Bulletproof TrueDark™ Glasses Review V Amazon Blue light blocking glasses

True Dark Glasses a Review:

Dave Asprey’s blue light blocking Glasses after one year’s use a full usage of all three times of the true dark glasses.

Early 2017 Dave Asprey patented his 100 percent blue light blocking glasses to provide users with a potent product which protected them against all spectrums of blue light. This goes against previous models of yellow and red light blocking glasses which only block between 50-80 percent (the non true dark ones on amazon which are priced between 20-30 dollars. He also introduced day walkers glasses which are a fair bit expensive and very similar to the cheaper brands out there. Also released which ill be reviewing later were 40 percent strength blue light blocking clear glasses which are far more protective than the “blue light blocking anti-glare” provided bycompanies like Bailey Nelson and Specsavers in the UK which do only around 3-10 percent.

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How to use: Avoid fluorescent lights 2-3 hours before bedtime that will give you good sleep. I would recommend avoid buying the plastic ones off the website as the metallic ones are  much stronger and less prone to breaking. Especially if you have a large head like me as the plastic ones can be easily strained.



  • Will get you to sleep quicker and more efficiently
  • Will help you to have deeper sleep if you wear with discipline
  • Testosterone and your melatonin production will be protected allowing more natural sleep cycle.
  • Helps prevent certain cancers, as many rely on melatonin suppression to grow.
  • Really the only red light blocking glasses on the market with 95-100 Percent blue light suppression the non branded ones on amazon still let a lot of light through
  • Found the new ones with the side blue light blocking lenses to be really effective . It was great of the company to really stop all forms of light entering the eye. All  of blue light blocking glasses still let light in from the sides due to cheap design.
  • Protects your mitochondrial energy.
  • Protects testosterone for men.
  • Can help control food cravings particularly for sugary high carbohydrate foods.


  • Bit pricey, at $89 for someone buying internationally its a lot of cash but the patent that Dave Asprey put on the technology gives prospects no other choice.
  • The day walkers can be found cheaper elsewhere just check on amazon.
  • The plastic non metallic version of the glasses can be prone to breaking make sure you get the black metallic ones as they are stronger
  • Additional $25 shipping is annoying for UK customers
  • Taxes on orders $100 plus for UK customers

In conclusion these are a must by for whoever. Even at $89 they do a much better job at blocking blue light than the competitors on amazon do. For the price you’re getting a boatload of benefits not just for your sleep quality but for your eyes and other parts of the body that are prone cancers as a result of melatonin suppression.

To buy:

Ones I reviewed in the Video


“Sleep Hacking Fitovers”


Cheaper Alternatives to the Daywalkers UK:


(Im not sure what percentage of blue light they actually block. My guesses estimate between 40-60 percent)

Further Reading : Dr. T.S. Wiley  Lights out:https://www.amazon.com/Lights-Out-Sleep-Sugar-Survival/dp/0671038680/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1545321454&sr=8-2&keywords=t.s+wiley

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