Clear Light Infrared Saunas Portable Dome Review

Clearlight infrared saunas have been functioning in Europe for a while now and I have written a review about why I believe that they are the best infrared saunas on the market having used mine for 8 months straight I have to say this was the single best bio-hack I’ve used in terms of combating stress and cortisol levels. For me personally everyone needs to get an infrared sauna. In todays polluted Urban environments they are simply a must with the amount of heavy metal exposure,PCBS and other pollutants in the atmosphere sweating is a vital way of getting these toxins out. 

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What are you buying? Saunas range from £1899 to £3500 depending on the price. It’s a fair bit more expensive than other Infrared Saunas on E-bay but none of them come with the low EMF emission that saunas like Clearlight have. I don’t recommend going cheap at all when it comes to purchasing a sauna as you could be putting your life seriously at risk with too much EMF exposure.

Which one should you chose? I;ll be reviewing the portable one this was by far the cheapest out of all available. Depending on your budget and how much space you have in your house/ people you have using it. If you have a large amount of space then the 2-6 men saunas might be more appealing if you wish to stand/sit while detoxing. For me personally I live alone so purchasing anything more than a one man sauna would’ve been deemed unnecessary.

Start low with your sauna: 

Clear light comes with 9 different heat levels ranging from level 1 43 degrees all the way to level four (9.5) which is 63 degrees. Start at around level 6 for 30 minutes after time give it a month or so you will be able to build up a tolerance. When I first started I did level 8.5 for 30 minutes now after 6 months of continuous usage I can do 9.9 for 60 minutes. Your body will adapt so start low. Make sure to be supplementing electrolytes as repeated sauna usage will deplete your electrolytes very quickly.


  • Quick and easy to assemble. This literally took 5 minutes to assemble if that you don’t need to be a tech expert to figure this out.
  • Made from all organic naturally sourced materials and looks strong and well built too. A lot of the cheaper saunas use much weaker materials especially the $300 on e-bay which have quite a flimsy build.
  • Low EMF- A number of the cheap infrared saunas out there have really high levels of EMF radiation where Clearlight’s value comes in is ensuring that your EMF exposure remains at 0. I feel this is vital for anyone purchasing a sauna as you’re using this in the long term you don’t want to rack up consistent EMF exposure that can be devastating for your health. 
  • Support team were fantastic. They shipped the item out quickly and any materials that broke down they issued a replacement immediately with first class shipping no questions asked. 
  • Heats up very quickly only takes around 15 minutes to reach its maximum temperature. 
  • Usual benefits of weight loss, improved blood flow and clearer skin were observed. 
  • Lowers your fight or flight response. Once the fear hormone is gone I found myself being much more confident in social situations. I work a lot in sales and found that my stress in my daily life was massively reduced thanks to this Sauna.This helped me a lot in my love life, managing sales clients and in my workouts . This reduction in fight or flight response is backed by a study of rats [1]specially for those working stressful careers in Urban environment this reduction in cortisol can prove useful.
  • Can be used during the Andy Cutler Chelation protocol.Even for those with mercury amalgams. It helps to get rid of intercellular mercury but won’t get mercury out of the brain (only Alpha Lipoic acid supplemented carefully using the Andy Cutler Chelation Protocol can do that) For more information consult the Andy Cutler Chelation group on Facebook . 
  • Detoxifies your bodies of PCBs , BPA and metals from the body [2] (great to combat the increasingly depleted testosterone levels of men in our generation)
  • Infrared Saunas are a massive aid in parasite cleanses as I can personally attest to.Parasites tend to prefer cool temperatures and heating your core body temperature up repeatedly creating the fever environment will help destabilise the little creatures in your system. This was discussed by Dr.Puja Wentworth in the parasite summit during her talk about fever therapy. Using Infrared-Saunas for 5 -7 days straight for around an hour at the machines highest setting can really help to eradicate parasites from the body. She later went on to discuss how it had been observed that some people who develop high fevers could be cured of parasites as a result Between 1917 to the mid 1940s, malaria induced by the least aggressive parasite, Plasmodium vivax, was used as treatment for tertiary syphilis because it produced prolonged and created a high fever environment (a form of pyrotherapy) .[3]You can find more information about it here and here at the parasite summit : including her and several other speakers mentioning infrared saunas as a great way to combat parasitic infections.
  • Shining red light on your stomach increases your ATP energy giving you more energy throughout the day to do other things. 
  • This can be combined with other bio hacks to really cut down your stress and give you the zen feeling . I do it a lot in conjunction with EEG Neurofeedback  and Yoga for maximum benefits. 


