Somavedic Medic Green Ultra Review:

A plausible solution to our EMF problems: Somavedic Green Medic Ultra 

Somavedic International Green Medic Ultra Review: 

At a time when worries about the effects of EMF are at an all-time high due to the roll out of 5G, one company has been on the popular rise with its EMF harmonising devices. That company is Somavedic. Founded in 2010, the company has flourished in popularity this last year. The EMF community has long been a controversial one. The community’s contributions range from adding legitimately good value in protecting our health from electro smog, to nothing but posts of sheer negativity and paranoia that do little to help with issues. If anything, the excessive paranoia can in some cases cause more mental problems than the effects of any non-native EMF itself. After flicking through Todd Shipmann’s Instagram page, I found out about Somavedic. I was worried at first that this would be another EMF scam designed to take advantage of concern over 5G. However, Todd showed through his blog that there was extensive proof that it worked, and I sort of believed after seeing reports of deeper sleep and increased REM sleep while using the Somavedic Green Medic Ultra (based on Oura ring stats).

How does it work? 

Somavedic is a frequency therapy device that combines leveraging the principals of controlled release of minerals from eastern medicine with frequency therapy technology. A lot of research validates this harmonising of the EMF environment with the regards to eastern medicine approach with frequency therapy technology. Inside each Somavedic device, you get precious stones and minerals. The energy fields of the body resonate with these minerals. The minerals create a frequency that your body finds appealing, and that the energy fields of your body resonate with. This doesn’t block the EMF, but attunes your body to the tones it wants. In other words, the way the Somavedic works won’t shield you from EMF or Geopathic stress; rather, it creates its own stress zone where, on a cellular level, your body is not affected by them. You create another coherent field in which you won’t be affected by the negative impacts of the non-native EMF. 

The device doesn’t need electricity to work, because there are precious stones and minerals that are supporting each other inside the device. Without electricity, it works at 60 percent efficiency. While there are LEDs are inside, they are mainly a self-diagnostic tool. They are there for you to know when the Somavedic is broken more than anything else. When it is broken, a dark spot will appear at the top of the Somavedic. Inside the device, corpus hand glass made in the Czech Republic and real precious stones and minerals inside are contained in a tube. You can’t see the precious stones and minerals that are inside. They use different kind of mixtures: ruby, gold, cobalt, and Urnanium oxide, depending on the model in question. 

When using the Green Medic Ultra model, the water gets affected by the frequencies by the precious stones and minerals and gets harmonised. There were tests done in Switzerland to prove this, and the information about water harmonisation is linked at the bottom of the blog post. 

A study was done with red blood cells where they put the blood under a microscope. After it had been under the influence of the Somavedic field for 90 minutes, they took before and after pictures. In the pictures, all of the red blood cells were separated. Thus, there was an improvement in blood flow. Drinking structured water would have a similar effect on the body.  

Actual studies on the device took place in Germany, Austria and Slovenia. In Germany, where it was tested for HRV, 10 test subjects spent time with the field of Somavedic, and every week their HRV improved. In 80 percent of subjects, the HRV was better (8/10). 

From Austria, there was a study on electrosmog’s impact being mitigated, and a third study from Slovenia on the effect of cell phones when in use with a Somavedic present. All three Studies showed improvements in the health of most of subjects involved, and can be read on the Somavedic website. 

What different models are available with the Somavedic? 

The 5 models all have different strengths, and each model does different things depending on how efficient they are. Atlantic, for example, is just designed for water, then there supportive minerals for the body, and the Medic, which gives maximum EMF protection. The product I’m reviewing is the Green Medic Ultra, the second highest strength model. It contains uranium glass, which amplifies EMF protection (exclusively made in the Czech Republic—see minute 56:30 on the Mito Life podcast listed below). 

For information, please go to:


  • There might be flu-like detoxifying effects for some people. Even the others rep said he felt drunk for an hour after using it. Some may have detoxifying effects, while some might have headaches if they come from an EMF-polluted field to a non-polluted field. 

