the Omega 3 to omega 6 ratio of the meat. 

The famous Aberdeen Angus breed is renowned for its quality and flavour due to high levels of marbling within the muscle. It’s ability to finish off grass at around two years of age means we do not have to feed with high levels of grain.Although primarily grass fed, we do supplement the cattle at the finishing stage on our own home grown cereals. After slaughter, in the local abattoir on the edge of the estate, the primals are dry aged for 35 days and butchered in our own cutting plant, packed and dispatched.

From the Rhug Estate Website

Price/Value for money 3/5: Coming in at £12 a kilo and with a fixed firm high price which is rarely on offer at any institution Rhug Estate is one of the pricer minced meats on the market.

Image result for Rhug estate mince meat

Taste:5/5 Fantastic mince meat my favourite tasting by far out of them all.

Meat  Quality: 4/5 Though the farming practice is strict the fact that the animals are fed grain prior to slaughter loses it a point .

Clarity of information on how the cows were treated: 5/5 all the information is clearly displayed on the Rhug Estate website.

Total Score:  7.5/10 

Link to buy:

Ocado bought Pure Irish organic mince meat 15 % Fat 

Image result for ocado pure irish organic meat

Grass or Grain Fed : 100 percent grass fed. The only meat we tested that was 100 percent grass fed and grass finished

Price/Value for money:4/5 £12.50 a kilo but can be purchased on deals that can lower it down to £10 per kilo .

Taste:4/5  Decent tasting meat though not as good as the Rhug Estate.

Meat quality: 5/5 Longevity is fantastic actually survived well past its sell by date and still tasted great. 100 percent grass fed on Irish pastures which are knowingly free of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Clarity of information on how the cows were treated: 5/5

Total Score : 9/10

Link to buy:

Whole foods organic Minced meat .

Image result for whole foods logo

Is it grass fed or Grain fed? Raised on grass fed pasture for a whole 2/3rds of it’s life. Unfortunately not the 100 percent grass fed product that we were looking for.

Price/Value at 5/5 £8.99 a Kilo this is a fantastic value product for something that has had at least 70 percent pasture. One of the best . value organic meats out there on the market

Taste: 3.5/5: Whole foods Minced meat is reasonably tasting didn’t have the extra zing in flavour that the Rhug Estate and Irish beef had.

Meat Quality: 3.5/5 Access to 70 percent pasture is good but by no means ideal. Showing that this meat is still vulnerable to having it’s omega 3/6 ratios changed.

Clarity of information on how the cows were treated: 4/5 The whole foods website has very clear information on the cows treatment but doesn’t tell us directly what are the other foods that the cows eat .

Total score: 8/10


Mince meat quality in the UK is generally low compared to it’s neighbouring Ireland and other western developed countries like New Zealand. This is partly down to poor farming practices which do no acknowledge the fact that feeding cows grains will impact on their omega 3/6 ratio of the meat. I found the Irish beef to be the best quality by way and far due to the fact that the cows eat a 100 percent grass diet allowing the omega 3/6 ratio of the meat to stay even.

EEG Neurofeedback by Brain Trainer Review By The Rational Biohacker

Image result for brain trainer eeg

What are we doing when we do EEG NeuroFeedback? 

We are Exercising the brain to self regulate allowing you to sleep better, function better , by altering the waves.  excersing the brain’s ability to self regulate. Allowing you to have  better sleep , better state management etc.

Image result for eeg neurofeedback

How should I best prep myself before using EEG? 

Again as with any high end biohack if you’re going to spend the vast sums of cash you need to prep your body well. I suggest for people to copy a lifestyle similar to what they do to people on 40 years of Zen i.e. Ban Alcohol 3 months prior to starting this out and cleaning your diet by following the bulletproof infographic below:

I recommend during your Brain training sessions to keep your brain in ketosis ( this can very depending as people respond to ketosis differently) Take supplements like Brain octane oil/ caprylic acid to ensure your brain is fully charged on healthy food that it wants. Avoid brain fog inducing dairy, gluten and bad sleep. Make sure you’re well rested so you can obtain the full benefits of an EEG session. You need to have discipline to make this work. You can’t expect cognitive enhancement if your brain isn’t being treated right before hand.

What do you get with the signature  Brain Trainer EEG Package? 

  • 4 Channel Cap 
  • Q-Wiz which can also use HEG
  • 4 hours of educational system support plus continuous Email support. More often than not immediate responses even after 2 years of purchase. This will be more than enough time to learn how to do  EEG neurofeedback by yourself.
  • 3 Tubs of Electrode gel that will need filling 
  • 2 silver ear clips 

Five Stages of Neurofeedback training

Stage 1: You pay for the product and they ship it. 

Stage 2: You receive the product and arrange a Skype session to map your brain and see which areas need training 

Stage 3 : You will receive an email of your results followed by a training plan showing you which areas of the brain need training. 

Stage 4: They will show you via Skype how to work the equipment and you can begin training. Usually each session requires you to stare at a screen between 35 minutes – 1 hour. The learning curve is steep for the first 3-4 sessions but then you should be able to fully function the equipment by yourself after that. 

Stage 5: Wash and dry your EEG cap and equipment.  You will be sent information on how to do this.

Why over Neuroptimal and 40 Years of zen? 

  • Less limitations: 40 Years of Zen lasts for 10 days and Neuroptimal lasts for a 200 sessions. With Brain Trainer’s Neurofeedback EEG system there’s no limitations on the amount of sessions you can do. You can use it as much as you want on  different parts of the brain. This is different to  Neuroptimal which focuses on altering only one specific part of  the brain’s waves. 
  • Less cost: Brain Trainer comes at a one off cost of £2000 including the cap whereas Neuroptimal comes in at around £5500 and you’ll have to pay additional after that when you’ve ran out of sessions. As for 40 years of Zen its way more in terms of cost at £10,000 including the inconvenience of having to fly out to the US  and the costs associated with staying in a hotel for 10 days etc. 
  • The Brain Trainer device can be used by all of the family whereas Neuroptimal and 40 years of Zen are limited to just one person. Brain Trainer’s protocol can be adapted for the rest of your family providing you pay for the additional test to have their brain mapped of course .  
  • Neuroptimal has seen some complaints from neuroscience bloggers that it mayn’t be anywhere near as effective as regular neurofeedback. For more information please read:h

  • Brain trainer’s Devices are far more effective than the other cheaper EEG systems on the market like Muse based off a quick amazon search through reviews citing the headbands ineffectiveness as picking up brain wave readings. 


  • Felt increased creativity and cognition post-session.
  • You don’t have to “work” during the process. After you put the electrodes on you just watch the computer screen. Unlike HEG which requires you to really focus and work EEG you just sit back and enjoy improvements
  • Combined with infrared Sauna this can give you a real zen state. 
  • Helped to lower my stress and cortisol. 
  • Kills a lot of birds with one stone without the reliance on medication for example it can help elevate some symptoms of depression in people causing less reliance on anti-depressants which are known to have serious side effects in both long and short-term usage. Also can help with several other cognitive disabilities which people often use harmful drugs to correct like ADHD.
  • The support team were very helpful throughout and responding immediately to all my concerns through email. 
  • After a while it gets easy to use without any support help. Even for me and I really struggle with picking up new skills Brain Trainer EEG was simple and easy to learn on my own after 5/6 sessions.
  • An infinite amount of sessions allowed (not limited like Neuroptimal which has a limit of around 200 before you need to purchase more sessions again) 
  • Combined with HEG it can massively help increase cognition with HEG serving as a good “warm up”. 
  • I personally felt that it helped me get the best out of my meditation sessions. Meditation after EEG brain training helped to also massively stimulate my creativity.
  • The system will change your brain activity, once you learn new patterns your brain learns from feedback it will be easier for you to pick up new habits , break addictions and increase cognition.


  • Electrogel did need refilling which can get pricey in the long run. 
  • Some of the materials like the ear clips did get run down and broken after a while. Fixing them can be extremely pricey as products had to be imported from the US. After 1 year of usage I had to send my cap back to the US due to one of the cables being eroded this was quite expensive as I had to pay for taxes and shipping again from the US as if id bought the cap again. ( Note: US readers will have to deal with lower repair and delivery costs as the majority of EEG repair businesses are based in the US) 
  • The initial learning curve is steep and will be time consuming. Some will pick it up faster than others but the good support team provided by brain trainer will help you through those growing pains. For me it took about 3 weeks of sessions till I could do it on my own.
  • Very expensive compared to other biohacks. EEG is the pinnacle of biohacking and it costs. Make sure you’ve spent the money on other areas first and foremost before you make the investment in neurofeedback. This includes making sure you’re buying organic food, sticking to a good diet and have good health habits first and foremost before partaking in EEG. This is the last resort biohack and you need to have everything else in order health wise before you partake (as I said before) or you will just be wasting your money.
  • It will take time around 20 1 hour sessions before you can see improvements in your life. Don’t expect massive improvements after just one session especially for those recovering from trauma and serious developmental disorder.


Though the initial outlay is a large amount its still only a quarter of the price of a 40 Years of Zen weekly retreat and for this you get an infinite amount of usage out of a product and a support team that’s very reliable and convenient. I would recommend this for anyone with serious ADHD, anxiety/depression problems or just for someone looking for that extra cognitive kick. The literature and studies to back up EEG have been there for decades and its only recently that it’s been made more affordable. So if you can afford it go for it. If its too pricey but you’re still interested in partaking in Neurofeedback I would save up for the HEG first to get a taste of just what biofeedback can do in terms of improving your life.  HEG comes in at $850 dollars if purchased from a US site and can increase concentration and focus after just one session.



To check out HEG:

To buy from the same site that I did:

Hemoencephalography Brain Training Review by The Rational Biohacker

My Review on Youtube
Related image

A short history of HEG and the inventor:

This product has been around for 10-15 years but I purchased it around 5 years ago after shopping on Dave Asprey’s website the Bulletproof store. It was branded at the time by Dave as “The Focus Brian Trainer”. Since then it’s founder Johnathan Toomin has had production problems and has gone off the radar causing the bulletproof store to halt the selling of the product in early 2015 . It can still be purchased online at various outlets though one of which I’ve linked at the end of the blogpost. These are becoming harder to find online due to production being lowered but I still believe regardless of the diminishing media attention and hype around it HEG is one of the most underrated biohacks of our time and something that Im certain everyone reading this can benefit from. 

Inventor Johnathan Toomin’s last ever interview relating to HEG

How did HEG Brain Training come to fruition?

Inventor and neuroscience graduate Johnathan Toomin was inspired by his grandfather Hershal Toomin who invented the “technique” of Hemoencaphalography . He (Johnathan) then planned to move to Bengaluru in India in order to outsource production which would half the cost of the device to $500 this most probably never came to fruition as the price is still at $800-900 with one website in the UK even selling it at £1500.  Make sure you purchase off the US site as its far cheaper even when you take into account shipping cost and import tax. For purchasing at the best price we recommend the link below at the end of the blog post .

How does HEG differ from other forms of Neurofeedback?

Most neurofeedback is based on measuring EEG or brainwaves. In Hemoencaphalography (HEG) neurofeedback, we’re not looking at the brain’s electrical waves rather HEG detects changes in the brain’s prefrontal cortex. The result is a much simpler feedback signal that’s easy to follow for anyone. It goes up when the brain activates (increases it’s blood flow to the prefrontal cortex) and down when the brain loses focus and deactivates (blood flow decreases in the prefrontal cortex) . None of the complex hard-to-interpret rhythms of EEG, and no difficult decision as to exactly what to train. More blood to the prefrontal cortex of the brain has many benefits with this area having been associated with being responsible for: planning, complex cognitive behaviour, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behaviour.

