Guide to making cheap Keto Bulletproof Coffee and a pricier “Upgraded” version.

I wanted to make two bulletproof coffees one cheap one expensive to show how it can be made on a budget as times are tough but i still think you can make this fantastic Keto coffee without spending a fortune for those doing Keto diets in the UK.

The Cheap way 

  • Coffee Functional self : This coffee is fantastic and goes through the same “bulletproof process” and comes in at about £6-8 cheaper per bag. Tested for performance robbing moulds that i find present in a lot of coffees. Same proccess, organic, and comes in a reyclable bag ( The bulletproof coffee bag as far I’m aware isn’t)  £10 for around 10- 12 servings . £1 per serving
  • Butter – Kerrygold, good to some degree although recent articles have come out saying that in the winter time the Kerrygold Cows are fed grain which can effect the Omega 3 ratio so be wary. £2 for around 10 servings 20p a serving If you’re sensitive to Ghee I recommend using Ossa grass fed Ghee which can be bought at whole foods for £9.99 for around 12 servings worth.
  • MCT oil- C8 from Keto Source- Great oil and not too hard on the gut compared to other mcts. Value wise its much better than Bulletproof C8 oil £18.99 I’d go for the glass bottle version to avoid the BPA which can really harm testosterone   levels in men and women. 33 servings which comes in at 57 pence a serving . Please start with a small serving as it can be harmful to the gut in large doses to those who are not used to it.
  • Collagen– I recommend using Hunter Gatherer collagen, the quality is great as it’s grass fed plus it comes in a reachable paper bag so its great to see a company putting that extra effort in to make a product echo friendly. This is just an excellent value product all over in my opinion. £15.95 400 grams comes out to 26 servings comes to 61 pence a serving 
  • Step one: heat up mineral water from a glass bottle (40p) , avoid tap water because of all the heavy metals and toxic pollutants. 
  • Step Two: Grind the beans and add the water to it. 
  • Step Three: Add the C8 and Collagen and froth it up voila you’re done. 

Overall the price per serving of this coffee is £2.77 cheaper than a mould toxin laden Starbucks venti .

The Pricier but more brain and gut Boosting way: 

  • Coffee – Capacity Coffee: Love the taste of this Arabica grounded coffee it is simply sublime tasting and its full of nootropics  £19.99 for 30 comes in a £0.63 per serving 
  • Butter- Glenilen Farm better 180 grams , one of the few UK’s all organic Irish butter sources that feed their cows grass all year round alternatives are also available at Whole Foods. £2.60 lasts 7 Coffees 0.37 per serving 
  • C8  oil – Bulletproof, I still love the brand even though this oil is a bit overpriced I still take it. £41 divided by 63 table spoons makes for 65 pence a serving 
  • Collagen ; Again i’d stick with Hunter Gatherer collagen as its the best quality theres not too much difference between the college brands I’ve found .   £15.95 400 grams comes out to 26 tablespoons servings comes to 61 pence a servings 

What Else extra I’d add 

This is where the situation gets a bit tricky but i’ve found adding these extra supplements  to really boost the effects of bulletproof coffee and can keep you in ketosis longer plus make up for the certain nutrients that bulletproof coffee is lacking. 

KÄÄPÄ Health Mushrooms :

  • Fantasic wild Finnish mushrooms that I find really perk me up and add energy/immunity.  Read the book “Cancer and the new Biology of water” To find out about  the benefits of of Chaga Mushrooms.  I put Chaga, Maitake ,Shitake in they are around £27 per bottle, containing around 25 servings each coming at £1.08 a Serving X 3 bottles in total £3.24 a serving 


Bulletproof InnerFuel Prebiotic Fibre:

  • One aspect that the Bulletproof coffee and Keto is sorely lacking in is fibre and this has long been my complaint with the diet that Keto lovers get wrong in is their complete omission of anything fibre related which can be very harmful in the long run. Inner fuel prebiotic contains fibre and preboitics to help maintain gut health something that the Keto diet in general struggles to do in the long run.  £44 for 20 servings coming in at  £2.20 a serving can be purchased for UK users at Functional Self here:
  • C60 oil, for more information see my C60 oil blog boost id go to one step and either add it in in MCT oil form using the brand Purple Power at or just take a tea spoon of the olive oil version from c360 labs straight after you drink your Bulletproof Coffee I think this will really maintain your fasts for longer and optimise your mitochondrial health.  

C60 bought from functional self  (C360 brand) £89 for 48 servings this will help stop future cravings and the addition of olive oil is a great way to stay in ketosis. This comes to £1.93 a serving. Read for the further benefits in my other blog post here:

How to make? 

  • Add mineral water from a class bottle  (40p) 
  • Add the Capacity Coffee 
  • Organic Butter 
  • C8 “Brain Octane oil” 
  • Bulletproof InnerFuel Prebiotic Fibre 
  • Add the Mushrooms  
  • Collagen 
  • Then blend and enjoy
  • After take a spoon of C60 Oil you should be in Ketosis for a longer period of time as a result.

Total Cost: £10.14 per serving but will leave you full , in Ketosis, brain powered , immune boosted and will really help stop food cravings. 

Potential additions: Nick’s stevia although its not to everyones taste and can still cause insulin spikes that can take you out of Ketosis. 

Conclusion : Bulletproof Coffee can be enjoyed with the right budgeting and if you can spend a little bit more can be greatly enhanced to stop food cravings and can leave you in a fasted state for a much longer period of time. If you can’t afford the expensive ingredients it’s ok as the cheap version will still leave your brain charged up and will diminish food cravings try and do as best as you can with your available budget.

Further Info:

If you’re from the UK and you like to Purchase Functional Self Coffee, C360, Innerfuel Prebiotic , Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil, KÄÄPÄ Health mushrooms please go here:

Recommend Reading:

Cancer and the New Biology of Water :

Super Human- Dave Asprey:

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