A lot of the pros listed below are one-off examples in podcast interviews or small group tests. There’s no real big data recorded on the Somavedic device as of yet. 

Pros of the product:

  • At $850 for the premium range product, it’s a pretty good price compared to other EMF protection devices on the marketm with some ranging in the thousands and others at around $150-$350 (see CMO systems) 
  • Some customers notice an increase in plants growing faster and blooming longer—see the Luke store podcast 01:29. 
  • Seems to aid with deep sleep and REM sleep quality based off IGF studies. Biohacker Todd Shipmann and Ben Greenfield also noticed similar benefits, as did I. 
  • Money back guarantee if you’re not impressed. 
  • People are assembling by hand, with no machines and no bulk production, which is nice. Everything is built by hand, and the price is the lowest they could go with EU and Worldwide shipping available. This is not a product that exclusively available to the US markets, as a lot of new age bio hacks are. 
  • Legitimate proof that it could help heartrate variability. 
  • Has a strong protective radius, will easily cover most houses and your neighbours too
  • Usually a lot of good value discounts on Black Friday, free shipping offers etc. 
  • Beautiful Design 
  • Can work without electricity at 60 percent efficiency, even not plugged in. This makes it easy to use when travelling. 
  • Water harmonisation is a bonus point 
  • 99 percent of people who purchased the product chose not to return it, which means it must be doing something for the people using it or there would be a lot more negative press and attention. 
  • Personally, it improved my Oura ring scores including more deep and REM sleep 
  • Had much more REM sleep and far less interrupted sleep when using this product. 
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, and mould from the system. 
  • Luke Store said he slept 11 hours when he first plugged in the Somavedic; Todd Shipman on his Instagram post made a similar claim.
  • Wide distribution in Europe as well as Japan. 
  • Easy installation, most EMF mitigation requires lots of effort involving having to move or cover your house in chicken wire, etc. Such things are difficult for the majority of busy people to do. With Somavedic, you simply plug the device in and you’re good to go. Even if you don’t have a plug, it will still work at 60 percent capacity 
  • One dog which had digestive issues was next to the Somavedic and those issues stopped.  See 01:28 in the Luke Story podcast, which has many more examples of positive impacts on plants and animals. 

Cons of the product:

  • Star rating makes it difficult to analyse what level of EMF production each of the products provides. You’re unable to quantify the star ratings in regards to what level of protection you will truly get. 
  • Studies that showed improvements to HRV were only done on 10 individuals. 
  • All the positive studies were done on very small groups of people. There are no big data groups yet. 
  • Blue light emitted from the product makes it impossible to sleep in the same room as the product (with the exception of the medic ultra). Would’ve made sense to have made this product with something that doesn’t emit junk light, or for it to all be Amber Red or a non-harmful light source.  Strange of a company with such an emphasis on the effects of non-native EMF to make a product that actually emits blue light EMF.
  • Doesn’t actually reduce any EMF readings as some may expect it to. 

Conclusion :

EMF and junk light are having more of an impact than ever on our bodies and lives, and I definitely saw some improvements while using the Green Medic Ultra . Of course, is it quantifiable? How much is it doing, and is it doing enough to justify the product? With any EMF protection device, it’s difficult to say. But the extra deep sleep and REM sleep I’ve gained from using this product make it worth the money. $850 to have 30-40 minutes extra deep sleep a night for the rest of your life is worth the price in my opinion, especially with 5G and ever-increasing levels of electrosmog in our environments. Somavedic is a worthwhile investment, and their hassle-free returns policy makes it a decent risk-free venture. Please note that different people will react differently to the device, and as of yet there’s been no large-scale studies. The only irritating aspect of the product was the high strength blue light it emitted, which made it impossible to sleep in the same room with. This really shouldn’t be the case for a product designed to tackle non-native EMF.

Score :9/10 

For more information please check out the following podcasts: :

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IGEF Results showing Improved Heart Rate Variability using the Somavedic:

To buy:

Use Discount Code: BIJAN10 For 10 percent off. 

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