Sovereign Labs: Liposomal Colostrum Review

A lot of this information was accumulated from Dr. Alicia Galvin during her podcast  

 Why Liposomal? Bovine Colostrum is best absorbed in Liposomal form, so I would recommend everyone to purchase it in this format. As far as I’m aware, there’s only one website in the UK that’s not Amazon that is selling it at the moment. 

Colostrum can make a big impact on a person’s health with those with Chronic GI conditions and those with autoimmune problems.  Liposomal form bypasses and protects the proteins while helping the colostrum dissolve in liquids, allowing it to remove directly through the bowel wall and circulate throughout the body, so it can remain bioavailable at the cellular level.  High heat pasteurisation can destroy up to 60 percent of the IGG in colostrum, so a preferable method is a technique that is high temperature or short time pasteurization because it remains that the bioactivity of the colostrum is high while destroying pathogens. 

Bovine Colostrum comes before the true milk comes through and tapers off 72 hours after birth. The first 24 hours of collection of colostrum is the most nutrient dense. 

Culturally, it’s considered very sacred in ancient India, and it was widely used. In places like Kenya, it’s extremely popular. It’s been used throughout history to support human health and has many lifesaving properties when consumed. 

There are many antibodies found in our immune system that are also found in colostrum. During embryo development, the baby’s immune system is not fully developed at birth. The baby is protected in the womb because the potential harmful agents cannot pass the placental barrier, but at birth, the baby will lose this protection from the mother. In mammals, like cows, the young are passively immunised with colostrum, so in these mammals, it’s a vitally important part of the birthing process.

It’s not human colostrum that has the most benefit to humans. Bovine colostrum is the only colostrum that contains all of the growth factors that are found in other species, so their colostrum contains a lot of immune and health factors. Bovine colostrum has 30-40 times the amount of beneficial colostrum than which is produced by humans. Because the human placenta allows the passage of the IGGS, but the placenta of the cow does not allow the passage of IGGS from the mother to calf. 

Human colostrum has more IGA while bovine colostrum has more IGGs. We as humans can really benefit from the higher IGG systemic immune system function. The signalling peptides PRPs inter-sculling signalling molecules can turn the immune system up when it’s time to help the immune system or turn it down when it’s time to fight an autoimmune condition (when the immune system is overreacting). PRPs, or proline rich polypeptides, peptides are short chain amino acids.  The immune system wants to be balanced between its TH1 and TH2 helper cells. Autoimmune diseases usually occur when there’s an imbalance between TH1 and TH2. They will stimulate the suppressor T cells or stimulate the other side. Colostrum can really help balance the immune system. 


  • If you’ve had an organ transplant
  • If you’re trying for a baby 
  • If you’re currently pregnant 
  • If you have a serious sensitivity to dairy – if a lactose intolerant person can tolerate hard cheese they may be able to tolerate colostrum. Colostrum is only about two percent lactose.  Colostrum is pre-milk, not mature milk, which means it has a higher concentration of immune balancing properties, so if someone has a dairy sensitivity, it helps to lessen those effects. If someone has a true aggressive reaction to dairy, they should still not consume it. 

Good for those with: 

  • Psoriasis 
  • Eczema 
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Leaky Gut 
  • Can be used for acne too 

Colostrum is there as a “perfect food” for any mammal to consume, so for survival of the species, colostrum is very important. 

Lactoferrin 6 percent binding protein, it will bind up the free iron and has the ability to penetrate cell walls, causing the cell to burst. Lactoferrin is a potent destroyer of viruses like hepatitis B and C and protects the offspring from potential pathogens. 

The growth factors in colostrum help to repair the damage in the intestinal permeability which is what causes leaky gut. Leaky Gut is seen as a key factor to a lot of autoimmune conditions, so colostrum is seen as one of the best supplements to nip this problem in the bud.  This growth factor helps maintain proper permeability and decrease rising leaky gut rates. 


  • Food based intervention because its derived from milk 
  • Typically very well tolerated 
  • Can be consumed orally or applied topically directly on the areas of skin which are inflamed (Cyst, wound etc.) 
  • Sovereign Labs have a great reputation and are endorsed by a good number of doctors, biohackers etc. (I have no affiliation with them) 
  • Felt my bowel movements massively improve after taking colostrum. Fantastic for bowel regularity. 
  • Was an easy way to improve the taste and creaminess of my bulletproof coffee. 
  • Can help patients with Celiac disease, depending on where they’re starting from. For someone newly diagnosed with celiac, colostrum can close those gut permeability junctures and can help to improve things. 
  • Lowering skin irritation 
  • No adverse effects with taking them long term 
  • Liposomal, even though being more expensive, requires less doses than the normal form. 
  • Good for those with IBS and bother gut problems 
  • Studies done with colostrum, stacked with probiotics and prebiotics showed it was more effective than a vaccine. Studies also showed that colostrum was 3 times more effective than vaccines at combating the flu.  Source: More Discussion on the Ben Greenfield podcasts:
  • Lactoferrin is a very potent antiviral. 


  • The packaging was very weak, and it unfortunately had several holes before it was delivered to me. 


  • Reasonably priced at £81.95 for 454 grams (90 servings), you’re looking at a decent 3 months supply, coming in at less than £1 a day. A bit more expensive than non liposomal forms, but as mentioned beforehand, this price is offset by the larger rate of absorption. 

Moral Questions: Many people on health forums often have moral questions as to the usage of Liposomal Colostrum, thinking it’s unfair to rob a calf of its food, and these are pretty reasonable concerns. You must do your research on colostrum brands yourself and ensure that the brand you’re using sources their colostrum ethically.  

Mature dairy cows produce 80 – 100 pounds of colostrum in the first four days. The general rule is a calf needs 5-6 percent of its body weight the first 24 hours (4 pounds). The average calf consumes 16 pounds in the first 24 hours, and the calf’s gut will then close, becoming more impermeable after 6 hours the calf will absorb less of the nutrients. In total, there’s a net amount of colostrum left over. 


At the time of writing, we are still dealing with the effects of Covid-19, and many are searching for alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. The studies out there support that colostrum is good for leaky gut, and for me, personally having suffered from this condition before, I’ve found it to be very useful in enhancing my gut and bowel health. If you have chronic gut, parasite, and other health issues, colostrum can be an invaluable weapon in your arsenal against it. At £80 for a 3 month supply, it’s definitely worth a punt if you’re struggling with bowel problems to give Sovereign Labs’ Liposomal Colostrum a try. 

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