  • A fair bit pricey, for people in the EU will have to spend a a fair bit more $500-600 extra compared to their US counterparts 
  • Your body will be depleted of electrolytes when you do it , make sure you supplement electrolytes throughout your Sauna detox its absolutely crucial. Don’t use this if you’re not committed to regularly supplementing with electrolytes 
  • A few of the wires broke after a short period of usage but they were replaced within 2-3 days first class shipping


  • To conclude despite the price this is simply a must buy in todays toxic world where we are impacted by so many different contaminants that its impossible to get away from it all. Therefore detoxifying from this is vital. Even nowadays in the US 70 percent of our rainwater is contaminated to some degree with glyphosate roundup (See parasite summit talks for more info) . Harsher heavy metals build up in our system that even the umbilical cord has up to 200 chemicals laden it it passing from the mother on birth[4].[Simply put everyone who can afford this product should order one immediately . By far the most impactful bio-hack of my life I’ve managed to gain at least 2-3 hours extra productivity at work due to the reduced stress levels plus a tonne of other benefits as mentioned before. 

Important Studies to show as Reference:






To buy:

Electrolytes Supplementation:

Bulletproof Zen Mode Review

Bulletproof Zen Mode Review 

A revolutionary supplement for mind and peace or daylight robbery for Dave’s most loyal customers? 

Dave added a bunch of new supplements this fall. The newly coveted Zen Mode being one of them which is surprising seeing as he  already does a lot to keep calm and cool during the day after investing thousands in neurofeedback (40 years of Zen which comes in at around ten thousand dollars) and already endorsing several meditating enhancing products. So Zen Mode came as a shock to me that he even needs something else to add even more Zen to his “Zeness “. This is his most expensive supplement per serving so is it worth it? 

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45 Tablets 15 servings in total you’re getting some: Holy Basil Leaf Extract , Ashwaganda, Saffron Stigma Extract , Zembrin. Then in conjunction to this Dave Asprey has patented a “Bulletproof zen blend”. Thrown in there you already ge:t L- theanine , vitamin B 6 , Gab , 5 HTP. Its not quantified  what quantity of which is in this supplement  unfortunately .Which was quite surprising to see Vitamin B6 on here as Dave has in the past on his podcast criticised supplements which have had individual B. vitamins in them saying that over supplementing certain B vitamins can damage the brain he has described nootropic companies who do this as careless but has seemingly now done this in his own supplement. Make sure you test your B-vitamin deficiencies  before you supplement vitamin b6 or any B Vitamin for that matter.  

What’s in the box?

Each ingredient looked at individually: 

Saffron Stigma extract:

Articles have linked this herb to promoting memory and learning retention, increasing Vitality, having Anti-Depressant properties and has been known to decrease blood pressure in some studies  


Studies in South Africa have linked this to promoting well being and decreasing stress. A study on 16 healthy individuals had a change in their amygdala reactivity to fearful faces under low perceptual load conditions was attenuated after a single 25 mg dose of Zembrin. Of course this is only 16 individuals so its hard to make a generalisation but yeah…

Holy Basil Leaf:

Proof that it enhances certain cognitive parameters in healthy adult volunteers 

5 Http:

a known serotonin producer   can increase happiness in people 

L-Theanine –

Has been known to reduce stress in numerous studies like the one above

Vitamin b6:

A lot of studies link this to reducing stress  by supplementation including the one above


  • Convenience is King and with Zen mode its certainly the case you’re getting a lot in this thick pill.10 Supplements in one saving you time having to take 10 individual supplements some of which can be harmful in large doses for example 5-HTP and Gaba. 
  • Each individual supplement has been backed by research to reduce stress. Some a lot more than others.
  • Additional Ashwaganda and Holy basil leaf can help with parasitic infections although I don’t know if the quantity is enough to have a significant impact (probably not) as the pill doesn’t weigh enough for there to be a large amount of these present.


  • Priced at £45 of a supplement you’re meant to take 3 capsules of the 45 a day meaning you get only 15 servings coming at whopping £3 a serving this is Dave Asprey’s most expensive supplement yet actually more expensive per gram than Smart Mode and with arguably cheaper ingredients. An outrageous price and is it justified? It’s difficult to quantify . It seems to some extent it could be Dave taking advantage of his loyal fanbase that simply buys everything that he puts his name on and whilst i admit I found a small increase in creativity with smart mode its difficult to quantify the impact Zen Mode had on me given that I already have “zen” due to meditation and infrared sauna both which massively reduce cortisol and stress.
  • The pills are pretty big and was the same with Smart mode these are thicker than previous supplements on Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof range. I believe some older clientele 60/70 years plus will have genuine problems swallowing these.
  • I actually had supply issues with both supplements before testing them out my Zen Mode had leaked originally and so did my supply of Smart Mode.My second batch of Zen mode in addition had leakage problems too.  
  • A few of the supplements in the blend haven’t had the best reviews. Zembrin has had bad reviews on Amazon with a users citing no change . The scientific literature backing its consumption analysed just 16 people in South Africa i don’t believe the data set is large enough to draw conclusions about it’s effectiveness. 


Zen Mode and Smart Mode are difficult to analyse on a scientific basic even though the individual components all have articles that praise them as a whole this supplement I think Zen Mode strikes me as the weakest Dave Asprey has released yet. I think if you have the disposable income to buy Zen Mode then you most likely have the disposable income to buy a clearlight infrared sauna which will give you a tonne more zen in the long run than any quantity of zen mode. There are far more effective supplements at £3 a serving I’d actually pick unfair advantage +brain octane ahead of this to give you more energy and spend time meditating instead to achieve that zen state. This was the first supplement of Dave’s that had no impact on me unfortunately but if you’re a busy go getter without the time to mediate or use a sauna then this maybe for you. It certainly kills a lot of birds with one stone though and with those with a large disposable income who are willing to splash out in your face money on a supplement that costs £3 a serving then go for it but i’d buy the Ashwaganda, Holy Basil Leave individually which will be much cheaper and will get you far more servings for your money and just consume them along with L-Theanine . I’m personally against supplementing b6 on its own without having an appropriate B-Vitamins test as is Dave Asprey. I feel all together like this can be done far cheaper buying them individually which makes it just not worth the price

Score: 4/10 

Bulletproof TrueDark™ Glasses Review V Amazon Blue light blocking glasses

True Dark Glasses a Review:

Dave Asprey’s blue light blocking Glasses after one year’s use a full usage of all three times of the true dark glasses.

Early 2017 Dave Asprey patented his 100 percent blue light blocking glasses to provide users with a potent product which protected them against all spectrums of blue light. This goes against previous models of yellow and red light blocking glasses which only block between 50-80 percent (the non true dark ones on amazon which are priced between 20-30 dollars. He also introduced day walkers glasses which are a fair bit expensive and very similar to the cheaper brands out there. Also released which ill be reviewing later were 40 percent strength blue light blocking clear glasses which are far more protective than the “blue light blocking anti-glare” provided bycompanies like Bailey Nelson and Specsavers in the UK which do only around 3-10 percent.

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How to use: Avoid fluorescent lights 2-3 hours before bedtime that will give you good sleep. I would recommend avoid buying the plastic ones off the website as the metallic ones are  much stronger and less prone to breaking. Especially if you have a large head like me as the plastic ones can be easily strained.



  • Will get you to sleep quicker and more efficiently
  • Will help you to have deeper sleep if you wear with discipline
  • Testosterone and your melatonin production will be protected allowing more natural sleep cycle.
  • Helps prevent certain cancers, as many rely on melatonin suppression to grow.
  • Really the only red light blocking glasses on the market with 95-100 Percent blue light suppression the non branded ones on amazon still let a lot of light through
  • Found the new ones with the side blue light blocking lenses to be really effective . It was great of the company to really stop all forms of light entering the eye. All  of blue light blocking glasses still let light in from the sides due to cheap design.
  • Protects your mitochondrial energy.
  • Protects testosterone for men.
  • Can help control food cravings particularly for sugary high carbohydrate foods.


  • Bit pricey, at $89 for someone buying internationally its a lot of cash but the patent that Dave Asprey put on the technology gives prospects no other choice.
  • The day walkers can be found cheaper elsewhere just check on amazon.
  • The plastic non metallic version of the glasses can be prone to breaking make sure you get the black metallic ones as they are stronger
  • Additional $25 shipping is annoying for UK customers
  • Taxes on orders $100 plus for UK customers

In conclusion these are a must by for whoever. Even at $89 they do a much better job at blocking blue light than the competitors on amazon do. For the price you’re getting a boatload of benefits not just for your sleep quality but for your eyes and other parts of the body that are prone cancers as a result of melatonin suppression.

To buy:

Ones I reviewed in the Video

“Sleep Hacking Fitovers”


Cheaper Alternatives to the Daywalkers UK:

(Im not sure what percentage of blue light they actually block. My guesses estimate between 40-60 percent)

Further Reading : Dr. T.S. Wiley  Lights out: