TrueDark V BluBlox Glasses which one should I purchase? Full Review of Glasses plus their bulbs.

As Bluelight Toxicity becomes an ever increasing burden on our  health  lots of new companies are coming out with ways that can minimise it’s jeopardising effects on us most notably with blue light blocking glasses. The problem is these glasses have flooded the market with “cheaper” alternatives which don’t block all spectrums of blue light. It’s important when buying blue light glasses to go for quality over the cheap amazon alternatives that may be good price wise but still let in a lot of the spectrums . 

I bought a pair of True Dark glasses in 2017 which were the first fully “red tinted” glasses made by Dave Asprey which were a real game changer for me , they full blocked 99 percent of the junk light at night time and made me sleep infinitely better. Then in 2020 I heard on a podcast about a new company BlubBox of which the founder had tested 6 pairs of the leading blue light blocking glasses on the market only to find out that almost all of them didn’t block 100 percent of all the spectrums of junk light at night. From this they created BluBlox a a brand of red light blocking glasses promising to block all 100 percent of junk light. 

Now both have their advantages and disadvantages and neither are unfortunately the perfect glasses but I came up with some of my own conclusions after having used both pairs excessively. 

To buy Truedark here in the UK :

Lens quality 

The lens is the most important aspect of any red light blocking glasses. After all whats the point in buying the glasses if they’re not going to block out the spectrums of light you want them to block for you. In this head to head  BluBlox blows TrueDark  out of the water. I really fell asleep much quicker wearing BluBlox. Another big pro of the lens is that it was much easier to see at night than the True Dark lens which was all together too  “Dark” to look out of . Walking on the street at night for example I feel much more comfortable wearing BluBlox Frames. 

BLUblox Wayfarer Sleep+ 100% Blue/Green Light Blocking Glasses: Business, Industry & Science

Frame Quality 

This is where TrueDark has the one up on BluBlox. BluBlox frames were simply woeful, cheaply made and survived only 3 days before coming apart. On the other hand the Truedark strong frame has shown no signs of breakage even have 2 years of abuse from me and my massive head. It’s a shame on BluBox’s front to sell something so expensive with such a weak frame that can’t take the pressure of me lying on it whilst i sleep at night. The TrueDark frame also comes with the light blockers on the side of your head which is another big plus. If you’re planning to travel a lot or intensively using BluBlox I’d be very careful with it’s weak frame. 

Buy TrueDark Twilight Fitovers — LiveHelfi EN

Pricing of Glasses : 

Truedark Glasses

Depending where you are in the world the pricing for these glasses will obviously differ.  As a person in UK we are looking at $89 dollars plus shipping and import tax for Truedark but you can buy off functional self for £76.90 here:  

Daylight pro come in at $69  for people in the US 

BluBlox Pricing: 

Unfortunately for UK and American peeps despite the free shipping you’re still pay £100 for the glasses alone (the type I reviewed)  plus tax you’re looking at around £130. If you use the discount code at the end of the blog you can get 15 percent off.  Prices for RaOptics are around £99.

Clear “daylight pro” equivalent you’re looking at in my review  is around  £80 the equivalent rim to what i reviewed for Trudark £52.60  .  Then to add additional prescription another £75 I would definitely recommend getting a prescription as you really need to wear these all the time indoors where we are being bombarded with blue light.  All in all you’re looking at about £160-£170 plus import tax for the prescription glasses. RaOptics prescription glasses come in at around a similar price. 

Customer Service 

I found this to be another area where Truedark simply excelled in, they were quite simply excellent .  I had a problem with their earlier weaker frame design which lasted 4 months ( still much longer than BluBlox and under more significant strain of travel) The company sent out their strongest pair free of charge (that pair lasted me two years ) In contrast BluBlox were pretty dismissive of my problems through email and simply told me to send it back to . Which left me feeling a bit perplexed that they didn’t seem to care much about an issue which numerous customers (based on the review) had complained about previously and offered no refunds or reimbursements. 

Additional Info: 

For every pair of BluBlox glasses that are sold, they sponsor a brand new pair of reading glasses to an individual in need, helping them to experience the world differently with the Charity Making this company really and truly a fantastic example of modern day entrepreneurship selling a fantastic product that enriches people’s health whilst also donating to charity.   BluBlox are designed and made in Australia whereas all of Truedark’s products are made in China. 

Other Products Comparison: 

The Bulbs Price Comparison: 

Lumi Sleep+ | BLUblox in 2020 | Blue light bulb, Bulb, Light bulbs

BluBlox LumiSleep Bulb comes in at £15 

TrueDark Bulb starts at  $40 or on the FunctionalSelf Website for £32  lasting around 27 years of usage according to the packaging. 

TrueDark – Truelight Luna Red Sunset Sleep Light

Despite the Truedark lightbulb coming in at twice the price of the Blublox red light Bulb the Truedark bulb has three different light functions settings making it easier to use before bed time when you might need a bit of extra light if you’re reading or doing work in bed. Found light bulbs like these really make it a lot easier to get to sleep. Remember even a small amount of blue light hitting your skin can impact your sleep.

BluBlox Remedy Sleep Mask: 

Comes in at £35 and is extremely useful for offering a pitch black experience for your eyes making sleep a lot easier. I’d really recommend these for flights as i personally find it very difficult to get to sleep on them.

TrueDark Night light or Portable Nightlight  :


Red night light , very useful for carrying out tasks during the night , for reading or for making trips to the toilet. At $50 i find this to be a fantastic for travel or reading.

Then you have the nightlight which comes in at $39  great for placing near the toilet when you need to go during the night without requiring you to switch on lights. Also can be fantastic for kids who want to sleep next to a nightlight before they go to bed without getting any influence of junk light.


Both companies produce fantastic blue light blocking glasses. I found that Truedark had much better durability, build quality and customer service  but BluBlox for me had lenses that were easier to look out of and use at night. Overall the pricing of both products once you take into account import tax and shipping costs is pretty much the same unless you live in US in which case its probably better price wise to get the Truedark if you live in Australia it will make a lot more sense to get BluBlox. Overall both companies bulbs and glasses will enhance your sleep quality and make you feel refreshed more so than any Big Pharma medication or sleeping tabs will. 

To buy :

All the products listed here are available at :

Uk Customers for Truedark :

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