Carbon 60 the game changer supplement in 2020?

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C360 Health Review:

What is Carbon 60?

Carbon 60 is an atrophic form of carbon atoms. An allotrope is the form where it is based on the same atom, but is configured differently. It is a recognition of carbon atoms. Originally discovered in 1985, it has now been around for 34 years. In the past, most people were using it directly or combining it with water, but the results were not great. It had some gene toxicity that wasn’t ideal. Scientist then started binding it to fats, and it became bioavailable. From this came a famous study in which rats lived 90 percent longer when they took c60. To ensure adequate absorption of C60, you must examine the quality of the oil: ideally, you are looking for 1 part fullerenes to 99 parts oil. Based on the type of oil you take it in, it will be compatible with different aspects of your body. Different oils work for different individuals. C360 is the brand that uses only olive oil, but other brands in the US and UK have used oils varying from MCT to avocado, and even high omega-6 oils like pumpkin seed or sunflower oil. 

C360 is a patent of cellular enhancement in the biological system through the use of lipfolades . The improvement of mitochondrial and ATP Production helps to increase energy, reduce food cravings, and achieve an overall better sense of well-being. It is a nanomolecule that contains an assortment of ingredients that exhibit antioxidant properties 270 times stronger than Vitamin C, eliminate scar tissue, and rehabilitate injured tissues. The result is an increase in energy, alertness, and overall well-being. 

Carbon 60 was discovered in the 1980s when scientists realised that they could form strange structures of sixty carbon atoms. These structures were incredibly stable, and resembled the geodesic dome shape containing the linked pentagons and hexagons originally designed by architect Buckminster Fuller. The three lead scientists later won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this discovery. They named the shape “buck minterfullerene” in honour of Fuller, but it is more commonly known as carbon 60. Carbon 60 is a superconductor, which may be why in studies it is shown to help your mitochondria efficiently complete the chemical process it uses to produce energy. It also has a powerful antioxidant effect that can cross the lipid bilayer membranes of cells. Carbon 60 additionally causes antioxidants to scavenge for and destroy free radicals inside your cells, leading to powerful anti-aging effects. 

In a 2012 study on rats, carbon 60 led to a 90 percent life span increase. With the average human lifespan at an age of seventy-nine, carbon 60 could theoretically help the average person get to a hundred and fifty. Even if the life span increase isn’t the same, it could be pretty amazing. The researchers conducting the study concluded that the dramatic effect on life span was mainly due to the attenuation of age-associated increases in oxidative stress.

Why olive oil? 

Olive oil is intriguing because it works very well with lactic acid works well in terms of how it is absorbed in the cell membrane. Cell membranes seem to work better with lactic acid compared to MCT oil. Cell membranes swap out more readily with lactic acid, which is why avocado and olive oil are the preferred choice ahead of MCT oil. 

How does C360 give me more energy? 

C360 negates oxidative stress on the mitochondria and keeps the homeostatic balance high. Because a lot of energy is normally spent negating oxidative stress, your body functions more effectually when you’re not losing that energy. This is why people usually feel more energetic when taking C60. 

What about pets? 

On Dave Asprey’s interview with Ian Mitchell, he cited the 223 percent increase in fighting off inflammation in cytokines in dogs within two hours according, to the C360 site. A test was run on mice to investigate the impact of C360. They tested it on heavily-tumoured rats, who then had a 93 percent life extension compared to the initially expected lifespan. C60 has grown rampantly in popularity as a supplement for pets, with many in the health world, including Dave Asprey, using it for their dogs and cats. Suppliers like C360 health and Purple Power also make supplements that are designed specifically for pets.

Product Range 

Carbon 60 Plus and Carbon 60 Plus Extra Strength are both lipfullerenes with highly potent antioxidants. Revive and Rejuvenate also contain these powerful antioxidants, in addition to powerful all natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Then you have the hair serum, though it is currently unavailable. You also have a selection for dogs and cats.

What Does C360 Rejuvenate have which other Carbon 60 Products don’t have? 

The conventional basic C60 product that C360 sells seems to be the same as the leading brands on the market like Purple Power, which is also a 99.9 percent olive oil, 0.01 percent Carbon60 combination. However, the men’s Rejuvenate product that I also reviewed offers some additional supplements in the mix that can enhance the effects of C60. It has the additional three following supplements used in its formula: 

Serratiopeptidase, which actually used to be a pharmaceutical in Japan, is often found in joint support compounds and was downgraded to a supplement because they couldn’t show that it was bioavailable enough. In the patent, however, they showed that it works well in the right delivery, used in conjunction with carbon 60 for more muscle recovery and increased strength. 

Carnosine is also included for repair and restorative effects.

CQ10 is added to increase cell function and is a master antioxidant providing further ATP energy for the mitochondria. C60 combined with CQ10 can improve heart function. It also complements CBD oil well without negating the effects.

What Dosage Should I Take? 

This depends on a person’s weight, but I recommend 1 teaspoon based on the bottle. Take this dose for around 5 days, then take 2 days off. A teaspoon a day for most people should be sufficient, but again, with most supplements it’s about consistency over a long period of time. 


As of now, C360 Health is only available on one online vendor in the UK, Functional Self:

The price of the standard 4 oz bottle is £29, making it significantly cheaper than Purple Power, which prices the same size bottle at £75. 

Pros and Cons of c360 Health 

Please note that not all these product benefits were experienced by me personally, as they are mainly written from testimonials from the Purple Power Podcast, the C360 website, and other blogs. I’ve personally experienced slight hair growth, improved energy and cognition levels, and better sleep scores on my Oura ring. I’ve also noticed greater libido and improved testosterone levels. 


  • There is no “lethal dose.” They did testing on rats and gave them 1 million times the legal dose and it caused no harm. There are few reports of people having difficulties absorbing the product or processing it. 
  • Provides protection from varying different types of radiation, including UV radiation.
  • Improved cognition and better sleep quality when taking this product. 
  • Restores hormone imbalances in men and women.
  • Restores oestrogen in women, which can help fight urinary tract infections. 
  • Helps with kidney infections.
  • Aids with testosterone production, according to a number of customers of the C60 brand Purple Power.
  • It is the only celebrity-endorsed C60 product at the moment. Dave Asprey and Ben Greenfield both say it is good. I know they’re not the know-it-alls of the world, but they certainly give it some credit. In addition to this, Todd Shipmann was full of praise of this product in his Instagram posts. 
  • The testimonials on their website seem legit, and it appears that people have really recovered from some serious illnesses due to this product. 
  • It can be mixed with organic olive oil for maximum absorption, while other C60 oils on the market in the UK have used inflammatory oils like sunflower. 
  • The rats that used this product lived 90 percent longer. If you get even a fraction of that in your longevity, then this product seems worth the squeeze.
  • Reasonably priced compared to most high-end supplements on the market. £29 for one bottle lasting 6 weeks is completely reasonable, and far cheaper than the price of the high end c60 products in the UK that use more inflammatory oils. Better value than the competitor brand Purple Power.
  • Seems to offer anti-inflammatory effects that can protect against ionising and non-ionising radiation. This makes it one of the few products on the market today that is such a strong “all-rounder.” 
  • Can save you money in the long run by making you less reliant on other supplements and medications. I’ve found myself spending less money on other supplements like Vitamin C as a result of using this product. 
  • Helps combat Hashimoto’s.
  • Helps to combat demacular degradation.  
  • Helps improve fertility for men and women and restores hormone levels. 
  • C60 goes out through the liver and the gallbladder, and before you go drinking, you can take a shot to help with detox from alcohol.
  • Help protect against oxidized free radicals, which can include EMFs. Rats exposed to high levels of radiation were left unharmed when consuming c60 beforehand. This makes it very good to take prior to flights. 
  • Helps with PMS by reducing inflammation.
  • Can aid liver function. 
  • Enhances hair growth. The c360 hair product is unfortunately not for sale to people in the UK and EU, but there have been numerous reports of people showing regrowth in hair. The hair serum used in conjunction with red light therapy has been shown to regrow hair. Both Dave Asprey (hair on his eyebrows) and Todd Shipman (hair on the back of his head) recorded regrowth. (For more information on this, check out Biohacker Tribe) 
  • In regards to the rejuvenate product, it is the only C360 product on the market that combines Serratiopeptidase, CQ10, and Carnosine.
  • Increases the lengths of telomeres, according to the “Purple Power Podcast.” 
  • Detoxifies certain types of heavy metals because of the spherical configuration the C360 can bind onto toxins, and carries them out of your system

Effect of C60: When one customer on the Purple Power Podcast had telomeres tested at age 54, he had the telomeres of a 53-year-old. When he was 57, he had the telomeres of a 35-year -old (this was after three years of using C60). This is due to the apoptosis zones cells, where the telomeres have become so short they are useless, thus the dead cells shut their mitochondria, the mitochondria become adaptors and c60 stimulates the stem cells to make new stem cells. Your average telomeres length then increases. This decrease in the age of your telomeres, through apoptosis your body eliminates dead cells and replaces them with new cells which have full length telomeres. As more and more senescent cells are removed and new cells are made, the average length of telomeres will increase and their age will decrease. 