What actions to take prior training in order to get the best out of your Neurofeedback sessions:

As with EEG you need to really be disciplined with your diet prior to commencing HEG brain training if you want to see good results. This means a strict diet that can support good cognitive function. Make sure you cut out ALL dairy, gluten, alcohol and sugar which commonly can impair prefrontal cortex function and thus impacting on your results. I recommend following the bulletproof diet infographic:

So how do I set it up?  

Hemoencaphalography is not difficult to do, it may sound complicated but the typical neurofeedback newbie can pick it up within 5-10 minutes. Setup is quick and easy and can be done by anyone with or without a neuroscience background. 

Step 1. Install the HEG Life game ( literally took me about 5 minutes) and plug the HEG into your laptop using the usb that will be supplied to you. 

Step 2: An image will come up on the screen (usually a man walking up and down) and you will need to focus and put attention onto it to ensure the screen moves forward. When it moves forward more blood flow will go to your prefrontal cortex when it goes back it’s a sign that blood is leaving the prefrontal cortex.  For a video illustration of how this works please look at the video below at the 22:30 mark :

Watch at 22:30 where a visual explanation of what happens when blood enters and leaves the prefrontal cortex using HEG.

Step 3: Do this for around 3 minutes per site on the prefrontal cortex to begin with EVERY OTHER DAY (as overtraining can cause serious negative side effects) after a month you can move it to 5 minutes per site. As with most biohacks its important to start slow and build up a tolerance .


  • Only one reading to control. Unlike other forms of biofeedback HEG just controls one reading which is the percentage of additional blood going in and out of your prefrontal cortex from the time which you started your session. That’s it! Zero other variables which you have to worry about making it fantastic for beginners who fear they will get too overwhelmed by the complexity of neurofeedback.
  • Easy for beginners to pickup. HEG doesn’t require much to get the ball rolling. Setup will take around 15 minutes including installation. 
  • Can help to mitigate migraines in some individuals (for references on such studies see the Youtube link above) 
  • Increased blood flow to the prefrontal cortex which means better concentration and better focus.
  • Helps combat depression and anxiety.
  • Great “Warmup” for EEG, the two used in conjunction can have great benefits in enhancing cognition.
  • Though the headband does look a bit a flimsy it’s actually well built and is sturdy enough to last a long period of time I’ve personally had mine for 5 years . 
  • Can be used infinite times for friends and family. There’s no brain mapping required like with EEG and no “limit to 200 sessions” like with Neuroptimal. . 
  • Can be used all ages. 
Image result for Hemoencephalography


  • Hefty price tag compared to other biohacks coming in at around $850 UK readers will obviously have to pay a steep import tax in addition to this and high shipping costs.
  • Lowers Alcohol tolerance in some people of which I can say I personally felt that hangovers got worse after using this device but it’s an unfortunate trade-off some will need to make. I also strangely experienced getting drunk quicker after HEG sessions. So I think it’s best to cut out alcohol while using HEG.
  • Overtraining can have some negative side-affects these include headaches and anxiety. Make sure you don’t overtrain and over stress the brain as I said before start low with 3 minutes per site and then move up to 5 minutes per site every other day after around a month’s training.  Far too many people overtrain when it comes to HEG and it’s just not worth it.
  • You do actually have to “work for it” and  learn to train your brain and this does require effort to focus on the screen in front of you unlike EEG which requires 0 mental effort during a session.


We all want the blood flow in our prefrontal cortex due to the obvious benefits of it especially in our hectic lives which are driving our brain’s insane with decision fatigue and destroying our willpower reserve one Instagram click at a time . HEG is simply the best at replenishing willpower reserve and if you have a spare $800 lying around I would seriously contemplate buying one of these. The cumulative effects of being: More organised, less tense/more composed and able to concentrate more will yield more than $800 worth of benefit in the long run. Despite it being somewhat forgotten about in the biohacking community I still think it’s the best “biohack” out there in terms of returns of investment and should be seriously considered by all.


To buy visit (this was the best price we could find and we are not affiliated with the website in any shape or form) :

Top 10 Bio-Hacks for Traveling Developing world countries By The Rational Biohacker

It can be tough to maintain health and wellbeing when travelling but luckily for our blog readers we’ve drawn up a list of the Top 10 Bio-Hacks you can use for travelling the developing world. All of these have been tried and tested by me and have had a profound effect on my travelling experience.

Image result for heg brain trainer

1. Replenish your willpower reserve using HEG Neurofeedback .

Travelling requires a lot of focus and attention for obvious reasons but when you’re in a new place traveling can a huge burden on prefrontal cortex and before you know it decision fatigue will be destroying you and .Often we give into sugar urges, temptation to drink a lot while travelling and numerous other bad habits caused by a depletion of willpower reserve. The way to combat this is using the Hemoencephalography Brain Trainer. As written in my other reviews this is by far the easiest way to get blood in the prefrontal cortex of your brain and thus replenishing your willpower reserve. So whilst your brain is getting used to the stresses and strains of travelling in a new area the  HEG will get that blood back in your prefrontal cortex which you would’ve lost due to the amount of new decisions the brain needs to make when entering a new area.

