Clear Light Infrared Saunas Portable Dome Review

Clearlight infrared saunas have been functioning in Europe for a while now and I have written a review about why I believe that they are the best infrared saunas on the market having used mine for 8 months straight I have to say this was the single best bio-hack I’ve used in terms of combatingContinue reading “Clear Light Infrared Saunas Portable Dome Review”

Bulletproof Zen Mode Review

Bulletproof Zen Mode Review  A revolutionary supplement for mind and peace or daylight robbery for Dave’s most loyal customers?  Dave added a bunch of new supplements this fall. The newly coveted Zen Mode being one of them which is surprising seeing as he  already does a lot to keep calm and cool during the dayContinue reading “Bulletproof Zen Mode Review”

Bulletproof TrueDark™ Glasses Review V Amazon Blue light blocking glasses

True Dark Glasses a Review: Dave Asprey’s blue light blocking Glasses after one year’s use a full usage of all three times of the true dark glasses. Early 2017 Dave Asprey patented his 100 percent blue light blocking glasses to provide users with a potent product which protected them against all spectrums of blue light.Continue reading “Bulletproof TrueDark™ Glasses Review V Amazon Blue light blocking glasses”