Boosts ATP Energy

C60 restores your mitochondria function and increases ATP, the pregnenolone made from your hormones, to the amount your body needs. Because of all that extra pregnenolone production, your ldl cholesterol goes down. Customers on the Purple Power podcast also reported improved thyroid function as result.


  • Shipping nightmare, high import tax in the UK mean this product comes at a price for UK and EU readers. (Although this can be solved now by simply buying off the UK based business Functional Health.) 
  • Item was held long at customs. Whilst I’ve imported a lot of supplements from the US, C360 took by far the longest. 
  • The hair regrowth product is not currently available for UK customers. 
  • Cannot be taken in conjunction with molecular hydrogen. Please use these two supplements separately, or it will diminish the effectiveness of the molecular hydrogen. 
  • Little is known about how to cycle this product correctly. Even the CEO of the product was wary of how exactly to cycle the product correctly. Remember, creating too much of an anti-inflammatory response is also a bad thing. Make sure to take breaks from taking it every 4-5 days. 
  • Still no large-scale reviews of the product on human longevity.
  • Don’t use it while pregnant and breastfeeding. There is only one study from rabbits on this that showed it worked out fine, but please be cautious: 1:06 Ian Mitchell Interview/ Todd Shipmann 
  • There were a few small cases of reactions of liver flushes and a couple of reports of lower back pain on your right side caused by the building up of gall stones, although this is very unlikely to occur. 


  • Negate C60 if you combine with molecular hydrogen. Don’t take them at the same day, focus on C60 one day and then molecular hydrogen a few days apart. 41:27 
  • Cycle over the span about a week. (According to Ian Mitchell in his podcast interview with Dave Asprey)
  • Don’t stack the stuff too much; cycling them on a one-week rotation will speed up the healing process of wounds. Use caprylic acid-based c60. The hair serum uses a red light. Cells will have a lot more capacity for repair, with 4-6 times improved healing found on average according to his podcast with Dave Asprey. Synthetic vitamin C and vitamin E can blunt the hermetic response, shutting down inflammation too much. Try to regularly cycle it a bit. Selective antioxidant is one of the few antioxidants that doesn’t blunt the hermetic response. The owner of C360, Ian Mitchell, skips days of dosages, and it shouldn’t be used in conjunction with Molecular Hydrogen.  
  • Make sure you buy from a legitimate brand. Some brands like Bob Greska’s C60 claim to have C60, but are just selling bottle of sunflower oil. 
  • Before buying C60 from any company, email to see were they get their C60 from and ask for lab tests. A lot of the cheaper brands source their carbon from China.
  • Keep the dosage small when starting out, as there can be a high detox effect, particularly if you have mercury amalgams. 
  • Don’t take it before bedtime, as it can keep you up. You’re best off taking it in the morning
  • Don’t take while using blood thinners. 
  • With pets, use a much smaller dosage. Half a teaspoon is more than enough for large animals. For small dogs and cats, a pipette is better to use. 
  • C60 can cause a super increase in strength, so avoid exerting yourself with heavy lifting when taking it before a gym session, as there’s a far greater risk of injury to over exertion when taking c60.
  • For pets  MCT oil/olive oil is good for anyone, while avocado is not good for birds. 
  • Make sure you have discipline in other areas of your health and wellbeing when taking this product. Taking it in conjunction with a Keto diet is optimal, and good nutrition and exercise are vital to make it work well. Just C60 on its own won’t cut it. 

Overall, C360 seems like a promising product. I’ve been taking it for around two months and have noticed some decent gains in energy and improvement in sleep quality. Time will tell, but judging by the online testimonials off websites that sell the product, C360, seems to be a legit game-changer in the supplement world. I suggest you give it a try and choose a company that individually tests its batches to ensure the carbon concentration is maintained. There are a lot of new products on the market that aren’t great quality, so it’s best to pay a little more for something that’s reliable. C360 has been endorsed by Dave Asprey (who owns a stake in the company as far as I’m aware) and individually tests each batch. Another supplement company, Purple Power, provides proof of batch testing. Overall, I recommend you give C360 a shot—you have everything to gain and little to lose from doing so. 

In conclusion, C360 Health seems one of the most promising supplements I’ve seen to date. I’ve noticed an increase in energy and cognition since using it for 2 weeks, and I intend to use it frequently for the next few years. Compared to everything else in the UK, this product blows them out of the water with remarkable ease, and is very fairly priced considering they could’ve easily charged more with the patent they have. It is really refreshing to see a company put morals ahead of money and greed. Support them, and buy C360 today!


Mice with bigger telomeres were less likely to get cancer and live longer 

Mice who took C60 had their life spans increased by 90 percent

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Score 10/10

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