2. Manage your Sleep using TrueDark Blue light blocking glasses

For sleeping on the plane and maintaining a sleep cycle its very important to ensure you get a good night’s rest. Staring at blue light all the time on the flight when you’re meant to be sleeping is obviously not very good for you so fight it with a pair of Dave Asprey’s true dark glasses to ensure you get a good night’s rest.  For more information look at :

Image result for bulletproof true dark glasses


3. Be Self Aware of the food you eat at all times in order not to contract parasites

Avoid eating all raw foods when you travel – foods like sushi can carry parasites which are a burden to remove from the body. Always eat freshly cooked foods and avoid buying any foods sold on the street market we know you love trying the “culture” but most of the time if you’re in South East Asia or Latin America this food has been left out for a long time or might be infested by parasites so don’t eat it. The short term pleasure of a few good seconds of mouth feel is not worth the potential devastation to your health parasite infections can cause.  Avoid eating any fruit or salads as well. Eating a salad might just be the least “bulletproof’ thing you can do on your travels. As often these are washed with tap water. I personally sustained terrible food poisoning in Thailand after eating what i thought was a healthy option ( a chicken salad) even if you don’t get sick directly you can still pick up parasites who’s effects will impact you more discretely than you think. 

4. Cook all meals yourself in order to avoid high omega 6 intake

One of the main issues with eating out in the developed world is the aggressive cooking methods they use in all these countries. For example Brazil has a culture of cooking literally everything in Soy Oil. Indonesia deep fries pretty much anything. Not only are these oils high in omega  6 which can cause extensive damage to your brain and cause cancer but vegetable oils are one of the most lethal carcinogens out there and can devastate the body according to one study:

those have found that those with diets higher in inflammation promoting omega 6 fatty acids had 40 times as much DNA damage as those with balanced ratios

Don’t put yourself through this pain and cook your meals yourself. Yes it takes extra time and yes it can deplete your willpower but the damage saved by doing so is far greater than the damage done by eating food infested with vegetable oils. When prepping meals try and go organic especially if you’re in countries which are known to use a lot of fertiliser on their vegetables for example Brazil. I would pick foods like Avocados which even grown non organically have low levels of glyphosate fertiliser on them.

5. Check if the place you’re travelling to sells Grass Fed Butter

The benefits of grass fed butter are clear according to the bulletproof health blog :

Grass fed butter has five times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than butter from grain-fed cows. CLA is a beneficial fatty acid linked to fighting cancer, preventing bone loss, and helping your body build muscle rather than store fat


Also for those who need reminding why grass fed cows are best one study showed that :

Wild plant foods can contain as much as 24 percent fat greens such as kale spinach and wild grasses contain alpha linolenic acid the building block of the omega 3 fatty acids which is why grass fed animals contain 6 times more anti inflammatory omega 3 fats than their grain fed counterparts .Animals labeled as organic often are also fed grains like corn and soy and even though these mixes are technically organic we still need to remember that grain is not the natural diet of these creatures.

From The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet and Non-Toxic Bio-Individualized Therapies Hardcover – 1 Jul 2017
by Nasha Winters

For comparisons to grainfed v grassfed: A 2001 peer reviewed article in the journal science concluded that grain based diets are very stressful for cattle not only that but they also cause ulcers and overgrowth of coli in the rumen, cattle that are grain get very sick and therefore require more antibiotics to stay alive. Even third days of corn finishing will change the fatty acid profile to be higher in omega 6 fats than omega 3s

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet and Non-Toxic Bio-Individualized Therapies Hardcover – 1 Jul 2017
by Nasha Winters

Grass Fed butter might be closer to home than you think. Anchor butter the prominent grass fed butter brand has a strong presence in South East Asia and in a few countries in Central America too: 

List of Countries with Anchor butter which I’ve purchased from and can verify:

Philippines: Available in Manila and various other islands

Cambodia: – Available in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh

Myanmar: – The big supermarkets in Yangon sold it unfortunately the other major tourist city Mandalay didn’t

Indonesia: – Tourist Hot spot Bali had Anchor butter everywhere and major supermarkets of Jakarta sell them too.

Laos: – Shops in Vientiane surprisingly do sell Anchor Butter

Thailand :  Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the two major parts of Thailand that sell Anchor butter. Also visit:

Vietnam: Big Retail stores sell it in  Ho-chi-Minh City and Hanoi

Central America:

Panama : All major super market chains in Panama City sell grass-fed butter.

Belize: Whilst Belize City doesn’t sell anchor butter the popular tourist island of Cay Caulker does.

Image result for anchor butter

So far these are the countries I’ve been to  which have had grass fed butter available . You should check the farming practices of the country before you visit them and judge if their meat is worth eating. Latin American countries like Columbia and Argentina for example have nearly all grass fed meat because its cheaper for them to have cows that are grass fed rather than lock them in a cage and feed them grain like we do here in the UK with most of our animals. 

6. Stock up on Paleo Bars/ Bulletproof Bars before you go.

For my last trip to Myanmar i actually just stocked up on bulletproof  bars before i went because the local food was just so greasy and nearly all deep fried.  If you’re travelling for a short period of time why not just take your own food. For a 1-3 week trip it’s easy just to take some nutritious snack bars and then eat them combined with bulletproof coffee which is easy to make as long as you got your own frother and you’re good to go. This will mean you don’t have to eat any of the local food which will be most ideal because in most countries in Central/South America/ Asia they cook foods with a lot of high omega 6 oil, gluten and MSG. It’s best to be self disciplined and prep your own food at all times  and nothing saves time and keeps you on track than a healthy bar. 

Image result for bulletproof bars

Health food bars we recommend for those in the UK:

Adonis low sugar bars:

Dr. Mercola bars:

Pumpkin Spice bars and apple pie bars:

CAUTION: The above two contain a lot of coconut oil which can cause loose stools if over-consumed. Eat around 2 a day maybe one if you can’t tolerate Brain Octane oil well. Start small and build up , please don’t have your bowels on my conscience.

7. Parasite Cleanse After Travelling

Its what after you do after your travels that makes a long standing impact on your health as well. Make sure you test for parasites after your holidays and take a parasite cleanse for 6 month after you travel at the very least. Parasites are everywhere nowadays even in the world’s most developed nations. So it’s important you stay disciplined and take the right herbs and supplements after your holidays are finished. I recommend Microbe Formulas Mimosa Pudica + a strong anti-parasite formula like Paratosin, MF1 or Scram! (all of these available in the US but Paratosin and MF1 can be shipped abroad. ) For more information check out

Image result for microbe formulas

Even if you’ve been cautious about what you’ve eaten during your holidays parasites can still find a way through and they can be having an impact on you without you realising. 

