Recipe:Organic Keto Ramen Simple and Easy to Make


Shoyu Base: 2 Organic Carrots, 1/2 Organic Onion, 3 Organic Spring onions ,1 Organic Apple With the Skin on 2 Celery Stalks, 5 Organic Garlic Cloves, 1 Organic lemon ,5 Dry Shiitake Mushrooms 4 tsp – grass fed butter 2.2 Litres Ossa Organic Chicken Stock 175 Clear Spring Gluten free Teriyaki Sauce or (preferably) use Cocofina Coconut Amino Sauce from: 2 Tbsp Salt 1/2 Tsp white pepper 1 Bay Leaf

Icelandic Water: For Maximum minerals and lowest deuterium make sure the base of your Ramen Recipes is a the best quality water you can afford for me living in the UK this is Icelandic Water : Please just don’t use tap water whatever you do as its high in contaminants even when put through a filter .

Making The Shoyu Base recipe :

  1. In a crock pot/slow cooker combine the grass fed butter, carrots , onions, green onions, apple , celery, garlic and shiitake mushrooms in with the Icelandic water.
  2. Add a whole chicken organic chicken (I didn’t do this in the cooking video but I believe for flavour this optimal), lemon then pour over chicken stock followed by soy sauce, salt , pepper , bay leaf the stock should almost cover the chicken.
  3. Cook for 10 hours . If using a large dutch oven or pot bring to a boil over a high heat and set in an oven preheated for 90 C for 8-10 hours.
  4. With a slotted spoon remove all of the larger solids and discard then strain the remaining solids.
  5. Pour 2 cups (500ml) over each bowl of Noodles. Top each bowl with desired toppings.

For the Ajitsuke Tamago 4 Step Recipe : 235 ml Coconut Amino Sauce 1 TSP Organic Minced Garlic 120 ML ClearSpring Organic Mirin (if not on strict Keto, if on 0 carbs Keto then I’d Omit this) 6 organic outdoor bread eggs.

1. In a Medium sauce over high head whisk together the shoe,ginger, and garlic in a medium saucepan once the mixture starts bubbling remove from the heat. Stir in the miring and cool to room temperature or refrigerate for at least one 1 hour

2. Bring a large pot of water to boil with a slotted spoon or a Chinese strainer gently add the eggs to the boiling water and immediately set a timer for 6.5 minutes.

3. While the eggs are cooking prepare an ice bath for them. When the eggs are done, immediately transfer them to the ice bath. Let them cool in the ice bath for about 10 minutes, then remove the eggs and peel them.

4. In a shallow container that is deep enough for the eggs to be covered in the liquid combine 700 ml water and 1 cup of teriyaki sauce add your eggs cover them with a paper towel , press the paper towel down so its touching the top of the eggs the weight of the paper towel will help the eggs marinate on all sides. Let them marinate in the refrigerator for two days. Remove the eggs from their soaking liquid and cut each one in half with a very sharp knife .

Noodles: For Strict Keto I recommend : Organic Shirataki Noodles : Or for those not doing Keto Organic Rice Noodles is also a healthy alternative for those on carb refeeds. Cook said Noodles for around 4-6 minutes.

Chicken Breast: I prefer Eversfield Organic Chicken breast or Daylesford Organic: cooked in Grass Fed Butter /Coconut Oil Slowly cook the chicken breast in the Grass Fed Butter or oil. For Plating Start with the Broth and Noodles then add the eggs and chicken.

Molekule Air V Austin Air Health Mate V IQAir Health Pro 250 V Hypo Air Boomerang V Air Doctor Full Comparison Review

Are there sales/discounts to consider

In terms of pricing, you need to consider how often these companies do sales as some literally have sales every 2 months while others are more stringent on the pricing. Always make sure to stay updated.

Hypo Air: Had big extended Black Friday sales of $200-300 off their flag ships and between 50$-150$ off their smaller models. It could be worth waiting till November to purchase them. As far as I’m aware, they don’t do many sales during other times of the year. 

Air Doctor: The US based site does frequent big discounts, so it’s worth following them. You can save up to $200 for the EU Dutch based site; I’m not sure . 

Austin Air: Not sure, best bet is to subscribe to the mailing list and visit their website. Sometimes the Ebay sellers websites can have Black Friday deals. 

Molekule Air: They have sales around every couple of months with discounts varying between $50-200, so there’s an excellent opportunity to save money with them, and they also do big Black Friday sales. 

IQAir: As far as the IQAir is concerned, I’m not aware of any deals. The Allergy Cosmos website does, but it’s important to keep checking especially on Black Friday. 

Pricing for the Unit: 

Please note I’m doing all the pricing from a UK perspectives, which included: 

Austin Air :

Purchased off Ebay US 

£650 for UK or $500 for US 

Molekule Air Mini: £420 for the Air Mini ($250 for US based). The Air Pro can reach upwards of £1100 for UK based customers, which includes shipping and tax from 

IQAir : £1000 for UK customers

Air Doctor:

£420 + Delivery from the AquaTru EU store 

Hypo Air Boomerang: 

$750 Dollar for US plus tax + so can come around £700-800 for UK based customers. 

Pricing of Replacement Unit: 

Molekule: £45 every 6 months so £90 a year

Hypo Air: £108 every 2 years plus tax and shipping so around £75 a year 

Air Doctor: around £150 every year for all three units

Austin Air: Around £180  every 5 years + tax/shipping cost of the filter making it around £40 a year 

IQAir Health Pro 250 :  £360 every 2-3 years Making it around £120 a year. 

Verdict on repair filtres: In general, there’s a good convenience factor about changing a filter every 5 years, which makes the Austin Air the stand out winner in this regard. The Molekule seems once again expensive even after a pricey initial purchase of the filter itself. 


From lightest to heaviest: 

1. HypoAllergenic Air 

2. Molekule 

3. Air Doctor

4. IQAir 

5. Austin Air 

In terms of weight and portability, the Austin Air was the heaviest along with IQ. However, both these units come with wheels to help the portability. Weight should be an important consideration if you plan to move your unit upstairs and downstairs everyday as some owners wish to. HypoAllergenic Air’s lightness was impressive especially considering the strength of the filter in terms of meters covered. Molekule as well was easily portable with the handle strap. Air Doctor had no wheels or strap but was fairly light coming in at 18 pounds so doesn’t require that much strength to carry. For elderly and frail however, this would still be a problem. The IQAir also comes with a handle at the top to make it easier to carry. However, the Austin Air has none of these. 

In terms of transportation, HypoAllergenic Air is the only one which I can see being easily transportable by people of all ages and strengths and also makes a great traveling air filter. The Molekule Mini is also transportable, but I personally found the Hypo Air less of a hassle. IQAir has a separate transportable model with less coverage similar to Molekule. 


Highest Level to lowest: 

  1. Austin Air 
  2. IQAir 
  3. Air Doctor
  4. Molekule
  5. HypoAllergenic AIr 

In this regard, Austin Air was the most impressive. Made out of sturdy metal, you really get a good quality feel. Similar too was the IQAir Health Pro. Hypo Air’s Boomerang came off feeling a little cheap especially considering the price paid. 


Ranking highest to Low: 

1. Molekule 

2. Hypo Air Boomerang 

3. Air Doctor 

4. IQAir 

5. Austin air 

Style might not be important to most people, but if you’re putting your air filter in a corporate setting where you want it to look attractive and not be an eyesore, then the Molekule will be your shot. They’ve clearly spent a lot of money investing on a beautiful design. 


Of course, bad air quality and molds can impact sleep more than anything; we are already aware of this. However blue light, EMF, and sound can also disrupt and impair sleep. If you’re sensitive to any of these, you really need to take them into consideration when buying an air filter. 

In terms of Blue light: 

The ones with 0 blue light were Air Doctor with its night mode feature and the Austin Air which has absolutely no junk light at all emitting from it’s device. 

IQAir had minimal blue light that could easily be prevented with a sticker, whereas Molekule had a large amount of blue light emitting from the device which couldn’t be stopped as LED light is part of it’s Peco technology that kills mold. There was a similar problem with the  Hypo Air Boomerang. 

Bluelight Ranking Best (meaning the least amount) to Worst

1. Austin Air

2. Air Doctor 

3. IQAir 

4. Hypo Air

5. Molekule

Lowest EMF: 

For EMF, you really want the one with the least wireless features. In this case, the Austin Air was by far the best for it’s simplistic design. The Molekule unfortunately was the worst. Please use an EMF meter to measure after you’ve bought. If the EMF levels are high of the respective air filter you’ve purchased, place it somewhere far away from where you usually are in your house.  

In terms of sound:

For someone who’s extremely sensitive to sound, it’s an important factor to take into account. Sound can impact sleep quality, so an excessively loud air filter may keep you up at night. 

Of course, on low settings… 

Least Amount of Sound Issues: 

1. Air Doctor 

2. IQAir 

3. Molekule

4. Hypo Air 

5. Austin Air 

I thought the Austin Air was unbearably loud, something which I personally can’t sleep next to. However others may be able to deal with the issue of sound. If that’s the case, then the lack of blue light and EMF from the Austin air may make it ideal for bedrooms. 

Hypo Air, I disliked as it was the only one which didn’t have different strength speeds,  so it was stuck at a pretty annoying sound level. The Molekule and IQAir could both be changed to a level that was tolerable to sleep next to even for a sound sensitive person like myself. 

Customer Support: 

I thought all companies had decent customer support that answered my questions. The Air Doctor support was slow to ship out their product . IQAir was the quickest, but the fact that they were EU based gives them an obvious advantage when judging it from a UK perspective. In terms of quality control, I loved the fact that IQAir does individual tests for unit quality and delivers a certificate in addition to this to notify the customer that this has been checked. I found this to be excellent attention to detail and a fine example of quality control. In contrast, Austin Air had a bit of off gassing in the first few days of usage. 

Filtration Ability Specs: 

I’ve Analysed all the filters in greater detail on my separate reviews for the products below:

Gas Filtration

Austin Air seems to be the most impressive in that the 5 pounds of Zeolite can filter out dangerous gasses like formaldehyde

Mold Filtration: 

Please note if you have a serious mould problem, please remediate before buying a filter. Nothing is more effective than proper remediation with an expert. 

In terms of mould, Molekule’s Peco Technology and Hypo Allergenic Air’s UVGI + AHPCO are best for killing molds. With mould, you don’t want it to be stuck into your filters and vents as it can permanently ruin your filter. 

IQAir, Air Doctor, and the Austin Air don’t have technology that actively kills the mould

Area Coverage: 

Hypo Air Boomerang: 2,500 Sqft . 

Molekule Air: 600 Sqft (200 for the mini) 

Austin Air: Around 550 Sqft (Depending on the model) 

Air Doctor: 900 Sqft 

IQAir HealthMate Pro 250: Around 1125 Sq fT 

Energy Efficiency: 

Molekule: 20-80 Watts of energy, depending on the rating you do 

IQAir HealthMate Pro 250:  60-70 watts 

Hypo Air Boomerang: 15 watts 

Austin Air: 90 Watts 

Air Doctor:  Was unable to retrieve this 


IQAir Health Mate pro: 10 years 

Austin Air: 5 years

Hypo Air Boomerang: 2 years 

Molekule:  2 years 

Air Doctor: 1 year 

Air Doctor Review- Still worth the money in 2021?


For those in the UK, you will have to purchase this on the Dutch-based website of Aqua Tru. This comes in at about £400 but can vary depending on sales and promotions. For those in the US, there are frequent sales for this product, and prices can vary from $350-550. For those who are most patient, I recommend waiting till Black Friday to get the best possible deal. As of time of writing, I received no additional taxes from importing from the Netherlands to the UK. Although, this may change in the future for other customers due to Britain’s departure from the EU. 

To buy for UK and EU:


This was a bit frustrating as I ordered in February. Two days later, they told me they were out of stock which was a shame. I finally received my filter late March. I felt the website could’ve been a bit more organised in terms of notifying people that their product was out of stock. 

Prices for Changing the Filters:  Around £150 a year for those in the UK for all three filters to be changed :


UltraHEPA( TM ) FILTER is independently tested to remove 100% of airborne particles at 0.003 microns in size. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) up to 373 rating. Powerful intake fans purify air 3x per hour in a 900 sq. ft. room – a larger space than most apartments and offices! 

There are three filters here. First, a Pre Filter will remove large contaminantes like animal hair and dust. Then,a “dual action gas trip filter” will remove ozone and gas like formaldehyde. Then an UltraHEPA filter “100 times” more effective than ordinary HEPA filters is able to remove nearly 100 percent of the smallest particulates in the air. 

Warranty: 1 Year 


  • The night mode – even though this product emits blue light, which as we know has the ability to disrupt sleep and circadian rhythms, the Air Doctor comes with a night mode which blocks off all the blue light, which is extremely useful for those wanting to maximise their sleep quality. This was the first brand I’d tested that actually did this, which is a huge plus for them. 
  • Pricing – for the power and what you’re getting, I say it’s the best value air filter in Europe compared to the mainstream brands like the IQAir. 
  • The noise is very tolerable. Even on its highest settings, it wasn’t annoying or distracting. Compared to other major models, this was the most impressive sound wise. 
  • Slick feel and easy set up 


  • The “air quality monitor” seems like a rather pointless addition – anyone looking to buy an air quality monitor should do so separately as it’s not economically viable for any company to add a truly reliable air filter in a £400 product that already is using expensive HEPAs. 
  • Delivery was slow compared to other products on air filters we tested. They said they were “in stock” when in reality, they were backlogged for a month. 
  • 1 year warranty is significantly lower than others. 


The majority of the top end air filter brands are only obtainable in the US and require paying extortionate shipping costs to the UK in order to purchase them. Air Doctor is one of the few brands that’s actually available to buy for those based in the UK and EU at a reasonable price, and for those looking to improve their home, it’s a definite go-to. 


“Toxic” By Dr. Neil Nathan Book Review

Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical  Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness: Nathan, Neil:  Books

“Sensitive patients, having already grasped that they share their symptoms with their healthcare providers, are likely to be labeled as psychologically unstable or are understandably reluctant to do so. The single most important aspect of approaching these patients is to believe them.” 

Neil Nathan starts off the book showing a full understanding for those suffering from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, and Chemical Sensitivities, things that in today’s healthcare system in the UK get very little media attention in the UK. So much so that people can often be described as “crazy” by their doctors. Nathan offers patient mentorship throughout the book, particularly in the earlier and later chapters, which can be supportive towards those in desperate need of help in fixing their health. He chooses to focus on the root cause of issues in modern day health, like Babesia, Bartonella, Lyme disease, and mold problems which have become epidemics in our modern day society. I feel that the functional medicine literature has been craving less overly complicated viewpoints on these issues whilst still giving authors great insight into them. I found it extremely engaging and moving in the right direction. I feel in modern day health there is too much of a focus on what we eat and not a look at the real issues that are plaguing our society beyond food which is where Neil Nathan comes to explain.


  • One thing that I really enjoyed about this book was it’s clarity, especially in terms of cleansing and detoxing mold. We’ve seen authors like Dave Asprey write about this issue before, even making movies about this topic, but there are rarely books written with such clarity that explain how we can detox from mould and what the best binders to use are. 
  • Even aside from mold testing, Dr. Nathan offers a clear path into what one should do to test for Mycotoxins. Again, this issue has been handled by authors like the Ben Greenfield’s and Sayer Ji’s of this world but never with such clarity and well-planned delivery of ideas. 
  • The book is diverse and focuses on a broad range of ideas from genes to mast cell activation to how to reboot almost all parts of the human body from the nervous system to even your psyche and spiritual awakening. 
  • The provision of people’s personal experiences is useful too, with some of the patient’s bios showing particularly harsh journeys towards recovery. Betty’s story in chapter 22 is a particular example of this in which her healing journey took around 20 years. I found stories like this, whilst difficult to read about, set realistic expectations for those viewing Lyme, Mold and co-infections as a long-term process to recover from rather than a short-term, easy fix. A lot of people can be deluded or not really properly understand the length of time required to recover from these illnesses, and Dr.Nathan constantly reiterates that this is a long-term process. 
  • There are some useful tips about mould remediation that, whilst not being as in-depth as a lot of mould books, are good for those starting out. 
  • The diagrams and illustrations help to explain complex scientific processes well to those even without a scientific background. 
  • The information on Babesia, Bartonella, and Borrelia, I found particularly useful. Especially as a person who’s had to deal with these co-infections myself, it was really encouraging to see a doctor so self-aware of the problems these three illnesses can cause, particularly going into the differences between the three of them was super useful. 
  • I believe this is the book we needed to finally explain clearly how big an issue mould is in modern day society, and many symptoms for depression, ADHD, joint pain are actually just cover ups for mould toxicity 


  • For those new to the health and “biohacking” scene, I believe this  book will be too much for them to take. It’s a lot of new info that hasn’t been covered much at all by the mainstream diet books. A few of the topics have been covered by Greenfield and Asprey but not to this extent. 
  • Could have had a bit more on EMF mitigation. Considering EMF plays a pretty big role in today’s Lyme pandemic, some more advice could be needed. 
  • Could have added some more parasite cleanses for issues like rope worms. I was surprised at Dr. Nathan for not including many of these considering those with Lyme and Mould usually have underlying rope worm issues or parasites that need to be cleansed. Something similar to a Microbe Formulas protocol including Mimosa Pudica would’ve been useful for the readers. 
  • Potentially could have included more on heavy metal detoxing, and looking at the different types of products that could be useful also dealing with Amalgam Fillings could’ve been more in depth.
  • Was surprised when he included SRIIS in his treatment for anxiety. Many people have suffered permanent side effects from taking these drugs, so to recommend them seems odd. 
  • Would’ve liked to have seen more data linking Mycotoxin detox to infrared saunas. I know there have been some interesting studies on people recovering from Mycotoxins using saunas, and I believe Dr. Nathan could’ve used them here:

Conclusions:  Toxic by Neil Nathan breaks new boundaries in the science field. It’s delightful to see that health books have evolved to deliver something very relevant in our changing environments. I believe everyone in the biohacking scene can gain a lot from this book and understand more about how the environment, mould, and EMFs can impact their health. It addresses key issues that are missed by so many doctors in modern day health, and I hope this book can be a big step towards rectifying our broken healthcare system. 


To buy:

Microbe Formulas: Immune Borr, Immune Bab, Immune Bart and Immune Boost Review

Wellness Series Phase 5 - Microbe Formulas™

A couple of years ago, I reviewed Microbe Formulas Mimosa Pudica and MF1, two supplements that took the world by storm. All of a sudden, hundreds of people were uploading their results of expelling rope worms, and it drew light to the problems resulting in parasites. I was really impressed by their range, so much so that I ordered their new range one which I had high expectations for, and they didn’t disappoint. 

As someone who’d been suffering from Bartonella for a few years now, the Mimosa Pudica and MF1 range whilst being able to expel large quantities of parasites did not eradicate my Bartonella symptoms completely. However, after taking Immune Bartonella for around a week, I was able to finally eliminate my Bartonella symptoms. This was the first product in the Parasite cleansing supplement line that actually performed well and did what it said it would do. 

This new range of 4 tinctures features a huge array of herbs designed to eliminate parasites. I like how finally there’s an all-in-one range specifically designed to eradicate co-infections like Babesia and Bartonella which often leave their victims confused and unable to find adequate solutions beyond big Pharma drugs, which kill the gut biome. There is a large variety of herbs in each one of these tinctures, so make sure you dose very, very low to begin with, far lower than the bottle suggests. I recommend doing a quarter of a dropper full then work your way up. It says 60 servings per bottle, but each one of these tinctures could easily last 4 months no problem as they are extremely powerful. 

Precautions before You Take Any of the New Range Immune Bart, Immune Borr, immune Bab, Immune Support: 

These products will kill a ton of parasites, so make sure your body is well equipped to deal with the drainage and burden on your liver that this will entail. What I recommend you do before taking these products: 

  • Microbe Formula’s – Kidney and Liver Detox Support – I found my liver was overwhelmed when taking this product due to the amount of parasites dying, so it’s key to support your liver during the detox. 
  • Microbe Formula’s – Biotox – This helps absorb the toxins that parasites excrete when they die, further reducing the burden on the liver.
  • Microbe Formula’s – Tudica – Again another supplement that helps with drainage and liver support. 
  • If the above are too expensive, I recommend taking an organic milk thistle supplement. 
  • Drink plenty of glass, bottled water to support detoxification. 
  • Support detox with infrared sauna use. I recommend using Clearlight Sauna’s and supplementing the electrolytes. 
  • Microbe Formula’s – Mitorestore and Bioactive – Carbon minerals can also support the detoxification process. 
  • Castor Oil applied to the anus where parasites live can also be therapeutic. 

Remember to cycle. Spend 1-2 weeks supporting the liver drainage before you take this product then start with the tinctures. If you take too much too soon, you’ll overwhelm your liver like I did and cause more harm. 

Price each tincture comes in $40 as compared to the closest product which is Byron White Formulas at $79 which is $39 more expensive, whichI believe is an excellent price for a huge anti-parasitic stack. 

Pros and Cons 


  • The first supplement I’ve known of to actively help with the near eradication of my Bartonella; anyone with any of these retroviruses or co-infections should definitely take this product. 
  • You get a ton of different herbs for your money; finally a product that is specifically made for the combination ou wish to deal with. This saves you from popping pills and supplements from hundreds of different brands, many of which you don’t even know work or not. 
  • The tinctures last a long time. They say 60 days servings, but it can easily be spread to around 100-120 days. 
  • Good value for money – for the sheer amount of herbs you’re getting, this really is a great value supplement, and with a support group on Facebook and 100s of happy customers on parasite forums, it’s definitely worth trying out. 
  • Great to take while travelling especially in Latin American, South East Asian, and Central American countries. Parasites can hit us at any time, but especially when travelling around these parts of the world, you really need to support your immune system . 


  • Continuous taking of black wormwood can be bad for the gut, so make sure you cycle this product 1 week on, 1 week off. 
  • Die of symptoms will occur, so make sure you’re prepared for drainage. 
  • Those living in the UK will have to pay approximately $28 in shipping and further tax charges, but despite these two costs, I still think it’s very much worth the price. 
  • Contains Alcohol, which will mean those who are religious or have previous problems with alcohol will not want this product. 


Microbe Formulas has been one of my favourite brands in the Biohacking sphere, and their release of a new range designed to target retroviruses has been a joy to use. Overall, I recommend this product to anyone who’s having to deal with Babesia or Bartonella and needs some relief and remediation. Seriously, consider purchasing this new range. 

To buy:

Immune Bart:

Immune Borr:

Immune Bab:

Immune Boost:

Molekule Air Mini Still Worth it in 2021? Debunking the Wired Review

Introducing the Molekule Air Mini – Just as good as the Molekule Air, but  in a smaller package! – The Gadgeteer

The Molekule air filter has been one of the most controversial air filters of our time. It first gained traction around 2016 when Dave Asprey and The Lifestylist endorsed the product. However, after some controversial YouTube reviews, they recently had their endorsements pulled. Despite this, I noticed improved reviews on Amazon (of course not a true indicator of improvement as reviews can easily be forged). 

Traditional filters have a thick piece of fabric that pulls air, which attempts to strain the particles from the air and are coated with a special nanocatalyst. When the catalyst sees light from LEDS, it creates a chemical reaction that destroys molds, formaldehyde, bacteria, viruses, airborne chemicals all getting broken down into their most basic form like water, oxygen etc.  So it’s the first air purifier on the market that actually focuses on destroying contaminates rather than just filtering them out.  

What about the Wirecutter Review? 

18 peer reviewed studies on the actual core technology used and has featured in academia for 20 years. 

Wirecutter didn’t have the sophistication to test the Molekule technology and forgot about a lot of air tests. The testing methodology wasn’t living up to scientific standards and was ignorant of vast swathes of pollutants in the air. So, the main benefit of Molekule is that it filters out substances that other air purifiers don’t, and in the Wirecutter review, they weren’t testing for those contaminants. The Wirecutter review was a speed test which wasn’t a true reflection of the Molekule’s ability. There’s an industry level test that gages the comparative differences on the scale of “Clean air delivery rate” tests,which cost $5000 per device per test, and Wirecutter was unable to get that test.

In traditional filters that catch pollutants, potentially these pollutants can go back in the air. Because Molekule is trying to destroy the pollutants, it can take more time to reach the same speed as other HEPA filters in terms of filtration. Molekule’s technology takes a lot longer to destroy the air contaminants, so the speed test that Wirecutter did was not a fair representation of Molekule’s true abilities. 


The Air Mini comes in at $399 plus shipping fees and tax fees on Amazon to the EU and UK. You’re looking at this totalling around $450 if you’re an EU buyer, making this one of the costliest air purifiers on the market. They often do sales though on events like Black Friday, so it can be worth checking them out. Sometimes these sales are anywhere between $100-150 off their range of models. 

Mini :

  • 5 Fan speeds 
  • Hybrid filter that has a pre filter that captures large filter ants then a Peco filter (patented technology) that uses light to break down the molecular structure of those. 
  • Through the app, you can see how long your filter has left.
  • Comes with a two year warranty, which is an industry standard for this type of air filter, although much less than the Austin Air and IQAir.  

Modern Castle’s Test on the Molekule in terms of air quality improvement after one hour on as follows:

P.m 2.5 Change from 3.9 To 0.6

P.M 10 : 5.9 to 0.9 

Particulates: 329 to 49 

AQI: From 16 to 0 

Source :


  • Beautiful, slick looking design. Of course, when it comes to air filters, it should always be about what can filter air the most effectively rather than what looks most beautiful. But if, for example, you own a shop and want to put an air filter in, a big clunky Austin Air or IQ might not have the same appeal as a Molekule Air Mini, which is easily the best looking air purifier I’ve owned. Looks wise, it blows all others out of the water. 
  • Easy to transport – good to use for travel and when staying at hotels in which you’re unable to tell if there are molds or airborne chemicals around. 
  • The peco technology is something that actually kills mold spores, which is something which HEPA filters can’t do. For those living in moldy environments, this filter, on the face of it, seems like a must. 
  • Used very little non-sustainable packaging – came packed in recycled cardboard with very little plastic. 
  • Overall, a lot of positive reviews by reliable influencers like Todd Shipman and Ben Greenfield. They still have reputable people that endorse them. Todd Shipman himself noted that his daughter’s allergies were decreased, and it helped him with his mold sensitivities.
  • Great build quality and sturdy design – seems to be the sort of device that can travel well. 
  • Peco technology has been around for over 20 years with 18 studies to back it up with, so the major unique selling point of this product is backed by science. 
  • A large percentage of people on the Toxic Mould Support group on Facebook have vouched for the product, and I see that group as being a very respectable one in terms of knowledge on air purifiers and air quality. 
  • I noticed a slight improvement in the air quality of the rooms I had this on in. 
  • The low level sensor isn’t loud enough to interfere with my sleep personally. 


  • Air filters need to be replaced every 6 months on average. I’ve not experienced any air filtration device that’s needed its filters replacing so often. This can make owning a Molekule extremely costly in the long run. These filters cost around $50 to replace adding in tax and shipping, and for EU owners, this can become even more costly. 
  • Expensive for what you’re getting – for the area it covers, there are alternatives on the market that can cover a much larger area for a smaller price and require their filter to be changed a lot less often. 
  • Still concerned over the speed and efficiency of the product – the Molekule CEO Jaya Rao mentioned in her interview with Homekit Insider that it does work slower than the other air purifiers on the market, and this was seen in the Wirecutter review. 
  • LED light at night is incredibly annoying to sleep next to. As someone who wants to optimise their sleep, you really want to make sure you live in a blue light free environment. Unfortunately due to the fact that the Molekule relies on blue light to kill mold spores, this thing emits a tonne of blue light that can disturb your sleep. It would’ve been a lot better if they used a different spectrum of light like a red light which doesn’t interfere with blue light. It could’ve been more advantageous especially as we now know even small amounts of junk blue light can impact sleep at night. I most definitely wouldn’t want to sleep next to this product at night. There are other filters on the market that emit way less. 
  • Still quite heavy compared to other portable air purifiers like the Hypoallergenic Air Boomerang and the Germ Defender, with those two costing a lot less to maintain in the long run. 
  • The highest sensor is annoyingly loud and is not something you want to be in the same room with. 


The Molekule is probably the most controversial air purifier around in the biohacking scene for a while now. It’s certainly gained a lot of media press and coverage following that Wirecutter review. Personally, I wouldn’t say it’s worth the price from a UK perspective as of yet. Certainly in your own room where you sleep at night, I wouldn’t leave mine on due to the outrageous amount of blue light it emits. It would be nice of them in the future to release a “blue light free” version. However, I find if you’re traveling or moving to another country, it’s definitely an easy way to combat questionable air quality. If you have a large amount of disposable income, I’d buy one, but for those on a strict budget, I suggest saving towards an Austin Air or Air Doctor because these cost far less in the long term in terms of filter protection and are more powerful units in general. From a UK buyer on a budget, there’s far better bang for your buck out there. 

Other Sources of information: For Queries Re the Wire Cutter Review : she provides explanations for the reasons behind Wirecutter’s conclusions that they drew Re. the molekule. 

Score 7/10

Molekule’s Mold Test: 

To buy:

To buy UK: 

Studies on Peco Filtration Technology:

Austin Air Health Mate Review – Still Worth it in 2021?

Having been researching air purifiers for a while on the Toxic Mold and various other health groups on Facebook, one very popular air purifier was the Austin Air Purifier of which has always been very popular in the health sphere but even more recently has been selling more. Since the Covid outbreak in March last year, they’ve had a backlog of orders for their popular air purifiers. 

To buy:

Models :

Austin Air typically has 5 main models: 

  • The Bedroom Machine 
  • Healthmate Plus 
  • HealthMate 
  • Allergy Machine 
  • PetMachine 

In this review, however, we will be reviewing the HealthMate. 


This unit features a large particle pre filter. It’s a fabric type material that wraps around the inside of the unit behind the front grill. There’s a grill on all 4 sides, and behind the grill, there’s a large particle pre filter, and behind the large particle pre filter, there’s a single combination filter that fits into the centre of the unit a cylindrical filter with filter media throughout that filter. So, outside of the combination filters there’s a medium carbon pre filter, which is another line of defence for larger particles, maybe slightly smaller particles than what’s meant to be filtered by the large filter. You have 15 pounds of carbon and zeolite, and that sits behind the carbon pre filter. There’s an actual HEPA filter, the two pre filters, the large particle pre filter, and the medium particle, and then the 15 pounds of carbon and zeolite designed for harmful gases. Behind that, you have the HEPA filters that filter out smaller particles. As air enters the unit, it enters at all 4 sides, and it then exits near the top. 

Air goes in (through all 4 sides of the unit)  >>> Past large particle pre filter (Fabric type material) l>> single combination filter that fits into the centre of the unit which contains a medium particle pre filter>>> past the activated carbon and zeolite>> behind this is an actual Hepa filter >> air exit through the top . 


It’s important to note that for individuals living in the UK, any purchase of the Austin Air will need to be done from American sellers as there is currently (at time of writing this) no place in the UK or EU that is retailing these units, so any purchase of these units will need to come with the usual caveat of import tax and hefty shipping charges. I purchased mine on eBay from a reputable seller. Typically your best bet is to do the same because, as of time of writing this, is currently sold out of all Austin air units. Make sure before you purchase that the store is legitimate and offers a warranty on your product and that the unit isn’t secondhand as secondhand units can be infected with mold. If they’re in particularly bad environments, this mold sticks inside the machine and can infect the house. 

Typically, including shipping, you’re looking at about £650, but some sellers might have additional sales especially in November, around Black Friday, as a lot of American companies provide crazy discounts during that time. (Black Friday is usually taken more seriously over there compared to here in the UK). 

The additional cost for the replacement filter is around £200 including shipping and taxes, but these will need to be replaced only every 5 years, so it’s not something that poses a big concern. 

To buy the full range of models + replacements:


  • HEPA filter that filters 0.3 pm , filtering out particles even smaller than Covid-19 (1.5pm) 


  • A lot of power and filtration for your price – good value for money especially for Americans who don’t need to pay the import and shipping taxes that we in the UK need to. 
  • You get a 5 year warranty, which is significantly higher than almost all other units barring the IQAir. 
  • Easily mobile to move around the house due to the wheels. The wheels also come pre-attached, so you don’t need to assemble – the set up is extremely easy; just plug in and you’re good to go. 
  • No blue light being emitted. A lot of other top models in the air purifier space emit a huge amount of blue light which makes it very difficult to sleep next to the device. Austin Air has no such problems, making it easy to go to sleep next to for some people who don’t mind the loud sound. 
  • Filter needs to be replaced only every 5 years. This is a huge positive that makes this device so much easier to run in the long term compared to other brands who’s filters need replacing every 6 months to 2 years. 
  • Addition of Zeolite to the mixture which allows for gas filtration media to bond to a greater selection of chemicals. One of those chemicals is formaldehyde (which activated Carbon cannot remove) 
  • A lot of Activated Carbon – most air purifiers have one pound of activated carbon. This unit has 15 pounds, and this allows the unit to remove chemicals from the air much quicker than other units. With so much more gas filtration media, it’s going to take much longer to saturate. 
  • Made in the USA. I’m personally a big fan of air purifiers that are constructed in the US as opposed to China because I believe product control and quality are higher in the US/Europe. 
  • Strong build quality – almost entirely made out of a very durable metal. 
  • No EMF or WiFi radiation. Far too many air filters come with high tech additions like “air quality measuring” which do very little to nothing in terms of improving the product but simply add to the amount of EMF being produced, making it a hazard to stand next to or sleep in the same room as. Austin Air’s simplistic design helps it a lot in this regard as it doesn’t have any of these features, just a simple dial that you press. 


  • You have to pay tax and large shipping fees on all the filters. Again, this is inevitable as I live in the UK. For those who live in the US reading this, you do not have to pay such expensive fees. 
  • So much air goes through a very large particle air purifier, so it requires a large amount of power to maintain the 250 CFM. The unit has to draw around 90 watts of power, around 20-30 watts higher than other units. 
  • Very heavy – at 47 pounds, this is the heaviest filter I’ve ever bought. For people who are weak, they may struggle to carry this between floors, particularly as some individuals like to purchase filters to which they move with while they switch rooms. I.e. They carry it downstairs during the day when they’re working and then upstairs for when they’re sleeping in their bedroom. 
  • Not the best looking filter on the market – yes, this shouldn’t matter to most people, but for some people in a corporate setting like an art studio or sales floor, an ugly filter can be an eyesore.
  • Extremely loud – on all three settings this thing is loud as hell. Even on its lowest setting, it’s louder than the highest of several other purifiers I’ve tested. As a person sensitive to noise, this makes it impossible for me to sleep next to. 
  • Toxic smell coming out after one days use – I hadn’t had an issue with this in air purifiers beforehand, but this suggests something deeply flawed with construction of the air purifier. Seems to be other people complaining about the off gassing too. 


If you’re worried about gas filtration, the Austin Air purifier is the one for you as it’s far stronger than any other air filter we have tested so far. Particularly if you live in a heavily polluted area, we see the Austin Air purifier as being the most effective. Even though it is pricey, the filters need to be replaced far less frequently than other purifiers we’ve tested, which in the long term, 5- 10 years view, will save you money. Overall, even from a UK perspective despite the tax and import costs of the Austin Air, I still think its a must have for those looking to optimise their home air environments. What also needs to be taken into consideration is all air filters will be overpriced to some degree as all the best brands are located in the US or EU. If you’re priced out, then I’d recommend the Air Doctor as an alternative. 


IQAir Health Pro 250 Air Review-Still worth it in 2021?

IQAir Health Pro 250 Review: Can You Really Put a Price on Clean Air at  Home?

Where to buy for those in the UK? 

IQAir produces three different air purifiers: 

  • Pre Max Filter: This is a large particle pre filter. The intention is the larger particles will saturate that part of the filter instead of the other two. 
  • Gas and Odour filter (V5 Cell): The V5 cell contains about 5 pounds of carbon and alumina that filters unwanted gas and particle filters (Most basic air purifiers on the market have only one pound of activated carbon), so it’s able to capture gas at a rate that is 4-5 times higher. 
  • Hyper HEPA filter : That sits on top of the gas and odor filter visually is a lot thicker than a lot of HEPA filters on the market. 99.7 percent for particles 0.003 microns 

300 CFM (Cubic feet of air the air purifier processes each minute) is a substantial amount more than other top filters on the market which have CFM of around 250. 

How does it work? 

  • Air enters the air purifier through the bottom of the unit, it goes through the pre filter, then the gas and odor filter, then past the particle future, and then up and out of the top diffuser. 

Pricing : 

£1000 (or for those in the US, 900 dollars) with same day shipping, no extra shipping or tax costs for those in the UK at my delivery time (please double check as EU laws on import taxes are subject to change; I purchased this filter in February 2021). 


  • Delivery was very fast and efficient . Out of all the air purifiers I’ve bought, this one was by far the quickest one in terms of delivery. 
  • The Hyper HEPA Filter is going to last a long time because it’s so huge (you have 5 pounds of carbon there), so it’s going to require changing a lot less compared to your conventional products. 
  • Swiss made – there are a lot of biohackers out there that don’t like to purchase filters from nations like China due to the reputation of contaminations of filters from chemicals and poor quality. I think it’s a good thing, certainly for me personally. 
  • 10 year warranty is very substantial. Most air purifiers have a 3-5 year warranty. 
  • Addition of wheels makes it mobile to move from room to room, which is great for running events or for small businesses. 
  • Strong build quality – extremely sturdy
  • Real good quality three stage filter system, high surface pre filter that takes the dust and debris, and then it goes through a chemical filter which is a combination of activated carbon and chemically active alumina and a true HEPA filter. 
  • Every single machine, before it leaves the factory, gets a machine to certify that it’s efficiently working properly and performing well and can reduce the pollutants. This is special quality control in my opinion which I wish every company did, and I think if other companies did this, they’d get less negative reviews on Amazon.
  • One of the few high end air filters which you can actually buy in Europe without having to pay outrageous taxes or shipping fees. Most high end air filtration systems are predominantly available in the US, which causes mass inconvenience in terms of pricing and in terms of sorting out replacement air filters and repairs which need to undergo additional costs as well. 
  • Very little blue light emitted from the device, which as I’ve said before in other reviews, is extremely important. You don’t want a device that emits blue light and can disrupt sleep. A lot of air filters nowadays come with junk light which can be problematic for those wanting to maximise sleep quality.
  • Not too loud on the lower fan speed which is hugely beneficial as you don’t want a device that is going to disrupt your sleep. The six levels means the sound can be adjusted very easily for parties and occasions which you don’t want loud noise and sound to infiltrate the room. Added to the lack of blue light, I think this is one of the best filters I’ve seen so far for sleeping. 
  • It filters particles down to .003 microns, not .3, which is typical of HEPA filters. This makes it a much more efficient system compared to your conventional HEPA filter brands hence the name “Hyper HEPA”.


  • Expensive, at £1000 makes it one of the most expensive filters on the market to date. Can potentially price out for those on a budget. Also in some aspects it just simply doesn’t represent good value for money like Austin Air, which retails at around £600 including tax. With Austin Air, you get 15 pounds of activated carbon plus zeolite compared to the 5 pounds of activated carbon of the IQAir, so you’re getting three times as much gas filtration media. If you’re only looking for particle filtration and you only want a little bit of gas filtration, there are also cheaper options out there of which I’ve blogged about. 
  • It’s heavy. For those who are maybe elderly, weak, or frail, carrying this around the house will be a nuisance if you want to switch floors.
  • Poor energy efficiency – those three thick air filters require a lot of energy with the 300 CFM output on maximum fan speed that draws 200 watts compared to other units that get around 60-70 watts of power for the 250 CFM models, and it doesn’t seem like the extra CFM boost is really worth the extra wattage use. 
  • Pretty ugly eyesore – its large size and ugly look mean it might not be the best for events and restaurants where finesse and looks matter. 
  • Changing filters will be a difficult task. There are a lot of other air filters out there that are much easier to change.
  • Extremely noisy at maximum fan speed – you can’t really sleep or be in the same room carrying out tasks. It’s unbearable to stand next to. When I run it at maximum fan speed, I usually just leave the room and let it do its thing. 
  • There are three different filters which need to be replaced, each of them lasting different lengths of time. The replacements will total £360 and will need to be changed every 1-2 years depending on how often you use the air filter and at what strength. Its annual costs come very high compared to other brands like Austin Air and HypoAllergenic Air.  To check the price on the replacement filters, please see: 

Conclusion: For European based biohackers, we are not exactly blessed with endless options when it comes to good filters. In that regard, the IQAir is a decent option, but at £1000, it prices out a lot of individuals. For that same amount of money, you can buy two Air Doctors and cover more of your home or have an Austin Air with a Molekule air mini. However, with this price, you’re getting a lot of Carbon Filtration for your money, and the 10 year warranty will ensure you have a reliable filter for years to come that can filter all types of pathogens and particles from the large to the 0.003 pm range, so it’s up to you. There’s cheaper out there, but it’s still a good option nonetheless. 

Microbe Formulas:MitoRestore, BioMolecular Oxygen, Tudca plus,MF2,Kidney and Liver Detox Biotox,MetChem ,Bioactive Minerals Review

Note: for those shipping towards the UK, there will be a $25 shipping international shipping fee plus a further import tax of around 20 percent. 

Mito Restore:

Launched 1 year ago, Mito Restore is one of the more expensive supplements to take in the Microbe formula range. Recently, there is a $20 discount coming in at $80 for a 56 day supply, but I would start small with as little as one drop. I just heard Dr. Watts speak about this tonight, and he stated people who have sensitivity to the Mito Restore have lots of radioactive elements (which are in lots of water supply) in their system. It is not everyone, but it can make you tired if you do. All that to say the best thing to do is start out slow with 3-5 drops, and if that doesn’t bother you, you can increase to the recommended dose pretty quickly. When you get to those doses, you will love it. Great product. Mito Restore is formulated to encourage healthy mitochondrial function and ATP (energy) production. By supporting cellular energy levels, Mito Restore aids detoxification to facilitate your health protocols. It also promotes normal cellular renewal and aids mitochondria in their role of immune system support. In regards to parasite cleanses with parasites excreting a lot of toxins and heavy metals that can wear out the mitochondria, it’s therefore a useful addition to take to replenish the energy of your mitochondria. 

The key here is to make sure you get lymphs moving to collect all this trash and unclog your liver to be able to handle the toxic load as you titrate up on Mito Restore.

Even though you benefit from a higher dose of Mito, you may need to restrain to just a few drops in the beginning as all the pathways get adjusted.

Tip: oxygen tends to magnify the Mito benefits in some people, but needs to be titrated up carefully.


Mito Restore is pricey, coming in at $100 for a 56 day supply, and with people in the UK, we should expect that fee to rise to a tax included $120, but I believe it’s really helped me ease the detox systems of parasite cleanses so still worth the money nonetheless in my opinion. In order to still get the most out of life and not to be constantly fatigued, Mito Restore is a vital edition. For those on a big budget, though, it may be worth it to see how you react to MF1 and mimosa pudica. First and foremost, if you’re getting a load of flare ups and detox symptoms, then you really should consider the additional investment. 

To buy:

BioMolecular Oxygen 

Pricing: $52 Dollars 

As it’s the “Multi Tool” of supplements, you can use BioMolecular Oxygen orally or topically. Plus, you can use it as a nebuliser with distilled water, sinus rinse, nasal spray, and coffee enema. The oxygen is stabilized using a proprietary process, so it can be delivered throughout your body without dissipating. It supports energy production, normal oxygenation of tissues, and a healthy microbiome. Also it’s good to use topically on parts of the skin that are experiencing flare ups. 

Uses for BioMolecular Oxygen (taken from the Microbe Formulas Facebook Group) :

Add 10 drops to your coffee enema solution

Use on bruises, burns, or swollen areas

Use on muscles before or after a workout

Apply to gums after dental work

Can apply after the Bioactive Carbon Minerals, Mitorestore, or essential oils to be a “driver” and get more effectiveness out of your products

Apply to warts

Apply to sunburns

Put in your non toxic face toner

Combine with MitoRestore and apply to skin tags

Some people report taking additional shots of oxygen, mito,and minerals can ward off anxiety attacks

Nebulize a few drops in an ounce of distilled water to help sinuses, brain fog, or alertness. (do not do too late in the day, it may affect sleep)

Apply to cold sores

Rub undiluted on carotid arteries for energy, alertness, anxiety

Put 10-20 drops in a bath before bed for better sleep

Put a few drops into distilled water and use as a nasal spray

Put a few drops into your neti pot rinse (warning: this has been described as “hornets in the brain” BUT also reported to be of tremendous benefit for those dealing with sinus issues, mold, brain fog, allergies)

Take to support the body during a fast

Can be consumed in water, smoothies, juice, starting at 5-10 drops 10-20 drops after. Useful for people who’ve had exposure to mold. 

When and What Stacks to Use

I believe this stacks well with the MitoRestore, which I use when I’m experiencing die off symptoms. Usually I’ll take Mf1 + Mimosa Pudica and then stack MitoRestore. BioMolecular Oxygen goes well with this stack.  


$52 for 59 days of servings 

To buy:

Bioactive Carbon Minerals: 

BioActive Carbon Minerals – Dr. Jockers Store

Pricing: $45 plus tax for 120 day supply:  Containing a stack of  71 plant derived minerals and 14 amino acids perfect for replenishing your body, especially if you’re using sauna to detox during your cleanses. 

The heart of BioActive Carbon Minerals is the naturally occurring, highly refined and natural extracts of Fulvic Acid. This means ultra small-sized and ultra-low-molecular-weight 100% organically complex nano-sized negatively charged ionic molecules which can penetrate human tissue and blood cells easily. Because of these unique properties, this supplement is highly bioactive and can provide numerous biochemical and metabolic detoxification functions.

In addition to containing over 69 naturally occurring, plant-derived trace element minerals, it contains twelve amino acids in an unaltered ionic solution. It is the most rare and valuable of all humic substances known to man.

I’ve personally been using BioActive Carbon Minerals for two years now and found it to be an extremely versatile supplement to take. It can be used as part of an enema or combined with bio tox to make a paste to apply to your face and skin. In addition to this, it can be used as a spray on areas of pain or discomfort and taken to support the body during a fast as a lot of those on Keto diets especially are low on electrolytes.  All in all, this is a fantastic addition to any cleanse. 

Great to stack with: MF1 and Mimosa Pudica, any parasite cleanse, stacks very well with sauna as it will replenish your lost electrolytes. Also helps with those starting the heavy metal detox with BioActive MetChem. 

Pricing :$44 for a 122 Supply 

To buy:

Bioactive MetChem: 

BioActive Carbon MetChem by Microbe Formulas | Amaluna Wellness

Before embarking on a heavy metals detox, it’s advised that you first detox parasites. MetChem should really be done after you feel that you’ve gotten rid of as many parasites as possible. This is the one with by far the most intensive reactions, so please consult the Microbe Formulas Facebook group for additional advice for partaking on a detox with MetChem: 

  • Spend at least 6-12 months detoxing using sauna. 
  •  Make sure you spend 3-6 months working on drainage pathways. The Microbe Formulas Kidney and Liver Detox blend is great for this. 
  • Make sure you spend 6 months at the very least cleaning up parasites first as they can bind and absorb heavy metals. 
  • Support with the Core 4: Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and a good quality magnesium supplement to help with that detox. 
  • Get your bowels moving regularly with TUDCA supplementation beforehand : TUDCA , Mito and Minerals are a great stack together.
  • Stack with InflammaCalm by Microbe Formulas 

A BioActive Carbon MetChem Binds 

Binds and restores so the molecules that go in bind on the chemical pesticides and help to move them out into the kidneys and the liver. They then restore the tissues with the organic materials and restore the tissue and cellular tissues.  

Normally start with 1 capsule once a day, but really I’d go very low with this as MetChem is extremely strong. 

Start low and slow and take with Biotox Binder to mop up the toxins since Mito pushes the cells to detox. Stay at the same dose for 5 days and increase if feeling good. 

Pricing: $71 for 120 day supply 

To buy:


Great to have an hour before you start any cleanse, Biotactive Carbon BioTox is different from older clay or charcoal binders. Their binding ability comes from microporosity that provides surface area that is unheard of with old, spent carbon binders. The BioActive Carbon molecules provide an additional ability to bind and repair that spent carbons don’t have. BioActive Carbon BioTox contains long, medium, and short-chain carbons which act in different ways, depending on where they are in the system. It contains polyelectrolytes, polysaccharides, amino acids and organic acids, and supports cellular energy production. The formulation also includes wild crafted yucca root along with extracts of fulvic acid which is designed to target specific biotoxins like mycotoxins from mold and ammonia as well as bacteria, parasites, and other byproducts from yeast, fungi, and viruses. 

Price: $70 for 90 servings (3 a day) so a month supply 

Stacks: Best taken one hour before any other supplement that kills Candida or Worms in order to reduce those die off symptoms. 

To buy:

Kidney and Liver Detox 


Not the most unique product of theirs but still pretty good; great to open up the drainage pathways. Many people, when they start off a parasite cleanse, get swollen lymphs because when the parasites die, they release toxins that clog up their kidney and liver. All in all a great quality product but can be sourced cheaper in the UK. Buying milk thistle and marshmallow root should be easily obtainable in most online health stores. 

To stack: 

  • Take one hour before taking MF1 and Mimosa Pudica 

Kidney and Liver Detox comes in at $52, which is pricey but comes with the BioActive Carbon that stops the supplements from being dissolved in your gut, making them a lot more effective. All in all, if you have the cash and are suffering from detox symptoms, it’s something I’d definitely consider purchasing to make things a little bit smoother.

Stacks with : Good to use in the months before a cleanse with MF1 and Mimosa Pudica 

Pricing: $52 for a one Month Supply 

To buy:

Microbe Formulas MF2: 

This is the first liquid formed parasite cleansing product that Microbe Formulas have released. Typically we associate supplements like black wormwood to be in liquid form but Microbe Formulas went for the powdered extract to begin with. Because it’s a tincture, it works a lot quicker than the powdered forms. They recently added BioMolecular Oxygen changes the pH to make the herbs work faster and changes the environment to be more aerobic, which makes the immune system function better. Because it’s a tincture, it can be dosed very low for children especially for adults who can be oversensitive to some parasitic herbs. 

The holy basil helps to protect your internal organs and boosts your immune response, andworm seed helps destroy parasites and aid the liver. Out of all the anti-parasitic tinctures on the market in the UK, none of them has such a well-rounded stack. The liquid tincture can help attack parasites around the body and comes with a lot more flexibility as opposed to the pill form. Also many people find pills difficult to swallow and the MF1 pill stack may be overpowering for children to use. Overall, this is probably my favourite anti-parasitic stack, which really helped me to expel large rope worms and left me with a far greater sense of wellbeing after my cleanse. 


Pairs great with Mimosa Pudica as a potent parasite killer, recommended to take in conjunction with Biotox, and the Kidney and Liver Detox to help deal with die off symptoms. 

Pricing : $41 for a 47 day supply (Can vary depending on how your body deals with the product) 

To buy


Has been a supplement that has gained some recognition in the biohacking sphere and Microbe Formulas themselves have launched their own stacked with melatonin (which won’t make you tired in this case but will help increase its absorption). It can help at all three stages of the Detoxification process in Phase 1 with the Oxidation of Toxins, in Phase 2 with the Activation of Enzymes process and in stage three with the transfer of toxins out of the liver via the bile. 

Pricing : $75 Dollars for 90 Day serving, it’s the priciest supplement out of them all, but this is a unique Tudica stack that is primarily for the deep detoxes. I really recommend it. 

To buy :

From Microbe Formulas Customer Service:

Phase 1:

Breakfast time – 1 capsule of Intestinal Mover, 1 capsule of Kidney & Liver Detox, 1 capsule of Lymphatic Detox, and 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation.

Lunch time – 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation.

Dinner time – 1 capsule of Intestinal Mover, 1 capsule of Kidney & Liver Detox, 1 capsule of Lymphatic Detox, and 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation.

Phase 2:

1 hour before breakfast time – 2 capsules of Mimosa Pudica and 2 capsules of Formula 1.

Breakfast time – 1 capsule of Intestinal Mover, 1 capsule of Kidney & Liver Detox, 1 capsule of Lymphatic Detox, 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon BioTox, and 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation.

Lunch time – 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation and 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon BioTox.

1 hour before dinner time – 2 capsules of Mimosa Pudica and 2 capsules of Formula 1.

Dinner time – 1 capsule of Intestinal Mover, 1 capsule of Kidney & Liver Detox, 1 capsule of Lymphatic Detox, 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon BioTox, and 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation.

Phase 3:

Breakfast time – 1 capsule of Intestinal Mover, 1 capsule of Kidney & Liver Detox, 1 capsule of Lymphatic Detox, 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon MetChem, and 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation.

Lunch time – 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation.

Dinner time – 1 capsule of Intestinal Mover, 1 capsule of Kidney & Liver Detox, 1 capsule of Lymphatic Detox, 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon MetChem, and 1 capsule of BioActive Carbon Foundation.

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HypoAllergenic Air: UV Boomerang 2500 and Germ Defender Review

Germ Defender - HypoAir

HypoAllergenic Air UV Boomerang 2500 and Germ Defender Review 

HypoAllergenic Air grew in popularity last year after being endorsed by Dave Asprey and featured in his box last year. They famously became the only item featured in the box twice with the Germ Defender. Now, for this review I’m going to review Germ Defender, plus review their flagship product the Air Boomerang.

The Germ Defender Review 

  • The Germ Defender and Mold Guard is ideal for bathrooms, small bedrooms, and medical operations. Very strong biological and PM 2.5 control with no replacement parts for life. It contains a washable Pre-Filter Polar Ionization that covers 100 sq ft which purifies the air, sanitises surfaces, kills bacteria, kills viruses, and inhibits mold. It generates no ozone for those who show concern for this and uses only 2 watts per hour of  energy. It moves air at about 10 CFM which for such a small unit is impressive. 

The Boomerang and Germ Defender both have our Polar Ionization technology which is highly effective at the full range of biological and physical particulates in the PM2.5 and smaller category.  As it is not relying on a physical filter, it is not dependent on a certain micron size.  For example, the polar ionization technology splits water into its components (O2- & H+) and it can affect similar molecules and chemicals.  A H2O molecule is roughly 0.000282 microns. 

  • To buy:   

Pricing : $150 each, transport to the UK will cost around $90, depending on what quantity you buy them in plus taxation. You can save money looking around eBay though I often see models going for around £90 on there.


  • You can actually see it working—it picks up a lot of dust and particulate matter. For such a small device, it works extremely well. 
  • Easily transportable, compared to other small air filters; I’d say that this one is the most transportable filters anywhere, and it requires the least amount of fuss to carry around. You just plug it in straight away. You do not have to worry about wires or any other additional nonsense when it comes to this product. 
  • There are no replacement parts, making it very easy to maintain over the long-term. Unlike other filters which need to be changed every 6 months – 2 years, this one doesn’t require any changing. 
  • Price is very reasonable at $150 for a small air filter, which can last an indefinite period of time. I think it’s a great value, especially for people traveling to different hotels where the air quality is unknown.. 
  • Very easy to clean; can take literally a couple of minutes 


  • Transport cost to the UK of around $90, which is expensive. 
  • It’s noisy, certainly difficult to sleep next to for someone who’s very sensitive to noise like myself. For those looking to enhance their sleep quality, there may be better options elsewhere. 
  • The dust that builds up inside the filter can be a bit dangerous to clean if youre sensitive . 
  • Only 1 year warranty which is less than other brands on the market like IQ air which has 10 years on it’s products and Austin air which comes with 5 years. 

Score 8/10 


I believe the Germ Defender is one of the best value products on the market at the moment. You can see the amount of dust this thing gathers in just a few days, and the bonus of never having to change filters saves you huge amounts of money in the long run. All in all, a must have for any travelling biohacker. 

HypoAllergenic Air Boomerang UV 2500 Review: 

UV Boomerang 2500 - HypoAir

After so much success with the HypoAllergenic Air Germ Defender, I decided to buy their flag ship: Air Boomerang. Boomerang is a compact and powerful photocatalytic air purifier that can reduce carbon based contaminants inlarge areas up to 2,500 square feet. It’s design is pretty compact at 10.5’  X 15” and weighing just 2.5 pounds. The air filter will need to be replaced every two years for a 150$ fee, which is a bit of annoyance although still cheaper on average than a good number of other major filters on the market.  Regarding CFM  the CADR rating system isn’t so relevant with Hypo air technology as the purpose is not to suck air in and through a filter (normally for a physical filter CADR or CFM would let you know the power of how much air it can purify).  

How it works: (Taken from the Hypo Air website) :

HypoAllergenic air filters use two proprietary pieces of technology: Polar Ionization along with UVGI +AHPCO  

UVGI: Ultra Violet Germicidal irradiation is a disinfection method that uses short-Wavelength ultraviolet light. The result being it kills or inactivates microorganisms like bacteria ,mold and viruses with AHPCO Technology: UV light reacts with a 5 nano metal catalyst (AHPCO) producing a variety of catalytic molecules . Effective and proven method of reducing odors,allergens, bacteria, mold viruses, and VOCS.Does not require air to pass through its chamber in order to be effective. Removes PCO related concerns of incomplete oxidation and slow airflow rates.  

 UVC light destroys germs as they pass by.   Oxidizing Catalytic Molecules are then formed from water vapor when the UVC rays excite the AHPCO nanometal Catalyst. Clean-Tech does not have a UV light but splits water vapor in the ambient air into Polarized Catalytic Molecules which are proactively dispersed throughout the ambient air. Catalytic Molecules actively seek out pollutants and break them apart at a molecular level.  Contaminants are neutralized as they are destroyed.  Oxidizing Catalytic Molecules are more effective at neutralizing VOCs, while Polarized Catalytic Molecules have a clustering effect that is extremely effective at causing particulates to become heavy and drop out of the air. 

To buy:

Pricing: It comes in at $750; plus if you’re importing to the UK and EU, you’re going to be looking at another 150$-250 worth of tax which is an annoying additional fee to have to pay, making this extremely pricey in the end. It’s worth noting that HypoAllergenic Air frequently does sales on their products, and I was able to buy mine last November during Black Friday for $250 off. It’s worth subscribing to their mailing list or keeping an eye out on their website for frequent sales. 


  • Simple, elegant design—now this is subjective, but it’s small, compact design along with it being lightweight can make it perfect for traveling to other countries. If, for example, you’re moving to another country, this would be my go to air filter, which can cover a large area of space yet not weigh you down in terms of transportation. 
  • Really easy to set up—there is literally 0 set up time. You plug it in, and it’s good to go. 
  • Easy to replace the filter, its simple design means you don’t have to do any major work when it comes to filter replacement. 
  •   Using three technologies experimented with by Einstein and NASA—the Boomerang effectively and safely addresses unwanted contaminants such as allergens, mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and odors. For the studies supporting this: some interesting studies on how this unit did with mold and viruses. 
  • Delivery was extremely prompt, even from the US to the UK. This thing was delivered in nearly an instant, really impressive customer service that was quick to answer questions. 
  • Covers a large distance of around 2,500 square meters which is impressive for something so strong to produce such little sound. Other similarly priced air filters like the Molekule and the Austin Air are much louder. 


  • Expensive for those living in the EU. You’re paying 750$ plus $150ish worth of tax, plus $90 shipping fee. It comes to an expensive unit, and for that money, you can buy say two AirDoctors and cover a lot more space in your home. 
  • A small amount of blue light does emit from the device, which is annoying for those who really want to optimise their sleep. 
  • The device claims to be “quiet” on its website, but it’s still way too loud for someone to sleep next to in my opinion. I personally struggled with the noise of this and found it quite irritating. 
  • For the amount of money I paid for the device, I would’ve liked something a bit more sturdier and stronger. This device seems still a little bit on the cheaply made side of things, and the overall build quality doesn’t feel that strong for the high price you’ve paid. I guess the upside of the weak build quality is that it’s easier to carry and transport from room to room. 
  • The fact that this filter needs to be replaced every two years adds to the cost, especially for those living in Europe. That’s a big addition in costs for the additional filters. 


Overall HypoAllergenic Air displays some impressive technology in a light, easy setup but lacks the build quality over other leading brands to justify its price point for someone living in the UK and in the EU. This isn’t an impressive enough filter to justify $750 plus $90 shipping and another 150 $+ shipping fees for filter refills. However, if you’re based in the US/Travel often and you can grab this device on sale (they often do $250 off), then it could well be worth the punt for something so light to cover 2,500 sq.feet it’s an extremely productive device considering the size. 

Score: 7/10