Top 10 Bio-Hacks for Traveling Developing world countries By The Rational Biohacker

It can be tough to maintain health and wellbeing when travelling but luckily for our blog readers we’ve drawn up a list of the Top 10 Bio-Hacks you can use for travelling the developing world. All of these have been tried and tested by me and have had a profound effect on my travelling experience.

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1. Replenish your willpower reserve using HEG Neurofeedback .

Travelling requires a lot of focus and attention for obvious reasons but when you’re in a new place traveling can a huge burden on prefrontal cortex and before you know it decision fatigue will be destroying you and .Often we give into sugar urges, temptation to drink a lot while travelling and numerous other bad habits caused by a depletion of willpower reserve. The way to combat this is using the Hemoencephalography Brain Trainer. As written in my other reviews this is by far the easiest way to get blood in the prefrontal cortex of your brain and thus replenishing your willpower reserve. So whilst your brain is getting used to the stresses and strains of travelling in a new area the  HEG will get that blood back in your prefrontal cortex which you would’ve lost due to the amount of new decisions the brain needs to make when entering a new area.

2. Manage your Sleep using TrueDark Blue light blocking glasses

For sleeping on the plane and maintaining a sleep cycle its very important to ensure you get a good night’s rest. Staring at blue light all the time on the flight when you’re meant to be sleeping is obviously not very good for you so fight it with a pair of Dave Asprey’s true dark glasses to ensure you get a good night’s rest.  For more information look at :

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3. Be Self Aware of the food you eat at all times in order not to contract parasites

Avoid eating all raw foods when you travel – foods like sushi can carry parasites which are a burden to remove from the body. Always eat freshly cooked foods and avoid buying any foods sold on the street market we know you love trying the “culture” but most of the time if you’re in South East Asia or Latin America this food has been left out for a long time or might be infested by parasites so don’t eat it. The short term pleasure of a few good seconds of mouth feel is not worth the potential devastation to your health parasite infections can cause.  Avoid eating any fruit or salads as well. Eating a salad might just be the least “bulletproof’ thing you can do on your travels. As often these are washed with tap water. I personally sustained terrible food poisoning in Thailand after eating what i thought was a healthy option ( a chicken salad) even if you don’t get sick directly you can still pick up parasites who’s effects will impact you more discretely than you think. 

4. Cook all meals yourself in order to avoid high omega 6 intake

One of the main issues with eating out in the developed world is the aggressive cooking methods they use in all these countries. For example Brazil has a culture of cooking literally everything in Soy Oil. Indonesia deep fries pretty much anything. Not only are these oils high in omega  6 which can cause extensive damage to your brain and cause cancer but vegetable oils are one of the most lethal carcinogens out there and can devastate the body according to one study:

those have found that those with diets higher in inflammation promoting omega 6 fatty acids had 40 times as much DNA damage as those with balanced ratios

Don’t put yourself through this pain and cook your meals yourself. Yes it takes extra time and yes it can deplete your willpower but the damage saved by doing so is far greater than the damage done by eating food infested with vegetable oils. When prepping meals try and go organic especially if you’re in countries which are known to use a lot of fertiliser on their vegetables for example Brazil. I would pick foods like Avocados which even grown non organically have low levels of glyphosate fertiliser on them.

5. Check if the place you’re travelling to sells Grass Fed Butter

The benefits of grass fed butter are clear according to the bulletproof health blog :

Grass fed butter has five times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than butter from grain-fed cows. CLA is a beneficial fatty acid linked to fighting cancer, preventing bone loss, and helping your body build muscle rather than store fat


Also for those who need reminding why grass fed cows are best one study showed that :

Wild plant foods can contain as much as 24 percent fat greens such as kale spinach and wild grasses contain alpha linolenic acid the building block of the omega 3 fatty acids which is why grass fed animals contain 6 times more anti inflammatory omega 3 fats than their grain fed counterparts .Animals labeled as organic often are also fed grains like corn and soy and even though these mixes are technically organic we still need to remember that grain is not the natural diet of these creatures.

From The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet and Non-Toxic Bio-Individualized Therapies Hardcover – 1 Jul 2017
by Nasha Winters

For comparisons to grainfed v grassfed: A 2001 peer reviewed article in the journal science concluded that grain based diets are very stressful for cattle not only that but they also cause ulcers and overgrowth of coli in the rumen, cattle that are grain get very sick and therefore require more antibiotics to stay alive. Even third days of corn finishing will change the fatty acid profile to be higher in omega 6 fats than omega 3s

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer: Integrating Deep Nutrition, the Ketogenic Diet and Non-Toxic Bio-Individualized Therapies Hardcover – 1 Jul 2017
by Nasha Winters

Grass Fed butter might be closer to home than you think. Anchor butter the prominent grass fed butter brand has a strong presence in South East Asia and in a few countries in Central America too: 

List of Countries with Anchor butter which I’ve purchased from and can verify:

Philippines: Available in Manila and various other islands

Cambodia: – Available in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh

Myanmar: – The big supermarkets in Yangon sold it unfortunately the other major tourist city Mandalay didn’t

Indonesia: – Tourist Hot spot Bali had Anchor butter everywhere and major supermarkets of Jakarta sell them too.

Laos: – Shops in Vientiane surprisingly do sell Anchor Butter

Thailand :  Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the two major parts of Thailand that sell Anchor butter. Also visit:

Vietnam: Big Retail stores sell it in  Ho-chi-Minh City and Hanoi

Central America:

Panama : All major super market chains in Panama City sell grass-fed butter.

Belize: Whilst Belize City doesn’t sell anchor butter the popular tourist island of Cay Caulker does.

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So far these are the countries I’ve been to  which have had grass fed butter available . You should check the farming practices of the country before you visit them and judge if their meat is worth eating. Latin American countries like Columbia and Argentina for example have nearly all grass fed meat because its cheaper for them to have cows that are grass fed rather than lock them in a cage and feed them grain like we do here in the UK with most of our animals. 

6. Stock up on Paleo Bars/ Bulletproof Bars before you go.

For my last trip to Myanmar i actually just stocked up on bulletproof  bars before i went because the local food was just so greasy and nearly all deep fried.  If you’re travelling for a short period of time why not just take your own food. For a 1-3 week trip it’s easy just to take some nutritious snack bars and then eat them combined with bulletproof coffee which is easy to make as long as you got your own frother and you’re good to go. This will mean you don’t have to eat any of the local food which will be most ideal because in most countries in Central/South America/ Asia they cook foods with a lot of high omega 6 oil, gluten and MSG. It’s best to be self disciplined and prep your own food at all times  and nothing saves time and keeps you on track than a healthy bar. 

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Health food bars we recommend for those in the UK:

Adonis low sugar bars:

Dr. Mercola bars:

Pumpkin Spice bars and apple pie bars:

CAUTION: The above two contain a lot of coconut oil which can cause loose stools if over-consumed. Eat around 2 a day maybe one if you can’t tolerate Brain Octane oil well. Start small and build up , please don’t have your bowels on my conscience.

7. Parasite Cleanse After Travelling

Its what after you do after your travels that makes a long standing impact on your health as well. Make sure you test for parasites after your holidays and take a parasite cleanse for 6 month after you travel at the very least. Parasites are everywhere nowadays even in the world’s most developed nations. So it’s important you stay disciplined and take the right herbs and supplements after your holidays are finished. I recommend Microbe Formulas Mimosa Pudica + a strong anti-parasite formula like Paratosin, MF1 or Scram! (all of these available in the US but Paratosin and MF1 can be shipped abroad. ) For more information check out

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Even if you’ve been cautious about what you’ve eaten during your holidays parasites can still find a way through and they can be having an impact on you without you realising. 

8. Mitigate EMF exposure

Though this is getting exceedingly difficult as more and more planes are having WIFI. Try and start with the easiest protect against light EMF with blue light blocking glasses. Flying on older aircraft mean less likely the plane will be equipped with WIFI. Keep Cell phones on aeroplane mode etc.

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9.Be cautious of your water consumption

Be cautious about your water consumption at all times. Try and buy water thats in a glass bottle Avoid ordering salads as these might have been cleaned with dirty water. It’s impossible to analyse when and which restaurants will cut corners in this way but its important to fear the worst. I wouldn’t even eat out at all when travelling South East Asia and Latin America as stated before.Further tips with your water consumption include:

Don’t order any drink with ice in it. While this is classic bread and butter travel advice it has serious reasoning behind it. The ice used maybe dirty water and this water can carry parasitic infections.

Drink Glass bottled water: Drink actual natural mineral water from a glass bottle that will be low BPA to protect your testosterone levels.  Avoid the cheap water bottles that are high BPA and low in minerals. Yes its cheaper but its harming your health! Stick to glass bottles no matter what the cost. 

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Put Grapefruit seed Extract in your drinks before you consume them this can help eradicate parasites in the drink (for more information see the parasite summit talks) :

10. Avoid Vaccines before traveling:

If you REALLY need a vaccine (mandatory) before travelling a certain country to the point where you wont be allowed in then I recommend avoid going to that country and pick a new one with less restrictions instead. At the end of the day vaccines mean aluminium and mercury entering your body which will increase the stress and burden on your health. Avoid the heavy metals and avoid taking vaccines prior to travel. You could be doing massive damage to yourself in the long run. For more information check out:

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  1. I totally agree with the article. Those who love to travel may face serious problems with digestion. Proper cooking is not possible if you want to travel around the world unless you spend a lot of money on food. Moreover, local cuisine may cause allergic symptoms.


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