8. Mitigate EMF exposure

Though this is getting exceedingly difficult as more and more planes are having WIFI. Try and start with the easiest protect against light EMF with blue light blocking glasses. Flying on older aircraft mean less likely the plane will be equipped with WIFI. Keep Cell phones on aeroplane mode etc.

Image result for wifi dangers

9.Be cautious of your water consumption

Be cautious about your water consumption at all times. Try and buy water thats in a glass bottle Avoid ordering salads as these might have been cleaned with dirty water. It’s impossible to analyse when and which restaurants will cut corners in this way but its important to fear the worst. I wouldn’t even eat out at all when travelling South East Asia and Latin America as stated before.Further tips with your water consumption include:

Don’t order any drink with ice in it. While this is classic bread and butter travel advice it has serious reasoning behind it. The ice used maybe dirty water and this water can carry parasitic infections.

Drink Glass bottled water: Drink actual natural mineral water from a glass bottle that will be low BPA to protect your testosterone levels.  Avoid the cheap water bottles that are high BPA and low in minerals. Yes its cheaper but its harming your health! Stick to glass bottles no matter what the cost. 

Image result for glass bottle water

Put Grapefruit seed Extract in your drinks before you consume them this can help eradicate parasites in the drink (for more information see the parasite summit talks) :

10. Avoid Vaccines before traveling:

If you REALLY need a vaccine (mandatory) before travelling a certain country to the point where you wont be allowed in then I recommend avoid going to that country and pick a new one with less restrictions instead. At the end of the day vaccines mean aluminium and mercury entering your body which will increase the stress and burden on your health. Avoid the heavy metals and avoid taking vaccines prior to travel. You could be doing massive damage to yourself in the long run. For more information check out:

Image result for no to vaccines

Microbe Formula 1: Anti-Parasite Support and Mimosa Pudica Review

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Anti-Parasite Support : 

What’s in the box? 60 Servings per container of serving size 2. This is the latest and most recent product made by Microbe Formulas a company that specialises in parasite cleanse supplements. There are quite a few new anti-parasite supplements coming out in the US which have proven to be very effective such a Paratosin and Scram. This supplement contains a proprietary blend of; Vidanga, Neem, Triphala, Clove,  Holarrhena and a bit of the unique bioactive carbon complex the company has patented.  Other than Clove I hadn’t heard of most of these herbs so I was excited to try a blend that offered something completely new. Up until this point id taken the bare bones basics that most people parasite cleansing in the UK take: Ashwagandha, black wormwood, Siberian Ginseng all of which had been very easily obtainable in the UK.

Formula 1: Anti-Parasite Support


Even though I do love the product everyone reacts differently. Please be cautious and contact a holistic doctor before doing parasite cleanses. Some people’s lymphatic system and kidneys will need additional supplements to support them during the cleanse and Microbe Formulas sells these for UK people the ingredients in the products can be bought separately online on Amazon.  These are : MarshMallow Root, Milk Thistle and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) to name a few.

Everyone situation is different so please don’t take my review as the be all and end all of this product. For best results take with coffee and water enemas make sure you have a clean diet low sugar and are following protocols to avoid parasite infestations during the cleanse these can range from not eating sugar to not eating Sushi which is parasite-laden. I recommend following the bulletproof diet infographic by Dave Asprey to ease the stress on your gut during a cleanse a lot of people recommend going Vegan, avoiding red meat and juicing but I’ve decided not to go down this path. Epsom Salt baths too helped me a lot when dealing with detox symptoms so ensure you add that in if you see die off symptoms on the skin of acne, swollen lymphs etc. occurring.


  • This supplement was well and truly effective. I saw results and worms in my stools within 5 days of using this product. Unlike the organic Ashwagandha, black wormwood products and oil of oregano none of them were really as quick acting and potent as this. It was nice to see a product having an instant positive impact on me. 
  • Felt some improved sleep quality. I  actually enjoyed deeper sleep while taking this supplement which was a big plus although some nights I did have nightmares which are often a side effect of parasite cleanse being effective.
  • You’re getting 6 herbs/binders that are really difficult to source in the UK. Yes, 35 dollars is expensive for a supplement but across 60 days you’re looking at 58 cents a day for high-quality organic ingredients which  I believe is good value. Added to the time you will save knocking back all these supplements individually and I believe its great value. Taking them all separately will create the pain of having 10-14 tablets daily as well as quality issues with buying individual products in addition to this the price of buying these separately for £40-50 anyway so it about evens out price wise even if you include the shipping.
  • Herbs in this product are pretty tricky to source in the UK. The Neem and Triphala products have no review on their effectiveness.
  • Can be lighter on the digestive system than other products like black wormwood which have shown to do damage to the gut from long-term taking them more than 30 days. 
  • No fillers, a lot of junk supplements in the UK come with additional Magnesium Serrate or other crap like that. This supplement had nothing but the herbs which is a refreshing change given that even many high-quality supplements I’ve sourced from the US still have a lot of junk fillers. 
  • Judging by anti-parasite groups and facebook networks this product has been a hit. Having examined the posts it seems that most people have passed a lot of worms with this product. I haven’t seen such positive reviews for anything else out there so far. 
  • Saw a lot of worms in my stool after 4 weeks of taking this. The length of progress varies for everyone and everyones situation is different but I recommend taking this product for at least a year in conjunction with enemas and a clean low sugar diet. 
  • Noticed my sugar cravings went down after two months of using this supplement most probably due to having fewer parasites in my system. This has helped me on my focus, increased my willpower reserve and caused me to enjoy extra energy.


