Air Doctor Review- Still worth the money in 2021?


For those in the UK, you will have to purchase this on the Dutch-based website of Aqua Tru. This comes in at about £400 but can vary depending on sales and promotions. For those in the US, there are frequent sales for this product, and prices can vary from $350-550. For those who are most patient, I recommend waiting till Black Friday to get the best possible deal. As of time of writing, I received no additional taxes from importing from the Netherlands to the UK. Although, this may change in the future for other customers due to Britain’s departure from the EU. 

To buy for UK and EU:


This was a bit frustrating as I ordered in February. Two days later, they told me they were out of stock which was a shame. I finally received my filter late March. I felt the website could’ve been a bit more organised in terms of notifying people that their product was out of stock. 

Prices for Changing the Filters:  Around £150 a year for those in the UK for all three filters to be changed :


UltraHEPA( TM ) FILTER is independently tested to remove 100% of airborne particles at 0.003 microns in size. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) up to 373 rating. Powerful intake fans purify air 3x per hour in a 900 sq. ft. room – a larger space than most apartments and offices! 

There are three filters here. First, a Pre Filter will remove large contaminantes like animal hair and dust. Then,a “dual action gas trip filter” will remove ozone and gas like formaldehyde. Then an UltraHEPA filter “100 times” more effective than ordinary HEPA filters is able to remove nearly 100 percent of the smallest particulates in the air. 

Warranty: 1 Year 


  • The night mode – even though this product emits blue light, which as we know has the ability to disrupt sleep and circadian rhythms, the Air Doctor comes with a night mode which blocks off all the blue light, which is extremely useful for those wanting to maximise their sleep quality. This was the first brand I’d tested that actually did this, which is a huge plus for them. 
  • Pricing – for the power and what you’re getting, I say it’s the best value air filter in Europe compared to the mainstream brands like the IQAir. 
  • The noise is very tolerable. Even on its highest settings, it wasn’t annoying or distracting. Compared to other major models, this was the most impressive sound wise. 
  • Slick feel and easy set up 


  • The “air quality monitor” seems like a rather pointless addition – anyone looking to buy an air quality monitor should do so separately as it’s not economically viable for any company to add a truly reliable air filter in a £400 product that already is using expensive HEPAs. 
  • Delivery was slow compared to other products on air filters we tested. They said they were “in stock” when in reality, they were backlogged for a month. 
  • 1 year warranty is significantly lower than others. 


The majority of the top end air filter brands are only obtainable in the US and require paying extortionate shipping costs to the UK in order to purchase them. Air Doctor is one of the few brands that’s actually available to buy for those based in the UK and EU at a reasonable price, and for those looking to improve their home, it’s a definite go-to. 


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