Microbe Formula 1: Anti-Parasite Support and Mimosa Pudica Review

Microbe Formulas Formula 1 Anti-Parasite Support : 

What’s in the box? 60 Servings per container of serving size 2. This is the latest and most recent product made by Microbe Formulas a company that specialises in parasite cleanse supplements. There are quite a few new anti-parasite supplements coming out in the US which have proven to be very effective such a Paratosin and Scram. This supplement contains a proprietary blend of; Vidanga, Neem, Triphala, Clove,  Holarrhena and a bit of the unique bioactive carbon complex the company has patented.  Other than Clove I hadn’t heard of most of these herbs so I was excited to try a blend that offered something completely new. Up until this point id taken the bare bones basics that most people parasite cleansing in the UK take: Ashwagandha, black wormwood, Siberian Ginseng all of which had been very easily obtainable in the UK.

Formula 1: Anti-Parasite Support


Even though I do love the product everyone reacts differently. Please be cautious and contact a holistic doctor before doing parasite cleanses. Some people’s lymphatic system and kidneys will need additional supplements to support them during the cleanse and Microbe Formulas sells these for UK people the ingredients in the products can be bought separately online on Amazon.  These are : MarshMallow Root, Milk Thistle and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) to name a few.

Everyone situation is different so please don’t take my review as the be all and end all of this product. For best results take with coffee and water enemas make sure you have a clean diet low sugar and are following protocols to avoid parasite infestations during the cleanse these can range from not eating sugar to not eating Sushi which is parasite-laden. I recommend following the bulletproof diet infographic by Dave Asprey to ease the stress on your gut during a cleanse a lot of people recommend going Vegan, avoiding red meat and juicing but I’ve decided not to go down this path. Epsom Salt baths too helped me a lot when dealing with detox symptoms so ensure you add that in if you see die off symptoms on the skin of acne, swollen lymphs etc. occurring.


  • This supplement was well and truly effective. I saw results and worms in my stools within 5 days of using this product. Unlike the organic Ashwagandha, black wormwood products and oil of oregano none of them were really as quick acting and potent as this. It was nice to see a product having an instant positive impact on me. 
  • Felt some improved sleep quality. I  actually enjoyed deeper sleep while taking this supplement which was a big plus although some nights I did have nightmares which are often a side effect of parasite cleanse being effective.
  • You’re getting 6 herbs/binders that are really difficult to source in the UK. Yes, 35 dollars is expensive for a supplement but across 60 days you’re looking at 58 cents a day for high-quality organic ingredients which  I believe is good value. Added to the time you will save knocking back all these supplements individually and I believe its great value. Taking them all separately will create the pain of having 10-14 tablets daily as well as quality issues with buying individual products in addition to this the price of buying these separately for £40-50 anyway so it about evens out price wise even if you include the shipping.
  • Herbs in this product are pretty tricky to source in the UK. The Neem and Triphala products have no review on their effectiveness.
  • Can be lighter on the digestive system than other products like black wormwood which have shown to do damage to the gut from long-term taking them more than 30 days. 
  • No fillers, a lot of junk supplements in the UK come with additional Magnesium Serrate or other crap like that. This supplement had nothing but the herbs which is a refreshing change given that even many high-quality supplements I’ve sourced from the US still have a lot of junk fillers. 
  • Judging by anti-parasite groups and facebook networks this product has been a hit. Having examined the posts it seems that most people have passed a lot of worms with this product. I haven’t seen such positive reviews for anything else out there so far. 
  • Saw a lot of worms in my stool after 4 weeks of taking this. The length of progress varies for everyone and everyones situation is different but I recommend taking this product for at least a year in conjunction with enemas and a clean low sugar diet. 
  • Noticed my sugar cravings went down after two months of using this supplement most probably due to having fewer parasites in my system. This has helped me on my focus, increased my willpower reserve and caused me to enjoy extra energy.


  • 25 dollar shipping is a lot of money to pay for a supplement I would actually recommend buying several of these as well as the Mimosa Pudica seed supplement too so that the shipping is paid one off rather than repeatedly. When doing cleanses you’re going to have to take them for around 2-6months at a time in order to see longterm results and preventing regrowth so I’d definitely bulk pay if I’m ordering from the EU. 
  • UK users who order above 100 dollars will most likely be hit with a high import tax. 
  • Results can vary. Some see results instantly from the first few days taking it whilst others see them much further down the line. So it’s important to note that this can get quite pricey after a while you’re going to have to see this as a long 1-2 year investment.  So all in all you are looking at around $400 dollars a year for taking this supplement plus the shipping fees makes this expensive in the long run for UK readers.
  • Have only viewed results in conjunction with Mimosa Pudica Seed supplement as well. You are going to have to take these two in conjunction for an effective cleanse. Without Mimosa Pudica Seed the effectiveness of the MF1 will be limited 
  • Can leave you a bit constipated if not taken with accurate gut support. 
  • After a while, you will need to take more of the supplement to see effects for some people and this can get pretty pricey. Increasing dosages from 2 capsules a day to 4-5 is recommended for those who don’t see results. 


The effectiveness of Microbe Formulas makes it one of the most impressive supplements I’ve ever used so far for combating parasites. View consuming this in the long-term perspective, doing anything from 2-6 month cycles then take a break to allow your body to recover (Depending on what parasites you’re fighting as some will require longer cleansing periods than others. ) Even if you’ve tested negatively for parasites it is still worth buying a few months worth of this product just to see what comes out especially if you’ve been living in abroad as (I have in South East Asia/South America/ Africa and Iran). Even living in the UK though is water may not be as toxic as the US in terms of pollutants I think a parasite cleanse is still necessary and that these products used in conjunction with appropriate support for the gut are a must. Many of the doctors who spoke at the parasite summit this year praised the product and saw massive changes some that occurred instantly within 4-5 days others happened years into the protocol. It can take time, but with detoxing patience is a virtue and I believe Microbe formula 1 is the key component to the armoury in combating against parasites. 


Links to buy:https://microbeformulas.com/products/microbe-formulas-formula-1


Milk Thistle:https://www.amazon.co.uk/Natures-Aid-DigestEeze-Equivalent-2750mg/dp/B07GZY1VFB/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1544543901&sr=1-2-spons&keywords=milk+thistle&psc=1

Mimosa Pudica by Microbe Formulas Review : 

Image result for mimosa pudica microbe formulas

Released earlier last year the Mimosa Pudica supplement is plant-based supplement designed to bind onto parasites in your system ensuring you end up pooping them out. Mimosa Pudica supplements have been hard to get hold of in the UK so this product is one of the few out there that can be used in conjunction with various other anti-parasite formulas to good effect. This product is 100 percent organic Mimosa Pudica and nothing else. 

For US buyers I think this is good value as you’re looking at $45 dollars for 60 servings which is not bad all in all. 


  • Found Worms appearing in my stool within weeks of consuming this product was fast and effective 
  • 2 months supply with each batch + shipping from the UK. 
  • No other Mimosa Pudica product like it in the market in the UK. 
  • Lots of positive responses on the Facebook Groups as well which are linked below. 


  • Depending on people’s digestive system some will experience constipation when taking this and it can be hard on your gut. 
  • When you include everything it can come out to being quite pricey adding the $25 dollar shipping for UK customers with additional heavy shipping taxes 

Conclusion: One of the most effective supplements I’ve taken but people should use with caution I recommend UK users to supplement with Milk Thistle, NAC and Marshmallow root or you can just buy the Kidney and Liver detox and take it 2 months prior to starting your parasite cleanse. Everyone’s body is different so please consult the Facebook groups below for more information on parasite cleansing. 

Link to Buy :https://microbeformulas.com/products/microbe-formulas-mimosa-pudica

Liver and Kidney support:https://microbeformulas.com/collections/all-products/products/kidney-liver-detox a lot of these supplements helped with constipation during the consumption of the product. 

Microbe Formula Mimosa Pudica:   https://microbeformulas.com/products/microbe-formulas-mimosa-pudica

Epsom salt baths: https://www.amazon.co.uk/KG-Magnesium-available-Unscented-Eucalyptus/dp/B073TKDC9B/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1545712605&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=epsom+salt+baths&psc=1

Lymphatic Drainage: 

Anti-Parasite Support: 

Support Groups: 

https://www.facebook.com/groups/131496624269261/8/10 The actually founders of the supplements are on this group and provide good support for those who have issues with the Microbe Formula supplements 

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1455869871357350/ Parasite Cleanse success stories group- Again a great level of knowledge on here, loads of people with years of experience cleaning. 

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