  • 25 dollar shipping is a lot of money to pay for a supplement I would actually recommend buying several of these as well as the Mimosa Pudica seed supplement too so that the shipping is paid one off rather than repeatedly. When doing cleanses you’re going to have to take them for around 2-6months at a time in order to see longterm results and preventing regrowth so I’d definitely bulk pay if I’m ordering from the EU. 
  • UK users who order above 100 dollars will most likely be hit with a high import tax. 
  • Results can vary. Some see results instantly from the first few days taking it whilst others see them much further down the line. So it’s important to note that this can get quite pricey after a while you’re going to have to see this as a long 1-2 year investment.  So all in all you are looking at around $400 dollars a year for taking this supplement plus the shipping fees makes this expensive in the long run for UK readers.
  • Have only viewed results in conjunction with Mimosa Pudica Seed supplement as well. You are going to have to take these two in conjunction for an effective cleanse. Without Mimosa Pudica Seed the effectiveness of the MF1 will be limited 
  • Can leave you a bit constipated if not taken with accurate gut support. 
  • After a while, you will need to take more of the supplement to see effects for some people and this can get pretty pricey. Increasing dosages from 2 capsules a day to 4-5 is recommended for those who don’t see results. 


The effectiveness of Microbe Formulas makes it one of the most impressive supplements I’ve ever used so far for combating parasites. View consuming this in the long-term perspective, doing anything from 2-6 month cycles then take a break to allow your body to recover (Depending on what parasites you’re fighting as some will require longer cleansing periods than others. ) Even if you’ve tested negatively for parasites it is still worth buying a few months worth of this product just to see what comes out especially if you’ve been living in abroad as (I have in South East Asia/South America/ Africa and Iran). Even living in the UK though is water may not be as toxic as the US in terms of pollutants I think a parasite cleanse is still necessary and that these products used in conjunction with appropriate support for the gut are a must. Many of the doctors who spoke at the parasite summit this year praised the product and saw massive changes some that occurred instantly within 4-5 days others happened years into the protocol. It can take time, but with detoxing patience is a virtue and I believe Microbe formula 1 is the key component to the armoury in combating against parasites. 


Links to buy:


Milk Thistle:

Mimosa Pudica by Microbe Formulas Review : 

Image result for mimosa pudica microbe formulas

Released earlier last year the Mimosa Pudica supplement is plant-based supplement designed to bind onto parasites in your system ensuring you end up pooping them out. Mimosa Pudica supplements have been hard to get hold of in the UK so this product is one of the few out there that can be used in conjunction with various other anti-parasite formulas to good effect. This product is 100 percent organic Mimosa Pudica and nothing else. 

For US buyers I think this is good value as you’re looking at $45 dollars for 60 servings which is not bad all in all. 


  • Found Worms appearing in my stool within weeks of consuming this product was fast and effective 
  • 2 months supply with each batch + shipping from the UK. 
  • No other Mimosa Pudica product like it in the market in the UK. 
  • Lots of positive responses on the Facebook Groups as well which are linked below. 


  • Depending on people’s digestive system some will experience constipation when taking this and it can be hard on your gut. 
  • When you include everything it can come out to being quite pricey adding the $25 dollar shipping for UK customers with additional heavy shipping taxes 

Conclusion: One of the most effective supplements I’ve taken but people should use with caution I recommend UK users to supplement with Milk Thistle, NAC and Marshmallow root or you can just buy the Kidney and Liver detox and take it 2 months prior to starting your parasite cleanse. Everyone’s body is different so please consult the Facebook groups below for more information on parasite cleansing. 

Link to Buy :

Liver and Kidney support: a lot of these supplements helped with constipation during the consumption of the product. 

Microbe Formula Mimosa Pudica:

Epsom salt baths:

Lymphatic Drainage: 

Anti-Parasite Support: 

Support Groups: The actually founders of the supplements are on this group and provide good support for those who have issues with the Microbe Formula supplements Parasite Cleanse success stories group- Again a great level of knowledge on here, loads of people with years of experience cleaning. 

Clear Light Infrared Saunas Portable Dome Review

Clearlight infrared saunas have been functioning in Europe for a while now and I have written a review about why I believe that they are the best infrared saunas on the market having used mine for 8 months straight I have to say this was the single best bio-hack I’ve used in terms of combating stress and cortisol levels. For me personally everyone needs to get an infrared sauna. In todays polluted Urban environments they are simply a must with the amount of heavy metal exposure,PCBS and other pollutants in the atmosphere sweating is a vital way of getting these toxins out. 

Image result for clearlight dome infrared saunas

What are you buying? Saunas range from £1899 to £3500 depending on the price. It’s a fair bit more expensive than other Infrared Saunas on E-bay but none of them come with the low EMF emission that saunas like Clearlight have. I don’t recommend going cheap at all when it comes to purchasing a sauna as you could be putting your life seriously at risk with too much EMF exposure.

Which one should you chose? I;ll be reviewing the portable one this was by far the cheapest out of all available. Depending on your budget and how much space you have in your house/ people you have using it. If you have a large amount of space then the 2-6 men saunas might be more appealing if you wish to stand/sit while detoxing. For me personally I live alone so purchasing anything more than a one man sauna would’ve been deemed unnecessary.

Start low with your sauna: 

Clear light comes with 9 different heat levels ranging from level 1 43 degrees all the way to level four (9.5) which is 63 degrees. Start at around level 6 for 30 minutes after time give it a month or so you will be able to build up a tolerance. When I first started I did level 8.5 for 30 minutes now after 6 months of continuous usage I can do 9.9 for 60 minutes. Your body will adapt so start low. Make sure to be supplementing electrolytes as repeated sauna usage will deplete your electrolytes very quickly.


