Microbe Formulas: Immune Borr, Immune Bab, Immune Bart and Immune Boost Review

Wellness Series Phase 5 - Microbe Formulas™

A couple of years ago, I reviewed Microbe Formulas Mimosa Pudica and MF1, two supplements that took the world by storm. All of a sudden, hundreds of people were uploading their results of expelling rope worms, and it drew light to the problems resulting in parasites. I was really impressed by their range, so much so that I ordered their new range one which I had high expectations for, and they didn’t disappoint. 

As someone who’d been suffering from Bartonella for a few years now, the Mimosa Pudica and MF1 range whilst being able to expel large quantities of parasites did not eradicate my Bartonella symptoms completely. However, after taking Immune Bartonella for around a week, I was able to finally eliminate my Bartonella symptoms. This was the first product in the Parasite cleansing supplement line that actually performed well and did what it said it would do. 

This new range of 4 tinctures features a huge array of herbs designed to eliminate parasites. I like how finally there’s an all-in-one range specifically designed to eradicate co-infections like Babesia and Bartonella which often leave their victims confused and unable to find adequate solutions beyond big Pharma drugs, which kill the gut biome. There is a large variety of herbs in each one of these tinctures, so make sure you dose very, very low to begin with, far lower than the bottle suggests. I recommend doing a quarter of a dropper full then work your way up. It says 60 servings per bottle, but each one of these tinctures could easily last 4 months no problem as they are extremely powerful. 

Precautions before You Take Any of the New Range Immune Bart, Immune Borr, immune Bab, Immune Support: 

These products will kill a ton of parasites, so make sure your body is well equipped to deal with the drainage and burden on your liver that this will entail. What I recommend you do before taking these products: 

  • Microbe Formula’s – Kidney and Liver Detox Support – I found my liver was overwhelmed when taking this product due to the amount of parasites dying, so it’s key to support your liver during the detox. 
  • Microbe Formula’s – Biotox – This helps absorb the toxins that parasites excrete when they die, further reducing the burden on the liver.
  • Microbe Formula’s – Tudica – Again another supplement that helps with drainage and liver support. 
  • If the above are too expensive, I recommend taking an organic milk thistle supplement. 
  • Drink plenty of glass, bottled water to support detoxification. 
  • Support detox with infrared sauna use. I recommend using Clearlight Sauna’s and supplementing the electrolytes. 
  • Microbe Formula’s – Mitorestore and Bioactive – Carbon minerals can also support the detoxification process. 
  • Castor Oil applied to the anus where parasites live can also be therapeutic. 

Remember to cycle. Spend 1-2 weeks supporting the liver drainage before you take this product then start with the tinctures. If you take too much too soon, you’ll overwhelm your liver like I did and cause more harm. 

Price each tincture comes in $40 as compared to the closest product which is Byron White Formulas at $79 which is $39 more expensive, whichI believe is an excellent price for a huge anti-parasitic stack. 

Pros and Cons 


  • The first supplement I’ve known of to actively help with the near eradication of my Bartonella; anyone with any of these retroviruses or co-infections should definitely take this product. 
  • You get a ton of different herbs for your money; finally a product that is specifically made for the combination ou wish to deal with. This saves you from popping pills and supplements from hundreds of different brands, many of which you don’t even know work or not. 
  • The tinctures last a long time. They say 60 days servings, but it can easily be spread to around 100-120 days. 
  • Good value for money – for the sheer amount of herbs you’re getting, this really is a great value supplement, and with a support group on Facebook and 100s of happy customers on parasite forums, it’s definitely worth trying out. 
  • Great to take while travelling especially in Latin American, South East Asian, and Central American countries. Parasites can hit us at any time, but especially when travelling around these parts of the world, you really need to support your immune system . 


  • Continuous taking of black wormwood can be bad for the gut, so make sure you cycle this product 1 week on, 1 week off. 
  • Die of symptoms will occur, so make sure you’re prepared for drainage. 
  • Those living in the UK will have to pay approximately $28 in shipping and further tax charges, but despite these two costs, I still think it’s very much worth the price. 
  • Contains Alcohol, which will mean those who are religious or have previous problems with alcohol will not want this product. 


Microbe Formulas has been one of my favourite brands in the Biohacking sphere, and their release of a new range designed to target retroviruses has been a joy to use. Overall, I recommend this product to anyone who’s having to deal with Babesia or Bartonella and needs some relief and remediation. Seriously, consider purchasing this new range. 

To buy:

Immune Bart: https://microbeformulas.com/products/immune-support-bart

Immune Borr: https://microbeformulas.com/collections/products/products/immune-support-borr

Immune Bab: https://microbeformulas.com/collections/products/products/immune-bab

Immune Boost: https://microbeformulas.com/collections/products/products/immune-boost

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