  • Quick and easy to assemble. This literally took 5 minutes to assemble if that you don’t need to be a tech expert to figure this out.
  • Made from all organic naturally sourced materials and looks strong and well built too. A lot of the cheaper saunas use much weaker materials especially the $300 on e-bay which have quite a flimsy build.
  • Low EMF- A number of the cheap infrared saunas out there have really high levels of EMF radiation where Clearlight’s value comes in is ensuring that your EMF exposure remains at 0. I feel this is vital for anyone purchasing a sauna as you’re using this in the long term you don’t want to rack up consistent EMF exposure that can be devastating for your health. 
  • Support team were fantastic. They shipped the item out quickly and any materials that broke down they issued a replacement immediately with first class shipping no questions asked. 
  • Heats up very quickly only takes around 15 minutes to reach its maximum temperature. 
  • Usual benefits of weight loss, improved blood flow and clearer skin were observed. 
  • Lowers your fight or flight response. Once the fear hormone is gone I found myself being much more confident in social situations. I work a lot in sales and found that my stress in my daily life was massively reduced thanks to this Sauna.This helped me a lot in my love life, managing sales clients and in my workouts . This reduction in fight or flight response is backed by a study of rats [1]specially for those working stressful careers in Urban environment this reduction in cortisol can prove useful.
  • Can be used during the Andy Cutler Chelation protocol.Even for those with mercury amalgams. It helps to get rid of intercellular mercury but won’t get mercury out of the brain (only Alpha Lipoic acid supplemented carefully using the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol can do that) For more information consult the Andy Cutler Chelation group on Facebook . 
  • Detoxifies your bodies of PCBs , BPA and metals from the body [2] (great to combat the increasingly depleted testosterone levels of men in our generation)
  • Infrared Saunas are a massive aid in parasite cleanses as I can personally attest to.Parasites tend to prefer cool temperatures and heating your core body temperature up repeatedly creating the fever environment will help destabilise the little creatures in your system. This was discussed by Dr.Puja Wentworth in the parasite summit during her talk about fever therapy. Using Infrared-Saunas for 5 -7 days straight for around an hour at the machines highest setting can really help to eradicate parasites from the body. She later went on to discuss how it had been observed that some people who develop high fevers could be cured of parasites as a result Between 1917 to the mid 1940s, malaria induced by the least aggressive parasite, Plasmodium vivax, was used as treatment for tertiary syphilis because it produced prolonged and created a high fever environment (a form of pyrotherapy) .[3]You can find more information about it here and here at the parasite summit : including her and several other speakers mentioning infrared saunas as a great way to combat parasitic infections.
  • Shining red light on your stomach increases your ATP energy giving you more energy throughout the day to do other things. 
  • This can be combined with other bio hacks to really cut down your stress and give you the zen feeling . I do it a lot in conjunction with EEG Neurofeedback  and Yoga for maximum benefits. 


  • A fair bit pricey, for people in the EU will have to spend a a fair bit more $500-600 extra compared to their US counterparts 
  • Your body will be depleted of electrolytes when you do it , make sure you supplement electrolytes throughout your Sauna detox its absolutely crucial. Don’t use this if you’re not committed to regularly supplementing with electrolytes 
  • A few of the wires broke after a short period of usage but they were replaced within 2-3 days first class shipping


  • To conclude despite the price this is simply a must buy in todays toxic world where we are impacted by so many different contaminants that its impossible to get away from it all. Therefore detoxifying from this is vital. Even nowadays in the US 70 percent of our rainwater is contaminated to some degree with glyphosate roundup (See parasite summit talks for more info) . Harsher heavy metals build up in our system that even the umbilical cord has up to 200 chemicals laden it it passing from the mother on birth[4].[Simply put everyone who can afford this product should order one immediately . By far the most impactful bio-hack of my life I’ve managed to gain at least 2-3 hours extra productivity at work due to the reduced stress levels plus a tonne of other benefits as mentioned before. 

Important Studies to show as Reference:






To buy:

Electrolytes Supplementation:

Bulletproof Zen Mode Review

Bulletproof Zen Mode Review 

A revolutionary supplement for mind and peace or daylight robbery for Dave’s most loyal customers? 

Dave added a bunch of new supplements this fall. The newly coveted Zen Mode being one of them which is surprising seeing as he  already does a lot to keep calm and cool during the day after investing thousands in neurofeedback (40 years of Zen which comes in at around ten thousand dollars) and already endorsing several meditating enhancing products. So Zen Mode came as a shock to me that he even needs something else to add even more Zen to his “Zeness “. This is his most expensive supplement per serving so is it worth it? 

Image result for zen mode review

45 Tablets 15 servings in total you’re getting some: Holy Basil Leaf Extract , Ashwaganda, Saffron Stigma Extract , Zembrin. Then in conjunction to this Dave Asprey has patented a “Bulletproof zen blend”. Thrown in there you already ge:t L- theanine , vitamin B 6 , Gab , 5 HTP. Its not quantified  what quantity of which is in this supplement  unfortunately .Which was quite surprising to see Vitamin B6 on here as Dave has in the past on his podcast criticised supplements which have had individual B. vitamins in them saying that over supplementing certain B vitamins can damage the brain he has described nootropic companies who do this as careless but has seemingly now done this in his own supplement. Make sure you test your B-vitamin deficiencies  before you supplement vitamin b6 or any B Vitamin for that matter.  

What’s in the box?

Each ingredient looked at individually: 

Saffron Stigma extract:

Articles have linked this herb to promoting memory and learning retention, increasing Vitality, having Anti-Depressant properties and has been known to decrease blood pressure in some studies  


Studies in South Africa have linked this to promoting well being and decreasing stress. A study on 16 healthy individuals had a change in their amygdala reactivity to fearful faces under low perceptual load conditions was attenuated after a single 25 mg dose of Zembrin. Of course this is only 16 individuals so its hard to make a generalisation but yeah…

Holy Basil Leaf:

Proof that it enhances certain cognitive parameters in healthy adult volunteers 

5 Http:

a known serotonin producer   can increase happiness in people 

L-Theanine –

Has been known to reduce stress in numerous studies like the one above

Vitamin b6:

A lot of studies link this to reducing stress  by supplementation including the one above


  • Convenience is King and with Zen mode its certainly the case you’re getting a lot in this thick pill.10 Supplements in one saving you time having to take 10 individual supplements some of which can be harmful in large doses for example 5-HTP and Gaba. 
  • Each individual supplement has been backed by research to reduce stress. Some a lot more than others.
  • Additional Ashwaganda and Holy basil leaf can help with parasitic infections although I don’t know if the quantity is enough to have a significant impact (probably not) as the pill doesn’t weigh enough for there to be a large amount of these present.


  • Priced at £45 of a supplement you’re meant to take 3 capsules of the 45 a day meaning you get only 15 servings coming at whopping £3 a serving this is Dave Asprey’s most expensive supplement yet actually more expensive per gram than Smart Mode and with arguably cheaper ingredients. An outrageous price and is it justified? It’s difficult to quantify . It seems to some extent it could be Dave taking advantage of his loyal fanbase that simply buys everything that he puts his name on and whilst i admit I found a small increase in creativity with smart mode its difficult to quantify the impact Zen Mode had on me given that I already have “zen” due to meditation and infrared sauna both which massively reduce cortisol and stress.
  • The pills are pretty big and was the same with Smart mode these are thicker than previous supplements on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof range. I believe some older clientele 60/70 years plus will have genuine problems swallowing these.
  • I actually had supply issues with both supplements before testing them out my Zen Mode had leaked originally and so did my supply of Smart Mode.My second batch of Zen mode in addition had leakage problems too.  
  • A few of the supplements in the blend haven’t had the best reviews. Zembrin has had bad reviews on Amazon with a users citing no change . The scientific literature backing its consumption analysed just 16 people in South Africa i don’t believe the data set is large enough to draw conclusions about it’s effectiveness. 


Zen Mode and Smart Mode are difficult to analyse on a scientific basic even though the individual components all have articles that praise them as a whole this supplement I think Zen Mode strikes me as the weakest Dave Asprey has released yet. I think if you have the disposable income to buy Zen Mode then you most likely have the disposable income to buy a clearlight infrared sauna which will give you a tonne more zen in the long run than any quantity of zen mode. There are far more effective supplements at £3 a serving I’d actually pick unfair advantage +brain octane ahead of this to give you more energy and spend time meditating instead to achieve that zen state. This was the first supplement of Dave’s that had no impact on me unfortunately but if you’re a busy go getter without the time to mediate or use a sauna then this maybe for you. It certainly kills a lot of birds with one stone though and with those with a large disposable income who are willing to splash out in your face money on a supplement that costs £3 a serving then go for it but i’d buy the Ashwaganda, Holy Basil Leave individually which will be much cheaper and will get you far more servings for your money and just consume them along with L-Theanine . I’m personally against supplementing b6 on its own without having an appropriate B-Vitamins test as is Dave Asprey. I feel all together like this can be done far cheaper buying them individually which makes it just not worth the price

Score: 4/10 

Bulletproof TrueDark™ Glasses Review V Amazon Blue light blocking glasses

True Dark Glasses a Review:

Dave Asprey’s blue light blocking Glasses after one year’s use a full usage of all three times of the true dark glasses.

Early 2017 Dave Asprey patented his 100 percent blue light blocking glasses to provide users with a potent product which protected them against all spectrums of blue light. This goes against previous models of yellow and red light blocking glasses which only block between 50-80 percent (the non true dark ones on amazon which are priced between 20-30 dollars. He also introduced day walkers glasses which are a fair bit expensive and very similar to the cheaper brands out there. Also released which ill be reviewing later were 40 percent strength blue light blocking clear glasses which are far more protective than the “blue light blocking anti-glare” provided bycompanies like Bailey Nelson and Specsavers in the UK which do only around 3-10 percent.

Image result for true dark glasses

How to use: Avoid fluorescent lights 2-3 hours before bedtime that will give you good sleep. I would recommend avoid buying the plastic ones off the website as the metallic ones are  much stronger and less prone to breaking. Especially if you have a large head like me as the plastic ones can be easily strained.



  • Will get you to sleep quicker and more efficiently
  • Will help you to have deeper sleep if you wear with discipline
  • Testosterone and your melatonin production will be protected allowing more natural sleep cycle.
  • Helps prevent certain cancers, as many rely on melatonin suppression to grow.
  • Really the only red light blocking glasses on the market with 95-100 Percent blue light suppression the non branded ones on amazon still let a lot of light through
  • Found the new ones with the side blue light blocking lenses to be really effective . It was great of the company to really stop all forms of light entering the eye. All  of blue light blocking glasses still let light in from the sides due to cheap design.
  • Protects your mitochondrial energy.
  • Protects testosterone for men.
  • Can help control food cravings particularly for sugary high carbohydrate foods.


  • Bit pricey, at $89 for someone buying internationally its a lot of cash but the patent that Dave Asprey put on the technology gives prospects no other choice.
  • The day walkers can be found cheaper elsewhere just check on amazon.
  • The plastic non metallic version of the glasses can be prone to breaking make sure you get the black metallic ones as they are stronger
  • Additional $25 shipping is annoying for UK customers
  • Taxes on orders $100 plus for UK customers

In conclusion these are a must by for whoever. Even at $89 they do a much better job at blocking blue light than the competitors on amazon do. For the price you’re getting a boatload of benefits not just for your sleep quality but for your eyes and other parts of the body that are prone cancers as a result of melatonin suppression.

To buy:

Ones I reviewed in the Video

“Sleep Hacking Fitovers”


Cheaper Alternatives to the Daywalkers UK:

(Im not sure what percentage of blue light they actually block. My guesses estimate between 40-60 percent)

Further Reading : Dr. T.S. Wiley  Lights out: